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Editor’s Note: These transcripts are annotated with link references in 3 forms: Arabic or Roman numerals (enclosed in [square braces]) or hyperlinked text. Arabic numerals are sources projected in each film, Roman numerals are relevant sources (hover mouse on link for title+author+date), and hyperlinked text is either kind.
The third episode of the five-part docuseries “Never Again Is Now Global” premiered on 1 February 2023. Thirty-two people’s testimonials are presented in the film and are here listed in order of appearance. From the PressRelease:
This ambitious film project is the brainchild of Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Vera Sharav. The series addresses the many parallels between the Holocaust and the last three years of lockdowns and coerced medical procedures. It’s rooted in Sharav’s experiences both as a survivor and as the mother of Amikhai Sharav, a young man who died as the result of taking a prescribed medication whose risks had not been disclosed to the public. Two aspects make this series unique:
First, while there have been many film and television programs about the Holocaust, most recently Ken Burns’ high profile three-part PBS series, it’s difficult to find even one that was directed and produced by an actual Holocaust survivor themself.
Second, almost without exception, exhibitions and documentaries about the Holocaust treat it as a unique, unprecedented event that happened in a distant time at the hands of madmen. This series demonstrates the historical fact that the Holocaust actually had its roots as a German government program to eliminate disabled people with doctors and nurses acting as the executors in the service of a eugenics” ideology. It further demonstrates that the attitudes that gave birth to the larger Holocaust are still alive and well in contemporary government policies and medical hierarchies.
Faye Lederman is a Senior Media Fellow at Children’s Health Defense. She wrote a 2 Feb review of the project on Brownstone Institute.
Never Again Is Now Global
Episode 3. Breaking The Veil Of The Real Conspirators
As patterns and parallels are identified, we begin to see the continuity
of genocidal operations. The same powerful family dynasties
and corporate entities behind it all, come into clearer view.
A Five-Part Documentary Series by Vera Sharav
Alliance for Human Research Protection, 1 Feb 2023
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
3rd Gen Holocaust Survivor
Isyyes Keidar
3rd Gen Holocaust Survivor
Vera Sharav
Holocaust Survivor
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
Isyyes Keidar
Ina-Maria Raschen
2nd Gen Nazi Resistance
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
Isyyes Keidar
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
Isyyes Keidar
Johanna Findeisen
3rd Gen Nazi Resistance
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
at 00:19:

My grandmother, she was evacuated to Tashkent during the war, Carpathian Mountains, and there’s a very tragic story there. Because when the Germans, the machshumay’m, launched Operation Barbarossa and they were approaching Kyiv, the people were evacuating and escaping. By then they knew what they were doing to Jews. And so my grandmother’s family consisted of her parents and a brother and a maternal grandmother. And in one of those fateful choices, like Sophie’s Choice almost if you know that story, the maternal grandmother was very old and frail and couldn’t travel. So her daughter, my great-grandmother, her daughter, my grandmother’s mother, decided to stay to take care of her mother. And my grandmother’s brother as well stayed with his mother. Whereas my grandmother and her father, whom I’m named after, were evacuated to Tashkent. So those that actually stayed were murdered in Babi Yar.

Initially they were shooting them and then, why waste bullets? They were bulldozed alive, buried alive in the pit. Actually, a few years ago, I went to visit it and there’s a monument there and I have the original pictures of—you see the corpses in the pit. Now of course what you see is—it’s grass and grown, but you still see the contour, the same shape of the pit exactly. Not as deep. The ground was screaming with the blood of the innocent there.

My mother’s father was from a small town not too far from Kiev, and he had witnessed his entire town massacred. He escaped. He was young and spent the entire war as a partisan. The SS had these groups that would come and clean up. I guess initially the Wehrmacht, it was, I think Group C, was responsible for Barbarossa. The Wehrmacht would come through, the German regular army, do their military part, and then the SS killing squads would come in after that and clean up the Jews.

And the worst thing is, I’ll be very, very blunt, the Ukrainians taught the Nazis how to kill the Russian Jews. That is a very important point. So now when I hear all these, this war, Ukraine and Russia and everyone’s pro-Ukraine and they have the Azov battalion, which half of them are Nazis, if not more, literally castrating Russian soldiers. Population that at a dropout I had to jump at an opportunity to do this again to my people. I have no doubt. I was there. I saw the hatred in their eyes. So my grandfather, he was a real seasoned, soldier, partisan, malicious, sabotage. I’m proud to say that he racked up a very, very large body count of Nazis and Germans, and so did my other grandfather.

