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The European Parliament finally publishes the study on Sellafield and La Hague commissioned by STOA to WISE-Paris

The final document was officially published on 22 November 2001 on the Parliament website as a "first contribution to the scientific debate" to be conducted by the Parliament on the "possible toxic effects" from the reprocessing plants.

WISE-Paris, 22 November 2001

[posted 23/11/2001]

For technical reasons, the report that WISE-Paris handed over to the STOA unit of the European Parliament, officially published on 22 November 2001, has been temporarily withdrawn from the European Parliament's Website. Until it is put back online, we kindly invite you to download it here (in PDF version):

Just one month after the 23 October 2001 unanimous - minus one abstention - decision by the STOA (Scientific and Technological Options Assessment) Panel, composed of Members of the European Parliament, the report on the "Possible Toxic Effects from the Nuclear Reprocessing Plants at Sellafield (UK) and Cap de La Hague (France)", prepared by WISE-Paris was officially published on the European Parliament website today, 22 November 2001.

The study, directed by Mycle Schneider, Director of WISE-Paris, is co-authored by a team of nine experts from France, UK and United States. It was commissioned in November 2000 by the STOA Unit of the Directorate-General for Research of the European Parliament, after a request by the Commission of Petitions.

The final report, handed over by WISE-Paris at the end of August 2001, is introduced by a letter of explanation of the decision to publish it by the Chairman of the STOA Panel, and completed by three evaluation reports of the study by European experts, whose opinion was formally requested by the STOA Panel.

Presented by STOA as "a first contribution to the scientific debate", the report, in English, includes 8 pages of the Executive Summary and General Conclusions and 4 pages of Policy Options. Both abstracts, as well as the three evaluation reports from experts, should soon be made available by the European Parliament in the 11 official languages of the European Union.

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