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LIFE’s Three Versions

Here are the complete sets of captions.

Note that there is also a difference in caption #3.

The reason for changing #3 seems plain enough. The top version says “Some members of the commission believe...” suggesting a lack of unanimity on the single bullet theory.

It seems odd to me they hadn’t yet got their story straight. After all, it had been nearly a year since the assassination. (By “they,” I mean whatever set of LIFE and government agents colluded on this article.)

There is a slight difference in the wording to caption #5, too, but I don’t see how it changes the meaning.

Caption #8 is also different. The lower version at right had less space available due to the altered caption #6. But it also eliminates specific reference to Jackie Kennedy’s undignified crawl “on her hands and knees.”

By the way, that line above the captions says, “Color sequence shows how the President was killed.” I cropped it to save space.

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