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We received the following letter on Easter from our human family in the South of Africa. It affirms the tragic course the International Nuclear Mafia IS endeavoring to pursue: that is, the further construction and promulgation of nuclear power plants globally. Despite the fact this lifeless, dead-end course is not necessary, it will take much more than mountain ranges of studies proving such is the case. Education and awareness of lay-persons by lay-persons, and the resulting persevering resistance of such archaic, neaderthal expressions of greed as nuclear idealogues are intent on pursuing will go far in transforming this situation.

See Also the following mirrored copy from Earthlife Africa:

As well as the new ratville times' section on Deregulation and The Fake Energy Crisis.

Earthlife Africa Needs Our Help
To Transform Leftover Apartheid Nuclear Energy Path
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 12:06:38 +0200
From: Muna Lakhani <>
Subject: Dear friends in the North....
To: dave

Dear Friends,

I was referred to you by Stan Thompson. I have been in touch with him regarding our campaign in South Africa to stop the development, production and use/sale of Pebble Bed Modular Reactors (PBMR). The plan is to build a demonstration unit, and then anything up to 216 reactors over the next 10 years! The fuel manufacture is also planned to take place locally, which would leave our planet with over 200 million kilograms (about 440 million pounds) of fuel waste alone.

The threat is very real -- our power utility is still a monopoly, and very well resourced. This programme was launched under apartheid, and we cannot understand why our government wants to support this, other than some sort of ego trip to show that Africa is capable of hi-tech stuff.

We are making a submission to our National Nuclear Regulator this week. By the end of the month will have to make submissions around the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for the PBMR, for the fuel plant, for the transport of fuel, and to the consultants carrying out the EIA.

We have also to provide input to our national Department of Minerals and Energy on their recently drafted Radioactive Waste policy, as well as provide input to our Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa which plans to build a radioactive waste smelter near a world heritage site, the Cradle of Humankind!

So, as you can see, as a volunteer organisation, we are more than a bit stretched! (By the way: "we" are Earthlife Africa, a Southern African volunteer environmental activist grouping with 6 branches. Please visit for more info, as well as copies of documents we have written around nukes and renewable energy)

As is patently obvious, we could do with whatever help we can get -- from getting international support for our "Nuclear Energy Costs The Earth" campaign from organisations, to receiving information to help us fight this menace, to putting pressure on our government, and of course, provide environmental, technical and economic data to refute and put the lie to the normal arguments.

Our immediate needs are around the radioactive waste policy and the proposed radioactive waste smelter. The smelter, if not stopped, would be the first to go online, so information about where such smelters may be, what their impact has been or is likely to be, etc., etc., would be extremely valuable.

So, dear friends -- if I am not asking too much, in too short a time, please see what you can do. We are seeing this as an international threat, as the plan is to export at least 200 reactors, and their partners include BNFL (UK) and Peco (USA) who have apparently agreed to either build (if we succeed in stopping them here) or to buy reactors in the US.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

With kind regards, and a dream of a nuclear free planet
Your brother in the south...

Muna Lakhani

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