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Editor’s Note: These transcripts are annotated with link references in 3 forms: Arabic or Roman numerals (enclosed in [square braces]) or hyperlinked text. Arabic numerals are sources projected in each film, Roman numerals are relevant sources (hover mouse on link for title+author+date), and hyperlinked text is either kind.
The second episode of the five-part docuseries “Never Again Is Now Global” premiered on 31 January 2023. Thirty-two people’s testimonials are presented in the film and are here listed in order of appearance. From the PressRelease:
This ambitious film project is the brainchild of Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Vera Sharav. The series addresses the many parallels between the Holocaust and the last three years of lockdowns and coerced medical procedures. It’s rooted in Sharav’s experiences both as a survivor and as the mother of Amikhai Sharav, a young man who died as the result of taking a prescribed medication whose risks had not been disclosed to the public. Two aspects make this series unique:
First, while there have been many film and television programs about the Holocaust, most recently Ken Burns’ high profile three-part PBS series, it’s difficult to find even one that was directed and produced by an actual Holocaust survivor themself.
Second, almost without exception, exhibitions and documentaries about the Holocaust treat it as a unique, unprecedented event that happened in a distant time at the hands of madmen. This series demonstrates the historical fact that the Holocaust actually had its roots as a German government program to eliminate disabled people with doctors and nurses acting as the executors in the service of a “eugenics” ideology. It further demonstrates that the attitudes that gave birth to the larger Holocaust are still alive and well in contemporary government policies and medical hierarchies.
Faye Lederman is a Senior Media Fellow at Children’s Health Defense. She wrote a 2 Feb review of the project on Brownstone Institute.
Never Again Is Now Global
Episode 2. Anyone Who Wants To Start A War Has To Lie
Once you see a lie, you can’t un-see it. Survivors and their descendants
recognize the weapons of deception and fear mongering propaganda.
A Five-Part Documentary Series by Vera Sharav
Alliance for Human Research Protection, 31 Jan 2023
Vera Sharav Holocaust Survivor
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
3rd Gen Holocaust Survivor
Vera Sharav
Shirley Maymon
3rd Gen Holocaust Survivor
Joshua Stylman
3rd Gen Holocaust Survivor
Revital Florman
3rd Gen Holocaust Survivor
Mathias Koie Levi Palsvig
3rd Gen Holocaust Survivor
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
Vera Sharav
Shirley Maymon
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
Vera Sharav
Marion Schmidt
Dachau Tour Guide
Revital Florman
Mathias Koie Levi Palsvig
Revital Florman
Joshua Stylman
Shirley Maymon
Vera Sharav
at 00:19:

Our oldest son died. He died of a reaction to a prescribed drug, and that whole horror led me to do the advocacy kind of work that I’ve been doing for decades. And essentially, like many of those psychiatric drugs, they’re put out in a way the way the COVID injections, the experimental injections are. They are not tested properly.

The promise is always, “We’re going to save money. We’re going to save the government a lot of money with this new drug that now costs $8,000 a year.” That was the drug then, and that was the first one that had such a huge price tag on it: Clozaril. Because it was going to clear out the hospitals and it was going to do all these magic things. Yeah, right. They never told you about the casualties that the drug caused.

The childhood vaccines, now, most of them are cocktails. The beauty for industry of cocktails is you cannot blame adverse effects on this drug or that drug or the other, because they’re all in there. How do you know which one? It’s a wonderful way to cover it all up.

The heavy handedness of government dictating, suddenly, how you were to live your life, in fact stopping you from living your life, and the barrage of the narrative, of the single narrative. That didn’t ring right, just, it didn’t ring right. As time went on, it became apparent that there was something going on that we were being herded, sort of, pushed as a herd. It began quite early. For example, New York was portrayed as so many thousands dying and the hospitals being overwhelmed. And yet there were some people who went in with their cameras, with their videos, and showed empty hospitals in New York.

There were some hospitals that were indeed overcrowded, but that’s because everyone was being sent to just a certain number of hospitals. So that’s a big lie. And so I realized that panic was being fomented. Panic was being fomented so that people would lose confidence in their ability to discern things. And so the best way is: Listen to government, what they say, public health officials, the experts. And that’s of course exactly what they were told day and night, by every media outlet.

When they came up with the experimental vaccines and immediately began to restrict people who weren’t going to line up, who weren’t going to show that they were vaccinated, couldn’t travel. And when they shut schools and on and on it became very, very apparent, that’s when I started to see, wait a minute. Because of course I was active by then and I was aware of alternative sources of information. And it didn’t pan out. What they were telling us officially didn’t pan out with what people on the ground, witnesses were saying. And that became more and more apparent each day. It became apparent that you cannot trust what officials are telling you. They have a different agenda than you think.

