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False Mystery
Essays on the JFK Assassination
by Vincent Salandria
Jan 2023: print-on-demand and eBook versions of False Mystery are in production.
Adapted and edited by David Ratcliffe under the copyright of John Kelin.
Copyright © 2017 rat haus reality press
All Rights Reserved

Released on the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, this an expanded digital edition of False Mystery: Essays on the Assassination of JFK by Vincent J. Salandria, edited by John Kelin.

The book cover is a sculpture by Auguste Rodin of Pierre De Wissant, a man who chose to sacrifice himself in the chaos of the Hundred Years’ War to save his town from destruction. He was one in a group of six that Rodin was commissioned in 1884 by the Major of Calais, France to create a monument for as a tribute to the citizens of the French port town.[][] Photograph by Joe Green.

Vince Salandria is the greatest teacher we have on JFK. His False Mystery is our classic foundation for understanding President Kennedy’s assassination by his national security state for choosing peace. Read it and learn.
Jim Douglass, author, JFK and the Unspeakable
In the murderous decades of C.I.A. and National Security State “deep politics”, Vincent Salandria held high the torch of truth. In the darkest of times, his courage, compassion, and conscience created a beacon of truth for all people of good will. Vincent Salandria is a gift for all time, a gift of Truth in a dry white season of Lies! Take heart, U.S. Americans, for in our land there is One Just Man.
John Schuchardt, early JFK researcher, Swarthmore College Dean, and one of the Plowshares 8
Vincent Salandria is a master of the citizen investigation of state crimes. But once a crime has been solved, he says, we must stop debating details and interpret the crime, thereby understanding our situation and gaining power over our future. Endless false debating of false mysteries makes us complicit in the very crimes we abhor. These are lessons we need as we face the serial state crimes and frauds of the “war on terror.”
Graeme MacQueen, author, The 2001 Anthrax Deception - The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy
Dave Ratcliffe’s digital edition of the essays of Vince Salandria on one of the watershed moments of modern U.S. American history, the assassination of JFK, is itself a milestone. The essays themselves are multifaceted and incisive, and they bear witness to the attempts of a canny citizen who pursued the truth tooth and nail and in so doing came up against a kind of macabre behemoth not only in the State he was exposing, but in those of the so-called Left who refused to admit to the obvious. And for those of us who were alive at that fatal moment, the murder of JFK stands as a kind of perverse beacon into the machinations of government and power—their ruthlessness and the utter hypocrisy and cynicism regarding actual democracy. Those today who have been similarly shocked into recognition of a criminal Elite by the events of 9/11, may draw a tidy line back to the death of Kennedy. Thus the importance of Salandria’s work is now even greater and more necessary than ever. The voice of this citizen lawyer in our times of astonishing State criminality and lawlessness deserves to be heard by as many as possible.
Emanuel E. Garcia MD, Philadelphia-born poet, novelist, essayist and physician residing in New Zealand
I have enormous respect for Vincent Salandria’s ground-breaking work as one of the earliest Warren Commission critics. Salandria’s False Mystery distills a lifetime of critical analysis surrounding the most disturbing murder of the 20th century.
Richard Belzer, actor and author, Hit List and Corporate Conspiracies
The first-generation researchers of the JFK assassination who broke the investigative ground and the brave citizen witnesses who told the truth are the only true heroes of this case. Vincent Salandria, the brilliant and fearless Philadelhia lawyer who quickly grasped the true and profound significance of the unfolding events of the assassination weekend, is among the handful of citizen researchers who laid the foundation for all of us who study the case today. Salandria’s lucid, logical, penetrating analyses played a critical and inspiring role in laying bare the mechanisms of the state crimes involved in this coup d’état and coverup that forever changed our nation. We owe a great debt to him and to David Ratcliffe for collecting his essays in this riveting and ever-timely collection.
Joseph McBride, Author of Into the Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J. D. Tippit, and Professor, San Francisco State University.
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