So I grew up in this type of post-war family whose—my grandfather survived because they were at war. I have to tell you, I forgot to mention, Isaac, my grandfather was one of 13 children, came from a religious family. He and another sister were the only ones that survived out of those 13. And he survived because he was at the front. As you know I’ve been thrust into a role of confronting, really the essence of evil, looking into the eye of the serpent. The metaphysical, metaphorical, let’s say serpent. If you sum total all these degenerates that are doing this, they’ll approximate what that serpent is. It’s a concept. It’s not any particular person, and I want to decapitate that serpent. I will decapitate that serpent, even if I have to die. So that those characteristics and those traits I think were given over to me by my grandparents and their collective experiences.

Isyyes Keidar
at 06:03:

My name is Isyyes. I’m a songwriter. I was born in Hungary. I grew up in Israel and now I’m living in Portugal. And actually I’m here to talk about my grandmother. My grandma, her name is Miryam Kerpel Nirenstein. She was born in Lithuania in 1924, and died in 2002. I had a special connection to my grandmother. Actually, this was the best memories of my life, when I would go and spend a few days with her. With her, with her friend, with her neighbors and so on, they were all Holocaust survivors. And actually, I really miss these people, Vera, to be honest, because these people, they were broken by the war. That made them—I mean, this is the negative side and the positive side. It made them very humble and very giving and very loving.

You could say anything to them. You could talk to them about anything. They never judged you. They didn’t have their nose up. You know that the Holocaust survivors rarely talked to their direct children about it, but by the time she spoke to me, I think it was the late seventies, early eighties, I asked her, “Grandma, why are you telling me all this?” And she had two answers to that. First of all, she said that she really has a need to unload what’s on her heart. That she never spoke to anybody about this. She never spoke to my mother about this. I’m the only one that she ever did this with. And number two is that for me to promise to her that if ever comes the situation where something like that can happen again, that I will do whatever it takes not to let it happen again.

Because you know, Vera, that these people, they couldn’t heal. They couldn’t fix what happened to them. There was no way to heal it. And they said it, “There is no healing.” They said it. But what they really wanted was for it not to happen again to others. And this is not the fake, “I’m compassionate.” This is the deep compassion that comes from pain. That you’ve been in so much pain and you just don’t want others to have that kind of pain. So she asked me—that’s why she told me about this. She wanted me to know and to understand not only what happened, Vera, but how it happened. People use a lot of labels, like they said the Nazis were monsters, for example. And my grandma also said it, but she said, “But they didn’t just became monsters. They were not born monsters. The process was gradual.”

Day to day people had their personal process being challenged by life. And as the situation became worse and worse, people had to make worse and worse decisions. They became monsters. They didn’t start monsters. And when you look at pictures from even ghetto Shavli, where my grandmother started, when you look at pictures for from 1941, you see the soldiers quite relaxed, not even wearing their weapons, and even the inmates waving into the camera and smiling and so on. And you ask yourself, “How could this be?” That you see these kind of okay pictures. Well, because it wasn’t that bad. It progressed. It went. And also, one more thing I want to tell you that she told me—very interesting because it’s relevant for today. One of the questions I kept asking my grandma again and again, “Grandma, why did you cooperate? Why did all of you cooperate? Sometimes, most of the time it was fifty or a hundred guards on thousands of people. What’s the problem?”

And here’s the interesting answer, and I don’t know if many people know that, but the Nazis never presented themself as negative, destructive people. They presented themself as people—as a party who is trying actually to make things better, and that’s what they taught people. So when you were taken to a ghetto, it was for your own protection. When you were taken to your camp, you were told, “Ah, we have work for you there, and food and shelter.” It was always about, “No, we’re actually helping you. We want to help you.” So all these Jews that went on the trains, not many people know this, they got a nice propaganda from the people convincing them that this is good for them. And this went on up to the very end. Only in the very end did the Nazis lose this and became really unbearable, really openly sadistic.

But until that point—I mean I tell you one story that my grandma told me also very interesting. I never read about this. Did you know, I don’t remember which camp that was because she’s been to many camps, she’s been to like six or seven work, concentration, and death camps, because you know that from 1943 when they closed the ghettos, the Nazis decided that the Jews should be used as labor first and foremost before they killed them. My grandmother was still young, relatively healthy, and she was taken between 10 or 12 stations to work, for work purposes. So she passed. She seen everything. She been through Poland, Germany, I think even in Czechoslovakia. She was taken all over the place. The Nazis did everything they can to appear that they want to keep the peace, they want to keep the order. They don’t want to hurt anybody. They’re just doing their best.