Those who are responsible for the pandemic have used two of the weapons that the Nazis used, which was fear and propaganda. Propaganda feeds the fear, foments it into—hardens it even more so. And that’s what has been happening here. At that time, the fear was against Jews who were accused of being spreaders of infectious disease. The thing that I realized, and was horrified by, was that medicine, which under the Nazis had been totally taken over by government, and they were the ones that drew up the protocols for the genocide. Medical murder actually began with the T4 program, where disabled German infants and young children under the age of three, they were the first victims. And they were followed by the mentally ill, the physically disabled, and finally the nursing homes.

Lo and behold, to my horror, in March and April of 2020, governments all over Western Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, in other words, the wealthiest countries in the universe, governments in those countries issued directives to hospitals not to treat the elderly. It was a genocide. Andrew Cuomo, who was governor of New York at the time, before he issued that murderous order, which slaughtered 15,000 elderly New Yorkers, he predicted, “This virus in nursing homes will be like fire through dry grass.” And for his effort, he was given a media award.

What this has to do with, actually, is utilitarian philosophy. The utilitarian philosophy, which is eugenics, looks at only the practical and they put a value on human lives. Some human lives are worthy and some are unworthy. And the elderly are regarded as an economic burden, unworthy. The Nazis called them “worthless eaters.” In the West, they’ve never owned up to the genocidal policy against the elderly. No one has been tried, and many, many millions have been spent for genocide.

Midazolam was bought in huge quantities both in the UK and the United States, and it was prescribed in very high doses, doses that are lethal. It was with full intention. There’s no getting away from it. This was genocide. This was mass murder, to be rid of the economic burden. Andrew Cuomo actually was persuaded to do it by the insurance industry of New York to give immunity to the hospitals and to nursing homes. And they got rid of the economic burden, people who paid insurance all their lives, and then the insurance company was able to just walk away. Didn’t have to pay.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
at 08:42:

When we watched the Nuremberg trial and we saw the Nazi high command being convicted—which was wonderful—but you know who really should have sat in that box? Henry Ford, Rockefeller.

Henry Ford in 1938 got the [Grand Cross of the German Eagle] Medal of Honor equivalent from Hitler himself. Rockefeller owned the company that made Zyklon B gas to gas the Jews. GM made 75% of the trucks for the Nazi war machine. IBM provided the primitive computer punch card system in order to manage the concentration camps. They got off with not even a mention. So my biggest concern is, yeah, Fauci has to go. I get it. And there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit, a lot of people and the politicians, who are accessories to genocide. But—

Vera Sharav:
The top.
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko:
—the top, unless we cut off the head of the top, they’re just going to do it again.
Vera Sharav:
at 09:58:

There’s another thing. Hitler couldn’t have done what he did by himself. And we have now common threads, familial and certainly corporate, of the big corporations and the banks, industries that gave Hitler his capabilities. They are now continuing. IBM is a perfect example. Without IBM, there would not have been six million. There may have been two million. But the efficiency of IBM technology enabled industrialized-level genocide. And they are now at it fully, again. It was the IBM [Excelsior Pass] Passport that Governor Cuomo, New York State, contracted.

What people need to understand is that the digital identity that they now are pushing, that is the ticket to slavery. Once they have that identity, and they intend to embed it in our bodies, they have then full control of our lives, remotely. You won’t even know who it is. Doesn’t have to be your enemy, whom you know. No, remotely. Click, click, they can stop everything. They can stop your bank account. They can stop your credit. They can take your mortgage away. They can do anything they want if they have your identity. So for people to go blindly into that is worse than suicide.

Trudeau gave a hint. He showed that you can stop your bank accounts, mortgage. I mean he even separated children from the truckers. I mean, this is so insidious. This is so horrific that if people don’t understand that this can happen to them, if they don’t accept the fifth shot or the sixth shot. That’s exactly the kind of power and authority that one would be giving up if one continues along the road of obeying. Obedience is the road to slavery.

Shirley Maymon
at 12:45:

Since a year and a half ago, I became an activist in all the plandemic situation. I was really burning from the inside and I cannot sit still and see things happening. And for the sake of my kids and all the other kids, I really should do something about it.

Especially living in the Netherlands, which was part of the Second World War. Walking here in the streets in demonstrations and seeing the brutality of the police and the tyranny, it’s really made me think about the past, my grandparents, all the stories I’ve heard at home. So for me, it was really important to be part of the resistance of what’s happening. So I started to participate in demonstrations here and to see what else can I do with activism.

