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LIFE’s Three Versions

The article featured eight Zapruder frames, numbered (by LIFE) 1 through 8.

Note how each of the two frames at right are labeled #6. At the top is Z-323. The lower frame, of course, is the infamous Z-313.

According to Jerry Policoff, Z-323 was the original frame used as illustration #6 in this article. The caption corresponding to it is at the top of the next page of this web site.

Two subsequent versions of the 10/2/64 LIFE appeared. Both used Z-313 as its #6 frame. But one of them has the caption beginning “The direction from which shots came,” while the other uses the caption beginning “The assassin’s shot struck” as its description of #6.

You may want to toggle back and forth as you read.

In all three versions, LIFE printed the Z-frames as an overleaf – that is, you had to turn the page between the captions and the pictures.

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