Vera Sharav
at 12:47:
I think that we need to clarify that the mindset of Nazis is not limited or restricted to Germans. The mindset is guided by eugenics, [Ia] which is an elitist hierarchical ideology that divides humanity into segments, inferior and superior.
The Nazis called it übermenschen and üntermenschen. The truth is that this has infected, eugenics has infected and continues to infect, many societies, including so-called democracies.[Ib]

1926 American Eugenics Society exhibit at Sesquicentennial Exposition, Philadelphia (“Mendel’s theater,” center; guinea pig coat color, right)
There are individuals who hold this kind of ideology, really like a religion. They regard some human beings as inferior and therefore expendable. They establish policies that do just that.[1a] Wars is one of the examples. The elite children don’t participate.

Just as it is not unique to Germany, in fact, eugenics was really promoted—it was first put together as a ideology, as a philosophy by the British,[IIa] but it was really, really given a push by the robber barons in the United States. Germany imported the eugenics agenda[IIb] and the how-to, the practical way, from the United States. It is an extraordinary evil ideology.[IIc][IId][IIe] It looks at human beings as flies, as specs, and at this point they want to transform the human species into transhumanists, partly robot, technology, and partly blood and sweat. But really something that they can control, totally. You’ve got biotechnology and surveillance technology and when the two get together, that’s lethal. That leads to genocide.

It’s hard to hold on to the fiction that the pandemic was not planned because the United States government was paying millions and millions of dollars, which were delegated really by Anthony Fauci, to laboratories that were doing illegal biowarfare research under the euphemism gain-of-function. Gain-of-function research is biowarfare research. It is illegal by international law, but it’s not being abided by. The evidence from the Wuhan lab in China is sufficient by now, totally sufficient, to show that it emanated from there within the context of gain-of-function research. So yes, it was in the planning stage for a long time, and then it happened. The two go together. You can’t logically say that you are working on plans for it and then it happens that you didn’t have anything to do with it. No, that that’s impossible.

Bill Gates in some ways is an open book. He is an absolute eugenicist. It’s in the family, his father, his grandfather, they were all eugenicists, and people should be bothered by the fact that Bill Gates talks about, “We.” We. In other words, he assumes the mantle of an authority and one who has standing in the medical public health field. But at the same time, he’s kind of admitting that he’s involved in the decision-making. We didn’t do quite what we had wanted. This is how he speaks, the “we.” Who elected him? Who is he accountable to?

He was, for a while, as head of Microsoft, the most hated corporate head of anybody, and then he suddenly switched roles and became the philanthropist. Well, foundations that these oligarchs form are tax shielding ways of having a say in areas that they shouldn’t have a say because they affect the public interest. And the public is supposed to decide what they want and elect those officials who will do their bidding. It’s we who are supposed to be in charge to decide which policies we want. Not somebody like Bill Gates who has a huge financial interest in everything that he so-called donates to.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
at 18:55:

In 2015, Bill Gates, in a Ted lecture—you can just Google it—said that the biggest threat to humanity is global warming. Therefore we need to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore we need to reduce the world population by 10 to 15%. How? Through the use of vaccines.

Bill Gates:
Let’s take a look. First, we’ve got population. Now, the world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%.

This is a matter of record. Those are his words. In 2020, Bill Gates said, again, it’s on video, seven billion people need to be vaccinated.

Bill Gates:
And the thing that’ll get us back to the world that we had before coronavirus, is the vaccine and getting that out to all seven billion people. And we’ll need to fund about—the 10 most promising constructs. Because we won’t know in advance which one will prove to be safe and effective, and being effective for older people whose immune system is weak, is a huge challenge. If you really amp up the vaccine to do that, then you can run into safety issues. People like myself and Tony Fauci are saying 18 months. If everything went perfectly, we could do slightly better than that, but there will be a trade-off. We’ll have less safety testing than we typically would have, and so governments will have to decide, do they indemnify the companies and really say, “Let’s go out with this when we just don’t have the time to do what we normally do.”

The rhetorical question is, why would I take a vaccine for my health if someone is financing and advocating for the reduction of the world population?

In 2016, Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, gave a interview—we have it—and said something incredibly strange: that within 10 years, by 2026, every human being will be tagged with a digital identifier.

Today, at the end of all this, we are talking about chips that can be implanted. When will that be?

Klaus Schwab:
Certainly within the next 10 years. And at first we will implant them in our clothes. That is called “wearables”. And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brain, or our skin. And in the end, maybe, there will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and the biological world.

No one understood what that actually meant. First of all, why? Second, how do you get seven billion people to do anything willingly? We’ll leave that question for now. Do you know how bad it is? I could take someone to a morgue and rub their faces on the corpses of young people that have died from taking this vaccine and they will still not come to a reasonable conclusion.[2a][2b][2c] [IIIa][IIIb]

So I just want to finish this. So there was academic malfeasance. There was media complicity. Politicians then took all this false narrative and propaganda and issued policies of absolute tyranny, and totalitarian tyranny. And then industry was there to pounce.

