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This was one of eight movies screened at the
Nevada Museum of Art's Atomic Film Festival, held March 27-28 2004.


"The Atomic Cafe"

Saturday, March 27 at 3:00 pm

At once funny, sobering and shocking, this brilliant compilation of propaganda films, atomic test films and newsreel footage provides an entertaining overview of the atomic age and the pervasive anxiety it created in cold-war America.

A dark comedy in the truest sense, the film provides a chilling and often hilarious look at a defining period of 20th century history. It craftily captures a panicked nation, offering a fascinating and witty account of life during the atomic age, when fall-out shelters, duck-and-cover drills, and government propaganda were all a part of our social consciousness.

Directed by Kevin & Pierce Rafferty and Jayne Loader. 88 mins.

"Informative yet entertaining, horrific yet hilarious."
- Apollo Movie Guide

"It's a near-perfect description of America's fall
out of the nuclear cradle." - Film Threat

"The Atomic Cafe captures the atomic age and the resulting
cold war better than any documentary out there."
- John Nesbitt, Culture Dose