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Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 20:31:22 -0400
Subject: COPA Dallas Regional Meeting Nov 22-25

COPA 2001 Annual Regional Meeting
Dallas, Texas, November 22-25

Hotel Lawrence (formerly Paramount)
302 South Houston St. (at Jackson, off Dealey Plaza)
COPA discount rate $59 single/$69 double per night
Hotel Reservations: 214-761-9090
Map and directions at:,hr%3bbl0zt0%3d%3d1056yx%24tw2%28%3aG%2bVB%10F%17BL%2bEJ%2b%13%17%2bE%13RXGIW%2bGV%3dQVCN%17G_%17%13%28ad07l%3dGG_l0ta0a%28.hyy20w%28l%241w-u.wf7%3bxcx5sf7.grfe%7cs%247wv%28u&pcat=

Themes:  Reopening the JFK Investigation
Releasing ALL the files on JFK and MLK

Speakers: Gary Aguilar, William Turner, Peter Dale Scott, Walt Brown, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Philip Melanson, Jim DiEugenio, Dick Russell, Bill Kelly, T Carter, John Johnston, Robert Groden, Lyndon Barsten, R. Andrew Kiel, John Judge, and others to be announced.

The Dallas Regional Meeting, November 22-25, will host a series of presentations and workshops with a variety of excellent researchers and authors into the various political assassinations and their aftermath. Our theme this year is "JFK, MLK, RFK: Truth and Justice", and the main topics will be Congressional oversight on the ARRB and full release of files, release of the MLK files, and petition for a federal Grand Jury in the JFK murder, as well as updated developments in each of the cases.


  • Thursday, November 22
    12:30 pm Moment of Silence, Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza
    Brunch or dinner at Antares tower restaurant, Reunion Square off Dealey Plaza

  • Friday, November 23
    5:00 pm Cocktails and dinner at Adolphus Hotel
    7:30 pm Speakers at George Allen Courthouse, Jury Room (tentative) South Houston and Commerce Streets

  • Saturday, November 24
    Events will be at Hotel Lawrence and/or Courthouse Building
    9:00am to Noon Speakers and discussion on JFK issues
    1:00 - 5:00 pm Continued discussion and speakers
    7:00 - 9:00 pm Speakers and films

  • Sunday, November 25
    9:00 am - Noon Speakers and discussion on MLK issues
    1:00 - 3:00 pm Discussion of Congress and court strategies

The speakers and topics are open to change, dates are not.

Conference registration fee: $15 per person per day from Friday to Sunday, cash at door.

Make your hotel reservations now! We need to fill a minimum number of rooms each night at the Lawrence, beginning November 22. If you cannot come on Thanksgiving, please attend on the weekend.


Confirmed Speakers:

  • Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D.
    a long time researcher into the deep politics of the Kennedy assassination and U.S. covert operations and foreign policy abroad. Author of Deep Politics and the Murder of JFK.

  • Walt Brown, Ph.D.
    exhaustive researcher into the Warren Commission and the JFK assassination, author of People v. Lee Harvey Oswald, The Warren Omission, and a CD index to the Commission volumes. Walt is the editor of Deep Politics Quarterly, a magazine about the Kennedy murder.

  • William Turner
    a former FBI agent from the reign of J. Edgar Hoover who has been blowing the whistle on their lies and excesses for many years, Turner has authored and co-authored several books on the political assassinations, including his recent memoir, Rear View Mirror.

  • Dr. Charles Crenshaw
    an eyewitness to JFK's wounds at Parkland Hospital and author of Conspiracy of Silence, who has recently completed a new book with Dr. Gary Aguilar on the case.

  • Dr. Gary Aguilar
    expert on the medical evidence in the case, contributor to Murder in Dallas, and co-author of a new book with Dr. Charles Crenshaw on the Dallas medical evidence.

  • Philip Melanson, Ph.D.
    an expert in all three major political assassinations, and author of numerous books including Spy Saga, The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, and two books on the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. He has recently completed a book about the culture of government secrecy.

  • Jim DiEugenio
    founder of Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassinations (CTKA), and author of Destiny Betrayed, a defense of the investigation by D.A. Jim Garrison in New Orleans. Jim has also edited Probe magazine for many years.

  • Dick Russell
    researcher and author of many works, his The Man Who Knew Too Much was a major addition to research on the JFK assassination.

  • Robert Groden
    former investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and author of two books on the photographic and documentary evidence of conspiracy, The Killing of A President and The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald. Groden will address recent claims that the Zapruder film has been altered or faked, and his own work on the acoustic evidence which convinced the HSCA that there was a second gunman.

  • John Johnston, Esq.
    has discovered an eyewitness to strange events on November 22, 1963 involving a military flight that landed near the Trinity River in Dallas that afternoon and picked up someone who resembled Lee Harvey Oswald. Johnston has recently finished a book on his work in this area.

  • Lyndon Barsten
    an independent researcher who has developed new evidence and documents concerning the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He will present his findings linking US intelligence agencies to James Earl Ray, and other insights.

  • R. Andrew Kiel
    a history teacher and author of the new book, J. Edgar Hoover: The Father of the Cold War, will present his thesis on the role played by anti-Communist Hoover in both the obstruction of the Warren Commission investigation, and the escalation of the war in Vietnam.

  • Bill Kelly
    a journalist and researcher who has studied political assasssinations for many years. Co-founder with John Judge of the Committee for an Open Archives, a founding group of COPA. Bill continues to write for the online network called JFK Research, and is pursing full release of records and a Grand Jury reopening of the JFK murder.

  • T Carter
    a brilliant researcher who has worked on both JFK and MLK cases with Judge Joe Brown, among others. She will give an update on the MLK case, and a workshop on lobbying Congress for oversight hearings on the ARRB.

  • Rex Bradford
    expert on the new files and the medical evidence. Rex has produced a series of important CD collections of key documents regarding different aspects of the case in conjunction with the Assassination Archive and Research Center. He will join Dr. Aguilar in presenting new medical evidence.

  • John Judge
    a long time researcher into various political assassinations and hidden history, author of Judge for Yourself. Judge was a co-founder of Committee for an Open Archives, editor of Prologue and Open Secrets magazines, and executive director of COPA for many years.
Others yet to be announced. Most presentations will take place on November 24-25, and possibly on the evening of November 23 depending on schedules, at either the Hotel Lawrence (Paramount) or the George Allen Courthouse. Times and place to be announced. Those able to attend on November 22 (Thanksgiving Day) can be part of a Moment of Silence on the Grassy Knoll at 12:30 and a brunch/dinner following at Antares Tower Restaurant at Reunion Square near Dealey Plaza. Complete schedules will follow. Hotel reservations should be made well in advance by calling 214-761-9090 (COPA discount is $59/single, $69 double per night). Registration can be paid in cash at the gate ($15/day).

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