So who has the muscle, the power, the influence, the stakeholders in all those different sectors, to be able to coordinate them in a way to pull this off? Because there is a common denominator and if people really look, they’ll find out that 70% of the world’s corporate wealth is managed by two companies, BlackRock and Vanguard. They’re a monopoly because they invest in each other, called—through circular investment. So they have—in other words, let me simplify it: they own Pepsi, they own Coke, they own CNN, they own Fox. You get it? And through endowments, they control media and academia, and they are the industry. So I challenge people to break the veil, the corporate veil of the Vanguard-BlackRock monopoly and you’ll get closer to the real conspirators.

Isyyes Keidar
at 24:17:

Josef Mengele, that we all talk about as the big monster, well, my grandmother crossed paths with him twice in the camps because he was in charge of the selection process. So he came to train guards about selection. My grandmother went through many selections. You can imagine, in every selection you can end up dead, and every time she was chosen for work. So twice she passed by the table when Mengele was behind, instructing. He came to show them: “This person I want to take to the experiment and this person for work and this person...” So twice she passed by him, and twice he sent her to work. And I asked her about him, “How was he?” “Well, he was quite boring, actually. He was a cold, calculated, gray person. You could say very scientific. He saw himself as a scientist and you couldn’t tell, when you saw him, you couldn’t tell that he’s this big monster that we all talk about.”

And I think this is a lesson for today, Vera, because you have all these experts and all these scientists and all these people in suits that appear totally correct and in a way, neutral. The word is neutral, and she described him as neutral. He didn’t show any feelings whatsoever. That’s what you see. But behind it is something else. I mean she went for—all of everything that you can imagine, including an attempt to take her on this cold, ice cold, death marches at the end of the war. She received a death injection. In really the last weeks of the war, she received one of these poison injections. But in the last few months and weeks of the war, the Nazis were out of resources. So they didn’t have enough guards for the death march, so they had to cancel—take back the prisoners. And they didn’t have enough poison, so they had to split it between 50 different people. And so she survived that. She survived death many times.

Ina-Maria Raschen
at 26:48:

I am Ina-Maria Raschen and I was born in Hildesheim, it’s West Germany, near Hanover, and I am the second daughter of seven children. My father Guenther, Dr. iur. Guenther Raschen, an advocate, and my mother, a kindergarten teacher, Maria was her name. Yes, I’m 80 years old. I was born in 1942 and I’m here in Furstenberg. I’m a pensioner. In January, I saw a woman in Berlin. She was on a demonstration and she told the audience that she met you. You should have talked in Brussels, and then the police came and this really went to my heart.[3a][3b] And I did the research, who is this survivor? Because I’m living here next to the Ravensbruck. It’s the ex-concentration camp for all the European women.

I am against vaccination, and now in this city, people are not very open. And it was also during the Nazi time when we had Ravensbruck, they were not direct. They didn’t say their opinion. And it’s just now today, too. And so they are very astonished because I tell everybody, I’m very open and they notice that I still alive and I still riding my bicycle. And here in Eastern Germany, they are still aware of things. They remember their dictatorship.

My father was against Hitler. He read Mein Kampf, already ’33, and he knew what is going to come in Germany. And he was a very sensitive man and he went undercover. And my mother, actually, she was a very tough woman. She typed at night the books my father wrote. My father was the head of the state youth office. He had a Jewish family to escape to Argentine. My parents, they always kept in touch with this family. One of my brothers, he went to Argentine to visit this family also. I suffered very much from these pictures my father showed us while having lunch.

And it was so terrible. I didn’t want to know about the Holocaust. I didn’t want to know about this terrible thing with all these nightmares and what I had, this bombing in my head from the war. Braunschweig where I lived, all these low flying military aircraft and bombing. This was all these night dreams.

I really think I had my depression because I had this war, bombing and things, but also because of the photos. You must not show photos to children that are so full of cruelty. I mean it’s a shock, if they have been there. I went to the Ravensbruck and I said to my friend—she is a professor at the Humboldt University, and she was the head of the Ravensbruck till 2012—I said, you must not get children that are too young to Ravensbruck. It’s terrible for them. They have not this emotional system and this stability and heart to watch it.