Joshua Stylman
at 13:58:

My name is Joshua Stylman. I’m based in Brooklyn, New York. I am a grandchild of Holocaust survivors. My grandmother was Gloria Stylman. My grandfather was Harold Stylman. They both survived concentration camps, as did all of the remaining relatives from my family. They were from Poland, Będzin, Sosnowiscer [sp?], and Łódź. And my grandmother was the sole survivor of her whole town, in fact. All of her siblings parents, all of her neighbors perished. And she wound up connecting with a cousin from a couple of towns over and they married two brothers, my grandfather and my uncle.

And my grandfather had three brothers who all made it through the camps together. He lost two sisters and their other sister, my Aunt Bronca, hid in an attic for a few years. And she was about this big and a ball of fire. I got to know most of them. And I also got to know the entire extended family, because everyone in their lives were all survivors. They were all friends that came over on the boat together, which was in 1949. First they went to the Lower East Side and lived in a tenement. They eventually settled in Brooklyn, but everyone they knew socially, which is to say everyone I knew socially as a kid, was considered kind of part of the mishpachah, part of the extended family.

I own a business called Threes Brewing, which is based here in Brooklyn. I have a dear friend who is part of my own kind of COVID awakening. He’s someone who I talked to extensively about what was going on. And we got into a heated debate, and he started telling me about things like escape immunity and variants that were going to come and things like vaccine mandates. And admittedly, I waved my finger in his face and said, “What are you talking about? This is the United States of America. They’re not going to ask us to show paper.” And I don’t think I’ve ever been so preposterously wrong in my entire life, because unfortunately my friend was right.

And he in fact said, “Wait until August.” And then like clockwork, August 1st rolls around, and the Delta variant came and as did the announcement about the vaccine mandates in New York. And I was very upset by that. I was upset, and I was talking to anyone who would listen, in my personal orbit and my professional orbit. And much to my dismay, the people around me didn’t really see a problem with it. And that was just so surprising to me. Really smart, good people, people who I’ve known for years, good friends of 20 years. And I would make comments like—because at that time we knew already that there were breakthrough infections. So we knew that the vaccine did not stop transmission. And I started talking about how, “Again, I’m not opposed to the vaccine, I don’t know a lot about it.” For the record, I got the J&J shot last spring. I sort of rationalized it with, “I’ve put enough crap into my body my whole life. How bad could it be?” sort of thing.

And then I remember when my friend was saying, “Well, are you going to get your children vaccinated?” My reaction was, “Why would I? Kids were at no risk from this disease. And it’s experimental.” And he said, “What’s going to happen when they make you?” And again, I said, “Well, what are you talking about? How could they make me get my children vaccinated for this?” So as the months went on, my own frustration certainly ratcheted up. My confusion ratcheted up. I think in part because I felt like everyone around me is sort of in a daze and not really paying attention to what’s going on.

Revital Florman
at 18:07:

My name is Revital Florman. I live in Israel, in Jerusalem. Except my grandmother and father, nobody survived. My grandma was a partisan. My father was 10 years old when it all began in Belgium. He was taken to a church. He was with blonde hair and blue eyes. So they hide him in a church for a while. He was part of the choir. There was a priest there that knew my grandma and this was the connection. So he agreed to hide him for a little time, until he felt that it was too dangerous for him.

Then my father moved all over Belgium in the forest, in farms. He just met with the nice people. They took him from one place to another place, usually didn’t know anybody. He wasn’t in contact with his mother, until the end of the war. And his father was taken in the very first achtya [sp?] in the street, to Auschwitz. So we never saw him again. His sister was taken to Auschwitz, also. It was really a big trauma for him, of course. But he didn’t talk about it. My grandma didn’t tell us anything.

Mathias Koie Levi Palsvig
at 20:12:

My great-grandfather, Aleksandr Timofeeovich, he was a soldier with the Soviet Army fighting the war. And eventually, in Germany, he was captured along with a thousand other Russian soldiers. And so they were sent to a concentration camp. And then afterwards he was moved to another one. In one of the concentration camps, there was a guard who had beaten up one of the prisoners, and then took a leak on him. My great-grandfather, he saw this. And so he went straight to the control tower or the place where the people who were running the camp were sitting, and he told them what had happened. They threw him out of the window from the third story and he broke some bones.

They assumed that he probably died from the fall, but he survived. When he was kind of crawling away, he found a plastic bag. And he said that this plastic bag was probably the reason why he survived the war, because a lot of the people in the camp who died, they died from cold lungs. They got sick from the cold. At night, when it was really cold, he was using this plastic bag to breathe into it to keep his lungs warm.

