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This was one of eight movies screened at the
Nevada Museum of Art's Atomic Film Festival, held March 27-28 2004.


"The Plutonium Circus"

Saturday, March 27 at 11:30 am

This hilarious documentary looks at the PanTex nuclear weapons factory near Amarillo, Texas and the zany folks that live and work in and around it.

In the final decade of the millenium, world peace has suddenly broken out. 150,000 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium are out of a job and looking for a place to stay. Welcome to The Plutonium Circus, where sideshow freaks, fire-eating politicians, and a sizeable cadre of clowns gather under a Texas big top to celebrate the town's newest residents -- thousands of dismantled nuclear warheads, capable of destroying the world hundreds of times over, and with no place to go for the next 24,000 years. Directed by George Ratliff, 1995. 73 mins.

Best Documentary at South by Soutwest Film Festival,
official selection of New York Underground Film Festival
and San Francisco, Vancouver and London Int'l Film Festivals

"One of the craziest documentaries in years."
- WBAI Radio, New York

"Dr. Strangelove visits the Texas panhandle.
Bizarrely funny and chillingly thought-provoking."
- The Hollywood Reporter

"One of the year's 10 best films." - Austin Chronicle