So all my life I made it—I talked to survivors, they just put it away. They cannot—they don’t talk about it, for years. We’re human beings. How can we be like this? When you ask yourself, I mean you are more cruel than any animal. It’s so terrible. I am a pacifist because these times you cannot be for arms. I mean we have atomic bombs, we have digital, we have all these things we never had before. I mean, we are not in the Middle Age. They behave like Middle Age people. I’m a pacifist anyhow. I am against arms. So we have to find other ways what to do. I cannot close my mouth and sit down and say, “I do nothing.” I have to say it. The Germans, they are so—I cannot hear it anymore. They didn’t learn anything. And now the truth is coming up. It is hard to take. It is hard to digest, but it is necessary that the truth comes up so to make a better life. So the healing has started. Fight for the truth and we stay positive.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
at 33:27:

The evil of World War II, which was crystallized in the depravity of Nazi slaughter, was rooted in a concept of eugenics. It was rooted in the concept of hierarchy in humanity. There was the übermensch, the mensch, and the üntermensch. Superhuman, human and subhuman. Why were the Nazis superhumans? Cause they were descendants on some type of Aryan gods. Who were the humans? They were the Anglo-Saxons. Those were meant to be enslaved to serve the higher, superhumans. And the subhumans, which you and me belong to, and Slavs and gypsies and handicapped people and political prisoners, were meant to be vaporized. Now, it didn’t work out the way they wanted, although they got at least six million of us. But the concept didn’t go away. It went dormant for a few decades and now it’s resurfaced.

But to be honest, it’s not anti-Semitic this time. I don’t believe—in reality many of the perpetrators are Jews. It’s not anti-Semitic. It’s something else. It’s demonic.[4a] It’s like the distillation product of evil.[4b] And what its intention is is also, there’s a superhuman class, which are the self-anointed; let’s say evolved in higher levels of consciousness people—they believe so. I don’t think there’s anything evolved by them.[IVa]
1992 guest list: PDF / JPG, and map: PDF / JPG

Image: 22 July 2000
The new world order is not some evolution in humanity. It’s a devolution back to paganism and idolatry and child sacrifice. There’s nothing new here. They just use a cool branding method to make it look new age, new world order. They’re returning to the paganism of yester year. And so it’s just resurfaced now where with these degenerates, I’m running out of adjectives to call them at this point, but have revealed themselves and are ready to pounce.[4c][4d][4e][4f][4g] And one of their, let’s say prophets or theological inspiration, is a Jew. His name is Yuval Noah Harari.
The essence of evil is something very interesting. It doesn’t hide its intentions. It says it outright. People just don’t listen.
—Dr. Vladimir Zelendko

Now he’s a short little guy, but he’s a bad boy, and I’ll tell you why. He’s called the prophet by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Obama praised him as his favorite author in an interview on CNN. So this guy has the ears of the most powerful degenerates on the planet. And what does he say? And I’m going to say it to you verbatim what he’s preaching, the prophet. Humans are hackable animals. If you can hack an animal, you could engineer it with intelligent design, but not some divine intelligent design, but by human intelligent design. But we are now gods. There’s no such thing as free will. There’s no such thing as a soul. And COVID-19 is my favorite: COVID-19 will mark a inflection point in history, when digital 24/7 surveillance went under the skin. This is their stated agenda, it’s not mine. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf many years before he took power. The essence of evil is something very interesting. It doesn’t hide its intentions. It says it outright. People just don’t listen.

[Following are non-chronological excerpts from the complete WEF transcript, “Yuval Harari’s blistering warning to Davos”, 24 Jan 2020. —editor]

Yuval Noah Harari

When everybody has to wear a biometric bracelet, which constantly monitors your blood pressure, your heart rate, your brain activity, 24 hours a day. You listen to a speech on the radio by the great leader and they know what you actually feel. You can clap your hand and smile, but if you are angry, they know. You’ll be in the gulag tomorrow morning. It was a creation of a global useless class to the rise of data colonialism and of digital dictatorships.

Suppose you are a 50 years old truck driver and you just lost your job. In the 21st century, the really big struggle will be against irrelevance. And it’s much worse to be irrelevant than to be exploited. Those who fail in the struggle against irrelevance would constitute a new useless class. Useless from the viewpoint of the economic and political system. And this useless class will be separated by an ever growing gap from the ever more powerful elite.

And what will happen to politics in your country when somebody in San Francisco or in Beijing knows the entire medical and personal history of every politician, every judge, and every journalist in your country, including all those sexual escapades, all their mental weaknesses and all their corrupt dealings? Will it still be an independent country, or will it become a data colony? When you have enough data you don’t need to send soldiers in order to control a country. Many tyrants and governments wanted to do it, but nobody understood biology well enough and nobody had enough computing power and data to hack millions of people. Neither the Gestapo nor the KGB could do it.

But soon, at least some corporations and governments, will be able to systematically hack all the people. We are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals. That’s what we are. If this power falls into the hands of a 21st century Stalin, the result will be the worst totalitarian regime in human history. And we already have a number of applicants for the job of 21st century Stalin. Global problems that demand global solutions. Good nationalists must be also globalists. We’ve built the rule-based liberal global order, but I very much hope that we can rely on the leaders assembled here and not on the rats. Thank you.