And so they had to work in these concentration camps with manual labor. He was in the second concentration camp. There was a wealthy Austrian woman whose husband was an officer of the Austrian Army who was fighting against the Soviets. She wanted some personnel at home. And so she went to this camp and bought some slaves to work for her. And my great-grandfather was one of them. When they got to her place, they were very hungry and they were very cold. And they had trouble breathing. And my great-grandfather, he said to the other two, “Don’t eat too much too fast,” because they were served some food. And one of the others he just ate. Because he had been hungry for so long, he just ate and he actually died from that.

So my great-grandfather, he was working for her, and believe it or not, she happened to fall in love with him. He was a handsome and strong Soviet man, and they actually got a baby together. When this baby was one years old, he kept saying that he wanted to get back to his wife and children in Russia. And she kind of helped him to dodge problems like when the Austrian soldiers were going to come, she kind of helped hide him. But then when the Soviet soldiers were approaching a specific area, and she found out, then she let him know when to leave and where to go to likely find the Russian soldiers. And so he went into the forest, there were Soviet soldiers there, and they found him. And then he rejoined the Army and he continued to fight the war until the war was over.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko:
at 23:01:

Morality, values are not taught at medical school. And to make proper value decisions when it’s difficult, when you need to perhaps sacrifice, requires a very strong moral compass, without which you get swept away by the tide of tyranny. So to stand up to the world and say, “You are all wrong.” There is no medical reason to vaccinate children. But there is other reasons, which is if you want to create slaves that are bound to a certain system, a control mechanism, then that’s a very useful technique.

So what’s going to happen is like this: forget about Apple Pay or credit cards or paper money, any fiat currency. There’s going to be a one world global cryptocurrency, which is going to be controlled by a few global powers. And in order to participate in this system, you will need to be a transmitter of biometric data. So essentially every home will have a scanner. And let’s say I want to order bread. I order bread. I scan my hand, it gets credited, whatever, to my account. Probably some drone will deliver the bread.

Now what if I don’t want to be tagged with a digital identifier? What if I don’t want my location known 24/7 by some government body? Well, then I won’t be able to participate in financial transactions, legally. I mean there’ll be a black market, but, what if the government doesn’t like what I say? That’s happened.

You see, this is modern day slavery. Slavery has always been the most lucrative industry in human history. And we have a few global psychopaths, sociopaths that have engineered a brilliant plan, evil but brilliant, to enable the enslavement of humanity, basically.

Vera Sharav
at 25:58:

The vaxxed and unvaxxed become the collision. But this is a government dictated division. This is nothing in real biology or real life or anything. It’s essentially to reward the obedient and to punish those who question and don’t follow in lockstep. Lockstep is really the objective. They want every person in the world to march in lockstep to whatever order is given. This is where we’re going. That’s called slavery.

We have been lied to from the get-go. Every single aspect of the public health directives and restrictions were based on lies, falsehoods, while they tell us, they admonish us to follow the science. First of all, nobody is following the Ten Commandments. They’re more important. That’s human. That’s human values. Thou shall not murder. And this is rampant murder. The degree to which we’ve been lied to is really quite staggering.

It began with the definition of a pandemic. The World Health Organization called it a pandemic, when they had no evidence of a pandemic. A pandemic used to be defined by the number of deaths. Instead, this was by cases. Cases using a totally inappropriate PCR test. So that ensured that there would be a lot of cases, because that one is known to have false positives. That’s what it’s about.

Everything was dishonest about it. And the tragedy is that the medical profession, once again, abandoned hippocratic medicine in which they took an oath of first do no harm to the individual. They became just like under the Nazis, agents of the state who gave their seal of approval to infanticide, euthanasia, and genocide. We’re talking about what many foremost, world renowned scientist doctors are calling these experimental shots, a biological weapon for genocide.

It came out, again recently, that the Biden administration provided the media, all of them, every one of them, both the social and the other as if they even needed more money, but a billion dollars for propaganda to only run positive stories about the COVID so-called vaccines. Why would you need to bribe them? There are states that offered bribes for parents to vaccinate their children. What kind of a society is that? What kind of a society? That’s barbarism.

Shirley Maymon
at 29:41:

We learned history and we believed in what they told us. But today I understand that all these people who are in the government are actually puppets. They’re following orders. They’re not speaking their minds. But, yeah, it’s still so difficult to understand how the land of the Jews was supposed to be a safe place for the Jewish people, mainly, for those who survived the Holocaust. For the second generation, how can they participate in such an evil plan? This is beyond me.

