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A Model of Explanation
Original Copy published in A Heritage of Stone, (New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1970) Berkley Medallion Edition (1975), pp. 183-84.
“I edited Heritage of Stone for Jim Garrison. He and I were absolutely one on the true meaning of the JFK assassination. He permitted me, because on this subject we shared an identrical view, to contribute in the writing of [A Model of Explanation] section of the book.” Vincent Salandria in e-mail, 3 Sept 2018.

What happened to President Kennedy becomes increasingly apparent as it is viewed in the full context of 1963, against the backdrop of the cold war. Nevertheless, let us consider it for a moment as a theory, as if one applied various models of what might have occurred. The model of explanation I have presented here endeavors to interpret sensibly the mass of data which has surfaced regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. A case has been offered to enable the people to examine the reasons for his murder.

It is seven years now since John Kennedy’s death, and the model officially presented by the government has sagged and finally collapsed under the weight of its cumbersome lies. Nor is there any sign of hope that the succeeding administrations have any more interest in seeing that the truth is made available. The fact that the same men continue to control the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI, which helped to conceal the CIA’s handiwork after the assassination, indicates that the war-oriented interests are still in firm control and that nothing can be expected from the government except more untruths and more war. This course will be reversed only when the American public unites in understanding the truth about the assassination of John Kennedy and in undertaking dignified action that will restore the republic.

If a better case than the lone assassin fiction could have been made—a case that might have persuaded the public of the government’s innocence—even an innocent, and certainly a guilty, government by now would have provided such an explanation. With the passing of the years since the assassination, after the Oswald legend has been shown to have been rejected by a majority of the American people in every public opinion sampling, we should no longer be holding our breath in anticipation of some alternative explanation which might be offered by the government to exonerate it from guilt.

It is inconceivable that men high in our government today are not fully aware of what really happened to John Kennedy and why it happened. If it can be understood outside Washington, it can be understood in Washington. Yet their sophisticated silence remains unbroken as they continue to play the game that all is well in America.

Their continued silence is eloquent testimony that the military and intelligence power elite, which sponsored the assassination and which then initiated the Vietnam escalation, continues to retain covert control of the nation. It is all too apparent that this force in our government believes that violence is the ultimate solution to any problem. This is why the present period is a most dangerous one for America and for the world.

The model of explanation of the assassination which has been presented here can also be put to use in explaining the current operations in which the CIA may be involved domestically as a natural follow-up to its foremost domestic success—on Dealey Plaza. As our military adventures become more absurd in terms of cost and failure to achieve worthwhile results, it will be increasingly necessary for the CIA to engage in domestic activity in order to continue to provide reasons for the power elite to maintain its control.

Just as the cold war provides reasons for the existence of autocratic power, so does chaos within the nation operate as a source of power. As chaos continues, the populace will tend to be less concerned about abridgment of individual rights and will more willingly grant to a strong centralized government such power it claims it needs. Thus the warfare state may continue to appear to be relevant even after it has had to reduce its international adventures to some degree because the people are sick of war.

Such seeming relevance depends, however, upon the existence of chaos. The government’s domestic intelligence can supply chaos in good measure by stirring the embers wherever there is social discontent, and in a society depleted by years of war there will be much of that.

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