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Native American Political Systems
and the Evolution of Democracy:

An Annotated Bibliography

Bruce E. Johansen
Professor of Communication and
Native American Studies
University of Nebraska at Omaha


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Scholarly Meetings and Public Forums

[January, 1992] University of Nebraska at Omaha. Johansen lectured on the debate surrounding the "influence issue" on the occasion of his promotion to full professor, at a reception hosted by the UNO College of Arts & Sciences.

[April, 1992] Four to five thousand citizens of Kansas City observed Earth Day by assembling a very large mosaic of materials to be recycled in the shape of a turtle, after the Iroquois reference to North America as "Turtle Island." The mosaic, which occupied the space of roughly a football field, was constructed in a Kansas City park, and dismantled the next day. Information on Iroquois life, including Constitutional influence, was distributed at the event. Organizer Marty Kraft provided an aerial photograph of the turtle mosaic with participants circling it.

[April, 1992] Grinde and Johansen presented papers based on Exemplar of Liberty at the Organization of American Historians annual meeting in Chicago.

[October, 1992] Johansen presented a paper, "Roger Williams, 'Soul Liberty,' and the Native Peoples of New England," at a conference called to air Native American viewpoints on the Columbian Quincentenary, University of California at Los Angeles.

Other Items

  1. A fund-raising mailing by the Native American Rights Fund observed Native American contributions to American concepts of government.

  2. Alexander Sudak reported from Poland in September that he had completed a Polish translation of Exemplar of Liberty, and that he had forwarded the manuscript to the Polish-American Historical Society in Warsaw for publication. Sudak said he plans to translate the book into Russian as well.

  3. Permission request to utilize Johansen and Grinde, "The Debate Regarding Precedents" [1990] for a book of readings compiled by Thomas Kavanagh, George Washington University, for Sociology 139. January 24.

  4. Oyons, an Onondaga member of the Iroquois Grand Council, appeared on "Bill Moyers' Journal" (Public Broadcasting Service), July 4, 1992; he discussed Iroquois ecological and political traditions, and asserted Iroquoian precedents for United States government.

  5. William A. Starna to George M. Gregory, Supervisor of Educational Programs, New York State Department of Education, November 20, 1992. Cover letter and 27-page critique of Haudenosaunee: Past, Present, Future, the Iroquois-composed curriculum guide that has become a flashpoint for disagreement over the "influence" issue. Starna [see also: 1990, 1991] says the second draft of the guide is "as badly flawed as the first." "Most troublesome," writes Starna "is the State Education Department's complete failure to address the erroneous views of American history, legal issues, anthropology and Indian-White relations presented in the guide. The most egregious of these is the bankrupt claim of Iroquois influence on the development and design of the United States Constitution." Starna asserts that Grinde and Johansen are "individuals who have a vested interest in seeing their own peculiar views of history presented in the guide." Sally Roesch Wagner [see 1992 and earlier], et. al. are named as fellow-travelers of Grinde, Johansen, and "traditional Iroquois." Starna demands that his name be taken off the list of reviewers, and that passages describing "this constitution nonsense" be removed from the guide. Files also contain a chronology of developments related to the curriculum guide (September 1986 through December 1992), compiled by John Kahionhes Fadden.

  6. James W. Herrick, "Iroquois League," Grolier Electronic Publishing. This appears to be an entry printout from a CD-ROM encyclopedia package. It provides an overview of the Iroquois Confederacy and its founding, and ends: "Some historians claim that the highly democratic political organization of the Iroquois League may have served as a model for the compilers of the United States Constitution."

  7. Transcript, "Notes for a Speech by the Right Honorable Joe Clark...President of the Privy Council and Minister Responsible for Constitutional Affairs." [At the annual meeting of the Canadian Manufacturer's Association] Toronto, June 12, 1992. In LEXIS. Clark addresses the problems of Canadian nationhood as they impinge on the present constitutional debate in that country. Clark asserts the right and ability of Native Canadians to govern themselves, pointing to the Iroquois: "Aboriginal self-government...was here when Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin looked to the Iroquois Confederacy when they were designing the American Constitution."

  8. (*) Videotape, "More Than Bows and Arrows," one hour, described in catalogue of Insight Media, New York City: "This award-winning documentary illuminates the impact that Native Americans have had on the political, social, and cultural development of the U. S. Narrated by N. Scott Momaday, it examines how government, agriculture and food, transportation, architecture, science and technology, the arts, medicine, and language all have benefitted from Native American contributions."

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