And more than that, how the survivors who are still alive don’t see the parallels? They don’t see how it’s 1948 all over again. This is beyond me. And the only answer I have, the people in charge are not speaking their own mind. They’re controlled by higher level voices or power.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
at 31:05:

Well, I believe, first of all, that the government is a reincarnation of Josef Mengele. And they’re finishing the job of what Hitler started. And the proof is that Israel now has one of the highest death rates from COVID, from Omicron. That’s what the government is saying. What’s interesting is that no one else is dying from Omicron.[1a] Because Omicron is—it’s very contagious, but it doesn’t affect the lower airway.[1b] It in most cases, just affects the upper airway.[1c] Most people recover.1d]

So why are Israelis dying from Omicron? Which they are. Well, perhaps there’s another reason. Israel is the most immunized country in the world.[2a] Especially from the perspective of multiple boosters.[2b] For example, Israel has the most people who got four shots.[2c][2d][2e]

Now, there are over 30 peer reviewed papers that show that these vaccines damage the innate immune system.[3a][3b] They damage something called natural killer T cells.[3c] Also, they suppress tumor suppressor genes.[3d] We’re seeing a huge spike in weird cancers around the world, actually.[3e][3f] And people dying from opportunistic infections that they usually wouldn’t die from. And there’s a term for that, it’s an acquired immune deficiency syndrome,[3g] which has an acronym. It’s called AIDS.[3h]

Now, before people go nuts, if they do go nuts, I don’t care, I actually like it.[4a] They call it VAIDS, vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome.[4b][4c] I prefer to call it AIDS, because it sends the message, stronger.

It’s not HIV. HIV is a virus that damages the immune system and causes AIDS, it’s true. But there are other things that can damage the immune system like this poison death shot.[5a] [5b] So the Israeli government signed a deal with the devil,[5c] Albert Bourla, who won the Genesis prize,[5d] which is the equivalent of the Jewish Noble Prize this year.[5e] And he called, on CNBC, Israel, “the biggest laboratory in the world.”[5f][5g] And what they’ve done is given a large percentage of their country AIDS. They’ve destroyed the immune system of half of the Jewish people in Israel.[5h]

Vera Sharav
at 34:18:

Well, it’s going exactly by the Goebbels playbook. There are several things in it. First of all, of course, it’s the big lie. You keep repeating and repeating and repeating and then it becomes the only truth that you’ve ever heard. And that’s how people are really kind of—if one can have a dialogue, that’s the way that everybody knows. Everybody knows that. Everybody knows. The thing is though, if everybody knows, then maybe it’s a lie. Because everybody in a real life, in a real democratic society, everybody doesn’t agree, everybody argues.

But here you’re not allowed to argue. The minute you argue, you become a conspiracy theorist. I wish, I wish that it was only a theory. But I know that in the ’30s, before the Holocaust, what led up to the Holocaust was this disbelief that Hitler meant what he said.

Klaus Schwab is a perfect example. His father had a factory, which it was both in Switzerland and in Germany. Hitler gave him a national award as one of the wonderful companies. They had slave labor. The family business provided Hitler with heavy military use equipment. And Klaus Schwab, in his footsteps, he was involved in South Africa providing nuclear weapons to the apartheid regime. He then went to Harvard, was a protégé of Henry Kissinger, and then went on to form the World Economic Forum, which again is really supported by others, by the oligarchs.

What they’ve been doing is slowly putting authority and power into global uniform agencies, like the World Health Organization, the United Nations, World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg, there are a whole bunch of them. We small fry haven’t been paying much attention to those because this is really the oligarchs, the billionaires. But they have managed to include heads of state from all stripes. Putin was also a World Economic Forum graduate. This club is who we are really fighting.

And behind this club are others who always remain behind a curtain. We don’t know all the names. But we know some of the players. What is interesting to know—all these people are unelected by anyone. They are absolutely intent on demolishing democracy in any and every form. What is now called democracies are not democracies anymore because they don’t represent the interest of the people that they rule.

Marion Schmidt
at 37:38:

My name is Marion Schmidt. I was a guide in KZ memorial in Dachau. I always asked, “How could this Nazi regime, how could it happen? How could our parents put up with having all their rights taken away from them? Why didn’t they say no?” I’m searching for an answer, and I’m searching today for an answer. Dachau was the first concentration camp of Germany, builded in March 1933, and was a model to oppress people.

You can see photos with a background of torture, of how to have the prisoners work, medical experiments. First came fascism. Then came war. These are two brothers, inseparably linked. I always said, “Anyone who wants to provoke a war has to lie.” Now we have the situation with Corona and all the oppression of our democratic rights. In November, young people over 14 years aren’t allowed to come into the memorial site if they aren’t vaccined. I cried. I cried this because of this.

