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1. Introduction

I was one of the people who was, at first, receptive to hearing about the theory that a missile could have crashed the Pentagon. I listened and I read. And then I phoned John Judge. John lives in DC. He is a thorough observer and researcher, as many of you know. John advised me that indeed a plane had hit the Pentagon and gave me his reasons, which has led me to tonight's talk.
            I have analyzed the eyewitness list in the same format as a deposition summary, with all the references intact. There is a great deal more evidence available if you are on the east coast, by talking to witnesses and victims families, and visiting the sites of the crashes.
            John Judge works with Kyle Hence, in a group called 9/11 Citizens Watch (, that is assisting the families of victims of all the crashes, in bringing pertinent questions to the Kean Commission, investigating 9/11. Citizens Watch is also demanding that the government release all videos, photos, and other evidence concerning all the crashes, particularly videos from the Pentagon parking lot cameras and gas station in DC that would have been recording during the approach of the aircraft. The black boxes from all 4 airliners were seized by the FBI, who got to the crash sites early. The contents of these black boxes need to be made public.
            The biggest evidence of government complicity in the events of 9/11/01 is the stand down of air and missile defense systems. Only NORAD could have ordered that stand down. Researchers who are serious about interesting the public in an analysis of who was behind 9/11, should concentrate on putting before the public the obvious evidence, not unsubstantiated work. Our research has to be responsible and citations must be thoroughly checked and listed with observations and pictures. Otherwise the public will quickly tire of talking to us.
            This is a working paper and comments are welcome.

Penny Schoner


Points Addressing American Airlines, Flight 77 (AA 77) hitting the Pentagon on September 11 2001 or whether another object might have been guided into the Pentagon.

  1. Consider which nations, or resistance groups such as Al Qaeda, are capable of attacking the Pentagon, or any other U.S. target with a missile:

    1. The Middle East has been inspected for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). There is no chance that missile sites capable of launching missiles would not have been found.

    2. Launching from a ship at sea is not a capability of Al Qaeda, let alone would it go undetected if a missile made its way toward U.S. defenses. Reportedly, all U.S. radar units were facing away from U.S. shores, not inward, and this was an excuse for not detecting an attack within.

    3. A U.S. land base launching site has not been discovered.

  2. AA 77 flew into the Pentagon over rolling hills and residential areas, clipping lamp posts and cars, as it maneuvered to avoid hilltops in a tight pattern, dipping its wings to line up with the Pentagon walls. It was seen by many witnesses on the whole flight into the DC area, because the TV news channels were reporting it and people looked to the skies and saw it come in.

  3. Eyewitness reports, taken shortly after AA 77 crashed into the Pentagon, firmly hold that AA 77, with its silver body and red and blue letters and logo, hit the building.

  4. Jet fuel was all over the Pentagon walls and inside the building, covering victims with fuel burns. Doctors told victims that they had been burned with jet fuel. Photographs taken immediately after the crash, show jet fuel fires burning over vast areas on both sides of the hole where the fuselage crashed through the walls.

  5. Plane parts were all over the area outside the Pentagon, after the crash. They rained down on witnesses, their cars and the whole surrounding area.

  6. The hole in the Pentagon where the plane entered, is the size of the fuselage of a Boeing 757. The wings exploded on contact when they crashed against a fortified surface, unlike the World Trade Center (WTC) towers in New York City, that were of different construction.

  7. Lamp Posts and other objects were clipped off as the jet flew into the Pentagon.

  8. Sounds of a jet were reported by most eyewitnesses, as they watched the plane hit the Pentagon.

  9. Radar tracking stations tracked AA 77 to the Pentagon and reported their sightings during flight.

  10. Stand down of military defense systems points to U.S. government complicity, and not an outside nation, as the perpetrator of AA 77 crashing into the Pentagon.

  11. Documents need to be released to the public, just as photographs of the crash and other important materials have been available, during and after 9/11, concerning the crashes in New York City.

  12. Black Box contents from all four crashes need to be released to the public.

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