Isyyes Keidar
at 40:55:

I see right now, in this absolute new Holocaust that’s trying to happen right now, a lot of Israelis and a lot of Jews participating happily. For example, this guy from the economic forum, this Yuval Harari, this guy that tells us that we are hackable animals. This Yuval, he’s probably the same age as me. He maybe went to school close to me or something like that in the class next to me or something like that, he looks familiar, and I want to ask him, “Who the heck do you think you are? What are you doing? You are an Israeli and you are disgracing the memory of my grandma and what she had to go through.”

That moment in Britain, that happened all over the world, assaults in Australia and other places, when a person is harassed over nothing. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. At that moment, when the line is passed, you can see down the line, the camps, the gas chambers, the violence. You can see it right there in that moment. If you don’t stop it when it’s small, it is going to grow. Sometimes it grows silently. You don’t see it growing, but it’s still growing.
—Isyyes Keidar

When I see that we have the answer, of course, to the same question that my grandmother asked a long time ago, and the answer is of course, they were complicit. There were factors in the US and Israel that were complicit in this crime for what’s happening in Israel right now. I’m beginning to doubt that this is the true Israeli state, actually. What is that exactly? There’s another experimental lab there going on. You don’t stop a fascist takeover unless you help other people. You have to help not just yourself.

When there’s a fascist takeover, the whole idea is to isolate people completely. That they think that they’re isolated dots. And now it’s happening with the virtual technology. It’s very easy to do that. And then you are made to focus only on yourself and kind of try to sneak in, try to get your way through the crisis, and maybe five, six years from now you’ll be okay. And this idea to kind of manage with this crisis, this is coming from above. They’re teaching you this, the same people doing it. They want you to think like that. The people that survived in World War II, like yourself, survived because a person, another person, dared to help risked their life.

And without this empathy to another person, without the courage, I call it, the courage to help, without that, you cannot stop a fascist takeover. That moment when this person was harassed while drinking coffee, when that line is crossed, and this is what I want to say to everybody because I really think people don’t understand, that they think there is such a thing as a small insult. There are no small insults. A small insult leads to a bigger insult. That moment in Britain, that happened all over the world, assaults in Australia and other places, when a person is harassed over nothing. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. At that moment, when the line is passed, you can see down the line, the camps, the gas chambers, the violence. You can see it right there in that moment. If you don’t stop it when it’s small, it is going to grow. Sometimes it grows silently. You don’t see it growing, but it’s still growing.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
at 44:35:

Let me tell you the real tyranny here. I have a 20-year patent trail, and a 20-year peer reviewed paper trail, starting from 1998 until present day of how COVID-19 is a man-made weapon of mass destruction. Starting—and there’s one name associated with the development of every stage, is Dr. Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He was funded by the National Institute of Health in his research.[5a] In 1998 and ’99, he perfected a technology called Cross Species Transmissibility. In other words, taking a virus of one species, manipulating it, and have it be able to infect another species. And does peer reviewed papers on that and patents.

In 2002, he was able to take a coronavirus and change its payload to destroy human lung tissue, and there’s a patent associated.[5b][5c] But they did not manipulate a bad coronavirus to infect human beings yet, which they could have. So they did two parts of a bomb, but they didn’t complete the bomb. And you have to ask yourself why? Which I have an answer.

But in 2015, Dr. Ralph Baric and Dr. Zhengli in Wuhan—because by then gain-of-function research—which is a cynical term, which means to take a benign virus and convert it into a weapon of mass murder, that’s what gain-of-function research is—was outlawed in America.[5d][5e][5f][5g] So they got outsourced to China and funded by the NIH. And so in 2015, Dr. Ralph Baric and Dr. Zhengli published the paper that explained they were able to take a bat coronavirus and make it infectious to human beings.[5h-1/5h-2][5i][5j] So the bomb was completed.[5k] So the question is why now? So something happened in between.

In March 2020, I developed my treatment protocol. What happened was I saw a video called Med Cram on YouTube, Med Cram, episode 34, Dr. Seheult, where he presented a paper about the use of zinc ionophores in zinc or hydroxychloroquine in zinc,[5l] and it’s a theoretical possibility to stop RNA viruses from replicating.[5m] So I said, “Wow, that’s really cool.” So I used that paper as a foundation to build my treatment protocol.

What I didn’t know until two and a half months ago—and that paper was from 2010—what I didn’t know was that that paper was written by Dr. Ralph Baric. The reason why the bomb wasn’t completed in 2002 was if it was to be released then, it would be indiscriminate. It would kill everyone. It may even kill them. They weren’t interested in dying. They have an instinct of self-preservation. Whatever their plan was, it wasn’t to die for themselves.