I myself was oppressed. It was not allowed to speak about this. The division between unvaccinated and vaccinated, already a violation. The demonstration, I have done nothing other than demand, we want come back to these democratic rights. The reaction came four weeks later. I was no longer allowed to work. And I am in struggle with the leader of the memorial site. We have a study by the Berlin Charity expects around 500,000 serious vaccination complications in Germany.[6a][6b][6c] That is 40 times more than previously stated.[6d]

I think it’s necessary to say to people, “Learn of history.”[6e] This is what we have to do for our children,[6f] for the future.[6g] The problem with the dictatorship is now we have the face of a soft dictatorship. And this is problem to see what is behind. If the mask is from the face, what is behind? Behind is reactionary fascistic ideology. And it’s very dangerous. Albert Einstein said, “Being blind is not wanting to see.” Comparing does not mean equating. In my head was a song from Tracy Chapman, “Don’t know talking about the revolution. It sounds like a whisper.” And I think that’s necessary. Talking about revolution.

Revital Florman
at 41:44:
I think I’m fighting for my life, for your life, for the life of everybody, everybody on this Earth.
—Revital Florman

So from the beginning, I knew something is wrong. A few people in Tel Aviv, we were about 20 to 30 people, and wanted to speak with each other and we felt that we cannot talk with people around us. We grew. We started about 30 people, 20 to 30 people. In the last summer, we were about four to five thousand there. I developed my conscience to open my eyes to what is really happening. What is going on with the WHO and Klaus Schwab and all his friends there and a New World Order. In Jerusalem, we are very, very few activists. Every week on the Thursdays we are going out to a small demonstrations. We are doing it almost a year.

I think my grandma genes are in me. She was an activist. She was a partisan. So the first times that I was in the street, it was always to me that I’m keeping on what she’s starting there. To speak. Not to be frightened and to investigate. Not to listen to the main media. But my brothers are not like that. We say here in Israel, the ones who are still sleeping, we call them the sleepers, believe what they hear in the main media and this is my sister.

When we are demonstrating in Jerusalem between the market and the very religious neighborhoods, we meet there with a lot of Orthodox and they’re all awake. They’re all awake. But their rabbi don’t let them to be in the streets. They have flyers of their own in their neighborhoods, in the synagogues. They really know everything.

I think I’m fighting for my life, for your life, for the life of everybody, everybody on this Earth. In one way, I understand the sleeping people, sleepers. It was brainwashed all the time, almost 24 hours a day. And they can’t believe somebody wants to harm them. This is on one hand. The other hand, I feel something like anger, because if we were a mass, okay, really a mass and we were on the streets, it can be completely something else. Something else.

But I think now in Israel, the lies are starting to rise. There are a lot of injured from the jabs. I myself know about around 10 people around me. Not all of them connect what is going on with them, with the jabs. But for me, it’s obvious. It’s obvious. So something is going on in Israel. But with that, the dictatorship is also being faster than it was. Than it was about four months ago, five months ago. Yeah, aggressive of the police, of our rights.

There is a rule in Israel like was in the Nazi Germany, [hebrewdt], emergency law, emergency law. In the Nazi’s Germany in ’34, it was, or ’32—all the authority is not in the Congress or something, just in one hand. They can do everything they want. They don’t have to ask for the permission of the Knesset. I think it’s not just in Israel.

I think we know right now all the politicians in Israel are really, some puppets. Somebody’s operating them. We are sure. Because last year, we changed the parliament and nothing changed. It became worse. The people that were before in the opposition and shouting about all what is going on, when they elected, they did everything the same. We were just living in an illusion that we have a democratic country, and we can decide what we want. Now, I know for sure it was an illusion; 50, 60 years of illusions.

Mathias Koie Levi Palsvig
at 46:53:

And there are some of the parallels, actually, because back then, the Jews had problems with running a business. They weren’t allowed to, and people were treating them poorly just because of being Jewish. And now I’m hearing stories of, for example, a Russian woman who has a little health shop somewhere here in Denmark. And then the customers were coming in, just telling her to shut down the business and leave Denmark, go back to Russia. And these kind of things happen when it’s war time and when people see each other as the enemy. And this is what I think is the most dangerous thing.

Also, as a psychologist, I think it’s very interesting how people’s mentality can change completely. And even now, I can hear the way that people are talking about Russians and that Facebook allows hate speech as long as it’s against Russians. I think it’s insane. I’m hearing people saying that, “Yeah, you should just kill all Russians,” or people posting these kind of things. And that’s no problem, because that’s politically correct now, because now Russia is the enemy again.

Usually, there’s more than one side to each story. And it’s very much from one side that we’re hearing this in Denmark, and in the West. We have the Western version of the story, and then there’s the Russian version of the story. And even if the Western version of the story was the absolute truth, what does that have to do with me? And what does that have to do with some people who are now not allowed to join the Special Olympics because of being Russian? This is insane.

