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[See a complete online copy of The Warren Commission Hearing and Exhibits at History Matters. The Warren Commission published 26 volumes of hearings and exhibits within a few months after issuing its Report. Volumes 1-5 are hearings conducted by the Commission members in Washington DC. Volumes 6-15 are hearings conducted by staff attorneys on location in Dallas, New Orleans, and other locations. Volume 15 also contains an index to names and exhibits. Volumes 16-26 contain photographed Commission Exhibits, usually abbreviated to CE (i.e., CE 399).]

Hearings Before the Select Committee on Assassinations of the United States House of Representatives, 95 Congress, 2nd Session. Washington, D.C.: United State Printing Office.

The full title of the twelve volumes of hearings is:
See complete alternate copy at HATHI TRUST Digital Library.]

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[Book is also available online.]

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[Find a copy through Open Library or read it online: The University of Adelaide (Australia), Charles’ George Orwell Links (with publication data, Canada), or an ongoing creation of online comic book version.]

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[The above title is also known as The Warren Report. See a complete online copy of The Warren Report at History Matters.]

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