So they needed a way to diffuse the bomb for those that they want. Now what’s interesting was that when doctors like myself stumbled across this technology and proved that it works, there was a choreographed, orchestrated media campaign and political campaign to marginalize these drugs, to vilify these drugs, to scare people.

Isyyes Keidar
at 48:55:

The real darkness is what my grandmother went through. The real darkness is when you crawl for hours through a sewage from the ghetto every day like she did, every day, out and in, to get a half a piece of bread from a garbage can outside the ghetto. That’s darkness, to crawl in the dark in a sewage canal.

When the abuser enters the process of when he begins to throw normal punches at the victim, the logic of the abuser is that he cannot stop. If he stops, he will be held accountable. And if he stops, the victims will come after him. So you’re absolutely right, and absolutely, we have to highlight this message. If anybody has this idea that now they’re going to go, “Okay, the Corona didn’t work so well, let’s just go back to how it was and so on.” No chance. They have to keep throwing punches. It’s possible that the punches will get bigger. It’s possible that the punches will get more serious.

There is no way to stop an abuser. There’s no way to educate them. Divide and conquer, this is on all levels. Divide and conquer is not just between groups. It is also psychologically, one person at a time. I’m reminded of one scene that my grandmother told me about that she saw many times because she’s been on many trains. Because she was shipped all the time between camps. And of course, as you know, these were horrific, the trains. They would fill up in a roof big enough for 300, they woulwould fill up 3000. The people were lying on top of one another reaching to the sky for air. And she been through many of these rides. And the interesting thing is that there were always these people that jumped. In every ride, there were these few crazy people that jumped off the train, which was of course very dangerous to do. But a lot of these people survived. While most of these people, carried like cattle, didn’t. No food, no water.

And then they come off the train, and what did the Nazi guard tell them? “Ah, now we take you to the showers. We want to help. You’re dirty. We want to take you to the shower.” That tells you everything. So it’s like we always want to hear an explanation from the abuser, why he’s abusing you. You always want to hear some nice explanation, “No, I’m actually abusing you because...” Just like with all these vaccines right now, “No, I want to help you with this illness and I want to help you with this illness.” And it amazes me when I see it because it’s exactly with my grandmother, that’s how they talked. “Oh, no, no, no, no, no. The trains was the problem, we understand, but now we have some nice showers for you and come,” and of course we know that not all of these showers were showers.

I think what’s happening right now, everybody’s cooperating with this whatever, this is this Corona thing, and because if you jump off the train, you might end up almost like a homeless in the street. You end up with no structure, because the society itself is running with this train right now. I think that the biggest fear of these mainstream people who are right now in the middle, they don’t want to lose the structure and their connection to society. But I’m reminding everybody again, that a big part of the people that survived the Holocaust were the ones that went to the woods, jumped off trains. That was not nice back then. It’s not nice now. It wasn’t back—It was cold. This was very hard to survive. But a lot of them, from the stories I heard, a lot of them met partisans and had help and found their way out of Europe.

If you told me that I’m actually going to have to live up to the promise I made to my grandma. If you told me, when I was young, if you told me that I would one day have to—I would never believe it. This is unbelievable to me that we are actually facing this again, because we are of course.

I was near Freiburg and there was a village there called Ebringen and I was just taking the hike there. I met the guy, a German guy, his name was Claudius. And as the talk progressed, something very funny happened. He began to defend why the Holocaust happened. And the words he used, everybody needs to hear this, the sentence he used that he repeated again and again was, “It was necessary.” This magic line, “It’s necessary. It’s necessary.” This is also, in a way, what’s being used right now, only there’s a big virus going on. “It’s necessary to do this and that.”

And so, just so everybody knows, it’s been used before. It was explained to the local population in World War II, that whatever is happening is absolutely necessary because things are getting too much and it’s too crowded, there are all kinds of hygiene issues, and so on. So there’s nothing new about this attitude. And from “it’s necessary” comes next, after that comes “it’s urgent,” and from that comes, “it’s an emergency.” This is the progression. But it starts with, “Oh, it’s necessary.”

The Israelis are very opinionated, very strong minded people, and look how they’re following because the propaganda Israel was, “Let’s come together. Let’s help each other. Let’s take the vaccine together. We are all one family.” That was the propaganda, and it worked, Vera. It worked. They played on that solidarity. There were children in the frontline in World War II. I mean, this is exactly the thing. Being a child in World War II didn’t give you any privileges. Not at all.