And it’s the same kind of thing that was done to the Jews at that time. People are treated poorly for the greater good. And this is wrong. It’s fascist. That’s what that is. A Russian woman was supposed to have an opera concert in Denmark this year and this had to be canceled because she’s Russian. The Russian Orthodox Church in Copenhagen, people were throwing red paint on it and vandalizing, writing the Z equals Nazi symbol, and this, because the Z is what is used on Russian tanks.

And I think this is the worst thing you could possibly say to a Russian after World War II. World War II is completely ingrained in Russian DNA and in Russian mentality, because everybody has lost some family member to that war. And I think it’s similar also to the Jewish, that it’s something that is a very personal subject. It’s like calling Jews, Nazis. That’s not okay.

Revital Florman
at 49:25:

Three months ago, I wrote a letter to my child. I have two. And I wrote, I’m very sorry, they’re not going to live in the same atmosphere as I lived. And it’s my duty to fight for them, to go to the end. I told them, I’m not going to stop. Masks are not mandate anymore. But you see young child in the streets are wearing this mask. It’s awful. And when I see now the photos from China, which is going there now, it’s awful. I know that if we’re not going to stop it, it’s going to be here. Globalists there are so strong, have so money. We are the small people. What we going to do?

I think the last two years, it was something like an obedience test and they won. They won. The obedience here in Israel was extreme. Nine millions people in Israel, six millions took the first jab. The second jab, three millions. The third one about a million. So there is less obedience but more violence.

But I think here in Israel, because most of the policemen were in the army, three years of army, making you less human. They were with a mask over the face. They’re trained to do things like that. They’re taking actions to bring on their agenda. The agenda 2030 and everything. And as I said, they’re not stopping.

In Europe, there is going to be a digital passports in July. I was sure, which will come here to Israel. So they’re not stopping. And the one currency all over the world and one bank. Think if we are going to be together all over the world, all the awakened people, and do something together. But we have to align with each other. This is my dream. It’s really my dream right now that we all protest in the same day all over the world, and we will be masses in the streets. And now it’s our turn to empower people not to obey and not to be afraid. We have power. We the people, we have a sentence in Israel, [Hebrew], We’re not going to give up, ever. Yeah.

Joshua Stylman
at 52:38:

Antigone Michaelides said [posted]:

Upper West Side Story
My son’s middle school holiday show featured a song where the kids, holding “Pfizer” and “Moderna” signs, were singing “If you’re not vaxxed you’re no friend of mine” to the tune of “Safety Dance.”
1 in 5 kids at that school are unvaxxed.

So we teach our kids not to bully. We hear so much about inclusion and making sure that everyone is treated the same in a society. And I saw that and I was just so appalled that in a city that I thought was supposed to be progressive and inclusive, we are ostracizing children, because their parents made a determination that they don’t want to give them an experimental medicine, because they think that there’s a greater risk to reward ratio. And it seemed absurd to me.

Most interestingly, I got a call from the New York Times, and I have to admit, I was a little excited to talk to the reporter from the New York Times. And she called me and I got into my family heritage and the background and I said, I reiterated, “I’m not talking about the Holocaust. I’m not talking about 1943. I’m not talking about gas chambers. I’m telling you the way this started, and I know this from hearing the stories my whole life, was exclusion from basic public life. The health pass in Germany, and subsequently throughout Europe, banned Jews from bars and restaurants and museums and libraries, much like New York City in 2021.

“And similarly, doctors kind of went along with it and doctors said that, this was—the press went along with it. They demonized Jews as being dirty. They had lice and thus typhoid and were a danger. And this is my family story.” So a few minutes later I see the New York Times wrote a piece that, essentially, called me an anti-Semite. And not explicitly in those terms, but that was certainly the tone. It did not mention my family heritage. It did not even mention I was Jewish. And from there, people got really angry and people started calling.

Customers were calling. We do a lot of events in our space and I’m a danger to public health. By the way, I’ve been complying the whole time. That’s the most frustrating part of the whole thing. Because I could have just not complied quietly, but I sort of got the worst ends of the deal. We complied the whole time and yet I still pay the price. So customers were canceling. We have a big wholesale business, though, people were outraged. Of course, my team started reaching out to them and they were like, “Wait, this guy’s Jewish? Oh, it didn’t say that.”

But again, we don’t have the voice in the New York Times and we lost control of the narrative. Look at any atrocity in human history, it starts with the othering of people. And this is where we are now.

My point was human beings are entitled to determine what they put in their body. And I believe the Nuremberg Code guaranteed that, informed consent. And we violated that and we violated a whole bunch of international laws. So there is no justification for any of this. It’s either comically stupid or straight up evil. And, initially, I thought it was just incompetence. The signs are all there that this is not an accident. They’re all going in a direction that is against the truth. And the systematic suppression of information, whether it be about early treatments or efficacy of drugs or deadliness of disease, they’re all going the same way.

