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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 00:04:36 -0500
From: Brasscheck
Subject: it goes back a long, long way

It goes back a long, long way

December 10, 2001


The authors of Unholy Trinity John Loftus and Mark Aarons, who broke the story of Swiss-Vatican collaboration in the laundering of gold stolen by the Nazis, produced a follow up book that merits much closer attention than it's received so far. It's called The Secret War Against the Jews.

This passage is particularly relevant today:

"The history books describe the rise of fascism as the most important event of the 1920s. They were wrong. The Nazis would have remained a minor political party, and Germany would have remained a cash-starved country, weaponless and powerless, but for the massive influx of outside investment capital. Our intelligence sources believe that the most important event of this period was the alliance between American oil companies and Saudi Arabia. It was the indispensable precondition for the war and the Nazi holocaust."

According to the authors, Ibn Saud took control of Saudia Arabia in the 1920s with the help of the British, in particular British intelligence agent Jack Philby. At the time, Ibn Saud was well known for three things: his rabid anti-Semitism, his use of terrorist tactics, and his devotion to the Wahhabi sect.

Sound familiar?

If the "Osama did it" theory is correct, then the mind set responsible for September 11 was something that was not only put in place and but also continuously and actively supported for a period of over seventy years!

So then, are the British responsible for the roots of 9/11? Not entirely. Because shortly after helping Ibn Saud take power, Philby betrayed his country by arranging a marriage between American oil companies and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Who helped him accomplish this? None of other than Nazi supporter Allen Dulles whom Philby recruited to help make the deal.

(Bizarrely, the British gave Philby's son, Kim Philby, a chance to betray them as well, this time to the Soviets. They also placed him in the highly sensitive role of liaison with the Vatican for the purposes of working out a scheme to move Nazis out of Europe after the war.)

As many people know, it was Standard Oil that fueled the Nazi war machine and, as Loftus and Aarons point out, that oil came from Saudi Arabia via fascist Spain. (By the way, guess what the Negroponte brothers' family did during the war? Owned a shipping line which transported, you guessed it, "neutral" oil some of which ended up in Nazi tanks.)

But that's not the only connection between US, European, and Middle Eastern anti-Semites.

It's now common knowledge that the US made liberal use of Nazis after the war, but who did the US and UK turn to when their Nazi adoptees got old and creaky? Loftus and Aarons document extensive relations between Palestinian and Syrian mercenaries and US an UK intelligence services going back to the 1960s. Note today how certain countries, Syria for example, though widely acknowledged to be active sponsors of terrorism, are never singled out for the retribution other countries receive. (A Lear jet load of Saudis was discretely allowed to leave the US right after September 11.)

It's quite a tangled web -- Nazis, US intelligence agencies, oil companies, the Vatican, Islamist terrorists.

And it goes back a long, long way.

Our knowledge of history is deficient and candy coated. As long as that's true, understanding the present is a pipe dream.

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