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deregulation and the fake energy crisis

1. Power Play--Reinhold Ziegler's Energy Gizmo Helps Light the Way,
by Michael McCarthy, 7/25/01
2. A Return to Madness--The Psychotic Fantasy of Electric
Deregulation Continues, With Renewed Interest in Nuclear Power
by Harvey Wasserman, 4/5/01
3. Bush Administration Exploits Energy Issue to Assault Environment
Clean choices available to resolve energy crunch in California, nation
Union Of Concerned Scientists, 3/22/01
4. Unnatural Disaster: Deregulated California Utilities are
Electrocuting the Public
, by Harvey Wasserman, 1/25/01
5. Our Fake Energy Crisis, What Really Happened in California,
by Harvey Wasserman
6. Debunking The Ten Myths of Electricity Deregulation,
by Wenonah Hauter and Tyson Slocum, 1/01
7. Debunking The Ten Myths Press Release, 1/30/01
8. Solving Energy Shortages without Nuclear Power: Three Easy Rules,
by Dr. John W. Gofman and Egan O'Connor, 4/01

Got Juice? Bush's Refusal to End California Electricity Price Gouging
Enriches Texas Friends and Big Contributors

and Press Release, 2/15/01
11. Molly Ivins on Harvey Wasserman's "Our Fake Energy Crisis", 4/13/01

The following 11 works provide the antidote to the fantasy that there's a shortage of energy and that deregulation controls the amount of price-gouging and profiteering utility corporations can extort from the public. The crux here is not about supply but who controls the supply and the money that pays for it. Electricity can only be provided as a service, not as a speculative commodity. "The solution is to take over the private utility industry, make them directly responsible to the public that owns them, and switch them over to wind, solar and increased efficiency."


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