And I don’t know, I didn’t start out as a raging conspiracy theorist, but at this point the evidence is so damning and so obvious that there is quite obviously an agenda. And then it’s just a question of what is that agenda? And what can we do to preserve humanity? Not to speak in hyperbolic terms, but no one’s coming to save us and all we have is each other. It’s a little bit of 1984, a little bit of Brave New World, a little bit of Fahrenheit 451 with a Matrix wrapper.

The ingredients, I understood. I don’t trust the pharmaceutical companies, obviously. The governments lie to you, of course. But the recipe was just so hard to get your head around, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And I don’t want to go back there, which is why, again, I know this is a global thing. I don’t think I can run from anywhere. But that’s not my goal. Personally, I just need to be around people who see it and are ideologically aligned and committed to fighting it. And sadly, it seems like this once great city has fallen.

I saw this bar curve or it was a bell curve rather, on who had vaccine hesitancy. And the most educated and the least educated, and it’s the middle. When I told this to my aunt, who I mentioned earlier, my father’s sister, she said, “You sound...”—they grew up, their kids grew up in Staten Island and they sound like they’re from Staten Island. And she’s like, “You sound like your cousin. He’s been telling me, ‘Bill Gates wants to put a microchip in your head,’ and he sounds crazy.” I said, “It might not play out exactly that way, but the microchips are being tested in Sweden right now, and he’s not totally wrong about this.”

Shirley Maymon
at 58:39:

Wow, this is overwhelming. I mean, who wants to know about this? Who wants to understand that this is what’s really going on? That there are people wants to hurt us. That the government who we trust, that we think that they work for us, are actually working now against us. I can understand these people who prefer to shut their eyes and keep on living as if nothing happened.

But, the other hand, you cannot do this anymore. Shutting your eyes is not an option anymore. People need to wake up. Especially those who have kids, the next generation, which is totally lost. We always been wondering how did it happen in the Holocaust, that people went, they say, like sheep and they didn’t resist. They didn’t do anything. But now we get the answer. We can see how easy it is, for those who knows what they’re doing, how easy it is to control people’s mind.


Whoever saves a single life, saves the entire world.

The Righteous Among the Nations are individual heroes whose moral conscience led them to disobey orders. They risked their lives by hiding and smuggling Jews to safety. Thousands who were rescued owe their lives to individual heroes whose bravery and selfless acts of human kindness, in the face of absolute evil, represent the best of humanity. At least 27,000 righteous individuals have been honored by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. There were many, many more unsung heroes whose identity we will never know. Their acts of disobedience serve as an inspirational beacon of shining light for us today.

      Father Jacques de Jésus (1900-1945) Father Jacques utilized a school for boys in Avon, France, as a refuge for young men seeking to avoid forced labor in Germany. Seized by the Gestapo, Father Jacques was imprisoned in several Nazi camps before being liberated by American troops at Mauthausen. He died several weeks later from tuberculosis and malnutrition.
         Irena Stanisława Sendler née Krzyżanowska (1910-2008) A Polish nurse and social worker who, along with her underground network, helped rescue Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto, placing them in convents and with non-Jewish families. As a member of Żegota (Konrad Żegota Committee, the Council to Aid Jews), Sendler helped save at least 2,500 children.
          Cornelia ‘Corrie’ Arnolda Johanna ten Boom (1892-1983) A Dutch watchmaker with her entire family created “A Hiding Place” in their home for those being persecuted by the Nazis. Corrie became a leader in the Beje movement, overseeing a network of safe houses rescuing nearly 800 Jewish lives. The family was caught. Her father perished in prison, her sister Betsie died in a concentration camp. In her writings, Corrie cites her family’s strong belief in the equality of all human beings before God.
          Jan Zwartendijk (1896-1976) Pictured with his daughter and son was a Dutch businessman and diplomat who helped save Lithuanian and Polish Jews from the Holocaust by issuing over 2,000 visas for Curaçao, a colony of The Netherlands. Zwartendijk worked alongside Chiune Sempo Sugihara, Vice-Consul at the Japanese Consulate to help others obtain visas to Japan.
          Chiune Sempo Sugihara (1900-1986) Vice-Consul at the Japanese Consulate in Lithuania from 1939 to 1940 worked alongside Honorary Dutch Consul Jan Zwartendijk to help Jewish refugees. Sugihara requested authorization from his Foreign Ministry for refugee transit visas to Japan – that request was denied. But Sugihara defied his government by issuing more than 2,000 visas to Japan. When Sugihara returned to Japan, the Ministry forced him to resign for not following orders.

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