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september 22, 1998

september equinox, 10:38pm, pst

prior moments

3rd Revolution Shift

On September 23, 5:38am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the Sun, appearing to travel along the ecliptic, reaches the point where it crosses the equator into the southern celestial hemisphere. Today day and night are of equal length.

ratical.com is now ratical.org -- please update your bookmarks!
if you are a site that points to ratical,
please change all occurences of ratical.com to ratical.org

November 9, 1998
The part below about becoming a non-profit has been reassessed and determined to be in conflict with ratical's Prime Directive.

Today marks the completion of rat haus reality's third revolution around SOL -- the ONLY nuclear furnace we will EVER need! And today, we begin to head off into the non-profit domain beginning with the literal switch from .com to .org:   from here on out, www.ratical.org has pre-empted ratical.com. (The server redirect will remain in place for at least 6 months. We want to give people time to change their bookmarks and site links to ratical, but we cannot afford to pay for the extra virtual server and domain name indefinitely.)

It will take something on the order of six months to become fully qualified as 501(c)(3) public benefit non-profit organization operating in the state of california. However much sooner than that, with the fiscal sponsorship of the AGAPE Foundation we are currently in the process of applying for, we will be able to seek tax-deductible contributions of support.

"Third time pays for all" was something Bilbo Baggins liked to say. i have never forgotten it. Is it any wonder that J.R.R. Tolkein grew up in the same African bush that Laurens van der Post was born into? Expansive worlds within and without complement each other in such wondrous ways. We are looking forward to charting our course on a sea far beyond the for-profit bay from which we embarked upon this voyage.