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North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA), CIA, Lucianne Goldberg

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 01:26:03 -0500
To: Alex Constantine
Subject: Re: North American Newspaper Alliance, CIA, Lucianne Goldberg
From: John Judge


I got this long ago from PD Scott, who just spoke at our Dallas gathering as well. It is still valuable information.

Lucianne Goldberg was also a publicity agent for the LAPD investigator Mark Furman who made such a splash in the OJ case. She is a propaganda tool publicist posing as a journalist, but this was the whole point of NANA when it was formed by Cuneo of the OSS (also a patron for Jack Anderson and his predecessor), Texas oil millionaire Ivor Bryce, (connected to the Murchison oilmen), and Ian Fleming of British Naval Intelligence (who wrote the charter of the American CIA with Sir William Stevenson as well as the James Bond books). Lord Beaverbrook (London press mogul) helped as well with NANA, which gave a journalist cover for spies into the USSR and elsewhere and planted disinformation stories as well for both British and American intelligence during the Cold War.

When it was formed in 1947, Ian Fleming appointed Arthur Goldberg to head his "Russian" desk. Goldberg was already married to Lucianne at that point, and it is he who hired Priscilla Johnson and another NANA stringer who interviewed Oswald in Moscow, Aline Mosby.

These spies go way back. Yet another NANA employee lied to the HSCA investigators about the identity of Oswald's CIA handler in Miami (according to Vecciana), Maurice Bishop (aka David Atlee Phillips of the CIA Western Hemisphere desk). She claimed they were different people and she had met them both.

Tripp herself was GS-16 Army Intelligence, a leftover from the Bush White House team, and previously the personal secretary to Richard Secord at the Delta Force, a key Contragate figure. This is the new form of assassination -- go for the character. Clinton, like Nixon, was not framed but cornered.

Thanks for reviving this item, it is still pertinent. We were all bottle-fed by NANA.

John Judge


Alex Constantine wrote:

by Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D.

In Deep Politics and the Death of JFK I write that study of any one of our deep political crises will tell you more about the rest. Apparently this prediction holds true for Monicagate as well.

I am not talking about the recurrence of Washington lawyers like Charles Ruff, who moved into the Washington mainstream with Watergate, and is now chief counsel for the Clinton White House. Nothing surprising or instructive about that.

But it is significant that the person who forwarded Linda Tripp's tapes of Lewinsky to the FBI is a book agent and pseudo-journalist called Lucianne Goldberg, who in 1972 "told the McGovern campaign that she worked for the North American Newspaper Alliance." Goldberg's role was not simply that of a cut-out or messenger for Linda Tripp. On Jan. 22 she told the press "that she encouraged her friend Linda Tripp . . . to tape conversations with intern Monica Lewinsky." (All quotations are from an article in the January 23 1998, San Francisco Chronicle, p. A11.) She kept the tapes for Tripp and later turned them over to the FBI. If Tripp instigated Lewinsky, it would appear that Goldberg instigated Tripp.

Both Tripp and Goldberg are apparently Republicans. Tripp was one of only two holdovers from the Bush White House. Goldberg was exposed in 1973 as "a spy for Nixon while she traveled with the press corps" covering McGovern's 1972 campaign. It was at this time that she said she worked for NANA (North American Newspaper Alliance), and supplied an address for NANA which "is the same as her current residence" in Manhattan. Watergate investigators "said the Nixon campaign paid her $1,000 a week."

Not mentioned in the Chronicle story is the relevant fact in 1972, as today, Lucianne Goldberg was snooping for sex. She told the late Anthony Lukas (Nightmare, p. 161) that the Nixon people "were looking for really dirty stuff . . . who was sleeping with whom, what the Secret Service men were doing with the stewardesses, who was smoking pot on the plane -- that sort of thing." Her predecessor on this assignment was Seymour Freidin, who at the time was credibly accused by Jack Anderson of being a former CIA agent. (By the 1970s NANA was co-owned by Fortune Pope, whose brother Generoso was another self-confessed former CIA agent.)

Sixteen years later Lucianne Goldberg was involved in another sex and politics controversy, as book agent for an expose of Senator Kennedy's behavior at Chappaquidick. The book, by Leo Damore, was originally contracted for by Random House, which later backed out on the grounds that Damore failed to provide direct evidence for his accusations. Damore's book was eventually released by the right-wing publisher Henry Regnery.

Serious students of the JFK Assassination have long been interested in NANA, which supplied Priscilla Johnson (better known now as Priscilla McMillan) with the job (or, to some, cover) by which she worked in Moscow, and there interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald on the urging of U.S. Consul Snyder. After the assassination, Johnson developed a close relationship with Marina Oswald, in connection with a book contract originally arranged by C.D. Jackson of Life Magazine at the urging of Allen Dulles. In this connection, Johnson helped identify a much-disputed bus ticket stub, belatedly discovered by the two women in August 1964, which helped to place Oswald on a specific Mexican bus. (Earlier a now-discredited bus manifest had placed an "Oswld" on a different bus.) Priscilla Johnson's intelligence connections emerged more clearly after the CIA-assisted defection of Stalin's daughter Svetlana Allilueva to the United States. Svetlana stayed at first with Priscilla Johnson's family on Long Island, and Priscilla translated Svetlana's memoir.

NANA was created by a senior veteran of OSS, Ernest Cuneo, and continued to have intelligence connections. In 1963, before the assassination, it had come under Congressional scrutiny for publishing Chinese Nationalist propaganda, for which it had been paid large sums without registering as a foreign agent. At this same time its President, Ernest Cuneo, was a member of the Citizens' Committee for a Free Cuba, a group calling in 1963 for a more militant anti-Castro policy, and meeting with dissident Cuban exiles.

I am not here suggesting anything about the guilt or innocence of Clinton, only that at least one of the people making his life difficult has a background suggestive of past political intrigues. If those intrigues are truly precedents for the current crisis, we should look behind the seamy allegations to recent symptoms of deep-rooted divisions in Washington. Among these are Clinton's controversial realignment with China, the unresolved allegations about foreign campaign contributions, and recent hints that FBI Director Louis Freeh might resign his post.


Some Familiar Faces Reappear in MonicaGate, by Peter Dale Scott, 26 Jan 1998

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