Johanna Findeisen
at 55:53:

Well, I’m Johanna. My great uncle Hanns Grosspeter, what he experienced in the concentration camp, he doesn’t believe in God or anything anymore because what happened with him and with the others. What he saw and what he experienced. He said, “God would never let this happen. Never.” He was a political prisoner. He was a quarter of Jewish.

He was in Buchenwald in 1939. Then he was in the concentration camp Ravensbrück in 1942. He was altogether like six years in concentration camp Dachau. He married his wife in 1944. It was a special thing. It was just, I think, six couples who got this permit to marry in the concentration camp. And he told me he was grabbed by the hand, on the back. They pulled the hands together and hang him up on a port, on a big door and stuff like this, and then they hit his head and everything.

He said he would have died if he wouldn’t have a really hard head. Because of the experience, he always tried to push away any fearful thoughts. People tried to talk to him about spiritual things. He tried to push it away. It’s not existing for him. And in the end, before he died, now I have a new philosophy. The thoughts are continuing, the thoughts continue. It’s not the end because he always said after he will die, it’s the end. There’s nothing behind, nothing. And this he always said really hard. He changed just when he really stepped away. And that was very important for him to tell because he said you have to get a writing machine, typing machine for writing what I know now. I have a new philosophy. You have to write down. It’s important.

When I knew him, it was always, “No, there’s nothing. Never talk about it.” And then in the end, it was changing where I think, “Wow.” Then he was getting softly. Then he saw even that others who already died were waiting for him, and that was something was amazing to know it, that he really opened his heart and his mind just in the end. He was not allowed to tell the things what he was thinking, because it was so dangerous. And as a child, I thought, “Oh, that’s strange.” I never experienced this. I tell what I want.

Now when I see in this time now, you really have to be careful where you say the things what you really think. Now they try here in Germany as well, to put people in prison, they already did now. You heard maybe from Michael Ballweg, the big demonstration on the 1st of August 2020, for example, and others, and they put him in a prison, which is really awful. They tried to shock the others not to fight for freedom.


Whoever saves a single life, saves the entire world.

The Righteous Among the Nations are individual heroes whose moral conscience led them to disobey orders. They risked their lives by hiding and smuggling Jews to safety. Thousands who were rescued owe their lives to individual heroes whose bravery and selfless acts of human kindness, in the face of absolute evil, represent the best of humanity. At least 27,000 righteous individuals have been honored by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. There were many, many more unsung heroes whose identity we will never know. Their acts of disobedience serve as an inspirational beacon of shining light for us today.

     Wladyslaw Kowalski (1896-1971) A Polish Colonel who saved some 50 Jews during the Holocaust, among them his future wife. During World War II he had himself circumcised as a sign of identification with the Jewish people.
“I do not consider myself a hero. I only did my duty as a human being toward people who were persecuted and tortured. I did not do this only because they are Jewish, but rather I helped every persecuted person without regard to race and origin.”
     Pastor André Trocmé, his wife Magda, his nephew Daniel and his assistant, Pastor Edouard led a nonviolent resistance in the village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France. From 1940-44, locals helped at least 5,000 people fleeing persecution: hiding them in homes, hotels, farms and schools. The villagers forged identification and ration cards and guided refugees across the Swiss border. One rescued child stated: “Nobody asked who was Jewish and who was not. Nobody asked where you were from. Nobody asked who your father was or if you could pay. They just accepted each of us.”
          Dr. Mohamed Helmy (1901-1982) An Egyptian physician living in Berlin aided Anna Boros, a young Romanian Jewish girl by passing her off as his Muslim niece. Dr. Helmy pretended to go along with fellow doctors, all Nazis, while behind the scenes worked against them with a German woman, Frieda Szturmann, helping to save Anna and her family. He was the first Arab to be recognized as Righteous Among the Nations.
     Oskar Schindler (1908-1974) A German industrialist who worked for German intelligence and joined the Nazi Party. During World War II, Schindler sheltered and saved Polish Jews by employing them in his factories. In 1944, when all Jews were to be sent to the death camp at Auschwitz, Schindler relocated his factory to the Sudetenland and was told to draw up a list of workers he wanted to take with him. Schindler created a list of 1,100 Jewish names he deemed “essential” for the new factory. Permission was granted and the factory was moved.
     Theodorus and Maria Schouten In the winter of 1942-1943, five-year-old Lore Baer was smuggled by two men on a bicycle to the Schouten family home in Northern Holland, where she stayed until the end of the war. Most of the time, Lore slept in a room with the Schouten's daughter Cornelia. At times of danger, when house to house searches were being conducted. Lore was hidden in a secret room concealed behind a closet in the shed until the war was over and she was reunited with her parents. The Schoutens provided shelter for 39 people for varying periods of time.

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