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Native American Political Systems
and the Evolution of Democracy:

An Annotated Bibliography

Bruce E. Johansen
Professor of Communication and
Native American Studies
University of Nebraska at Omaha


Books, Scholarly, and Specialty Journals

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Newspapers, Newsletters, and Magazines

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Conferences and Public Events

[September 11-12] Cornell University, "Cultural Encounter: the Iroquois Great Law of Peace and the United States Constitution," Cornell American Indian Program, et. al. Proceedings were published; see Jose Barreiro, ed., Indian Roots of American Democracy [1988].

[November 27] Johansen spoke to a gathering convened by E. David Griffith, an attorney, at the Trianon of Colorado Springs School, for debate and discussion on ideas in Forgotten Founders.

[December 2] Hearing, U.S. Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs, on S. Con. Res. 76, "To acknowledge the contribution of the Iroquois Confederacy of Nations to the development of the United States Constitution..." The hearing was held in Washington, D.C. A transcript is available.

Other Materials

  1. Letter, October 1, 1987, from Sally Smith, co-ordinator, Project Equal, Brooklyn, N.Y., to John Kahionhes Fadden, thanking him for illustrations of his which were used in an exhibit on the Iroquois and democracy to be used in schools. The project is titled "Forgotten Founders: The Iroquois Confederacy and the Founding of the American Nation." The title is an amalgamation of the titles of early books by Grinde and Johansen. Materials include a bookmark, exhibit poster, bibliography, and quiz.

  2. Two "Field Workbook Leaflets," with text and artwork by John Kahionhes Fadden, "a service of the Young Worker Program...of the New York State Historical Association." The leaflets, both titled "Native Americans in New York State: Symbols of the Haudenosaunee," outlines ways in which European colonists adopted some of the symbols and ideas of the Iroquois.

  3. Public Relations Newswire, December 17, 1987, in LEXIS. "Kirke Kickingbird Receives Bicentennial Award." The Institute for the Development of Indian Law will give an award to Kickingbird for outstanding contributions to the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution. the award is based in part on his creation of a 36-page booklet, "Indians and the U.S. Constitution," along with a brochure and 15-minute video.

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