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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 20:25:55 -0800 (PST)
From: Jim Beer

International Anti-Food Irradiation Week
Milford Square, Pennsylvania, November 23-29, 2003

Speakers Include:
Lenape Nation of PA Tribal Members, Public Citizen, Greenwatch, Interfaith Peace Movement, STAND, Lepoco, Rodale Institute, Sierra Club, Green Party, Republican Party, Genesis Farm, Weston Price Foundation, Student Speakers and more.

Protecting & Healing the Lenape Homeland
People United Against Nuclear Irradiation

Dear friends, tribal members, extended family and community,

A major assault on our Mother Earth is taking place in our Lenape homelands of eastern Pennsylvania. This is a call for action on the part of everyone who is able. This is a call to ceremony.

In Milford Township, just west of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, CFC Logistics (Clemens Family Corp.), is attempting to operate a nuclear irradiation plant. This facility would irradiate meat and other foods that would then go out to stores, schools and restaurants, etc. This has been done mostly in secret.

What is nuclear irradiation?

It is the process of exposing food to gamma radiation created by radioactive sources, in this case Cobalt-60, in an attempt to destroy bacteria and extend shelf life. Irradiation causes changes in the chemical structure of food, creating previously unknown chemicals, through a process millions of times stronger than a chest x-ray. Some of these newly created chemicals have been found to promote cancer growth and cause genetic damage in rats and human cells.

Irradiation also perpetuates the problems of factory farms and large-scale processing. The meat industry is trying to cover up dirty meat at the expense of cunsumers, small farmers and ultimately the animals themselves.

The history of food irradiation is a long one and, like the technology itself, there is far more to it than meets the eye.

In the mid-1960s, after more than a decade of research, the U.S. Army sent a few thousand pounds of irradiated bacon to military personnel in Vietnam. In 1968, however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revoked the Army's irradiation permit after reviewing previously unreleased Army records indicating that lab animals fed irradiated food suffered premature death, cancer, reproductive dysfunction and other problems.

Children in India that were fed irradiated wheat showed chromosome damage and blood abnormalities linked to leukemia.

Based on recent German research, last December, the European Parliament voted NOT to approve an expanded list of foods to irradiate. The only foods allowed to be irradiated in all of Europe are herbs, spices, and vegetable seasonings.

Now irradiated foods are being considered for national school lunch programs, and could begin to be served as early as January. Could your kids begin eating unlabeled irradiated food at school? QUESTION THAT!

There is nowhere in the world where a large population has eaten large amounts of irradiated food over a long period of time. It makes me sick that we are going to feed it to schoolchildren!!!

The only thing food irradiation has proven, is that it is a dangerous process, unfit for consumption.

Other Dangers

In this area of Lenape-hocken (homeland), it is known that there is very much ground water, part of what is special about it. We also know that the earth is always moving, never still. In some areas here, when new houses are built, they are not even allowed to have basements because the pressure would collapse them, and has on occasion. The irradiation plant is a huge hole, lined with cement and stainless steel filled with water. This design is new and untested on a commercial basis. It is a gamble to say the least. This is also the first nuclear facility to be built since 9-11. Many in big business have a vested interest in its success. It won't be the first time profit has overshadowed our safety.

The cobalt-60 at the Milford nuclear irradiator facility could be utilized for "dirty bomb" potential by terrorists. Each irradiator contains one million curies of cobalt 60. Four nuclear irradiators are planned for this facility!

If a leak or any other accident was to occur the effects would be devastating. All of the ground water, soil, creeks and streams, between Milford and the Lenape sippu (Delaware river) would be in danger. This would include places such as Unami Creek, Nockamixon State Park, Wissahickon Creek, Tohickon Creek, Neshaminy Creek, Tinicum Creek, and towns including Quakertown, Sellersville, Pipersville, Doylestown, Plumsteadville, and every other creek and town along the way. Once this kind of pollution reached the Lenape sippu there is no telling where it would go. There is also the matter of plant life being destroyed and contaminated, which would then spread it to all our four-legged and feathered friends, which would also make hunting your food a huge risk as well.

This is your special invitation and request for support in protecting this sacred land. A time to stand as one people, one voice, for our Mother Earth. If we stand for nothing we will fall for anything!

On November 23, 2003 the Lenape Nation of PA, along with community friends and neighbors, will be hosting a prayer and healing ceremony. The ceremony will happen in a very special place along the Unami Creek, a ceremonial place of our ancestors.

For all tribal members, this is a full regalia event, a time to wear your colors proudly! We will dance for Mother Earth!

We would also like to ask everyone to bring a stone with them, fist size or bigger, with which we will make a special prayer stone pile at the ceremonial site. This is an ancient tradition.

We will be gathering from 11am until 1pm. The ceremony will start at 1pm.

We also need to encourage every one to carpool within your circles as much as possible. This is very important!!! Parking is limited. ****We will also be running shuttles from the "Park and Ride" at the Quakertown interchange of the turnpike. So if you get off at Quakertown exit just go to the parking lot there and look for our shuttle.

This is a rain or shine event. Dress Appropriately. No food will be served, please bring your own lunch.

The gathering will be at:
1920 Allentown Road
Milford Square, PA

From Rte 309 coming from the south, pass Tollgate Rd, pass Trumbauersville Rd, next left is Mill Rd....go left go until Mill Rd ends at the T. Gathering is across the street there.

From Rte 309 coming from the north, enter Quakertown and proceed ahead, crossing Rte 663, next light....Pep Boys on the right, make next right onto Mill Rd, go until Mill Rd ends at the T, gathering is across the street.

From Quakertown interchange of turnpike Park at park and ride and get shuttled....OR Go left off exit on Rt663 and go to the first light. Make a right on Allentown Rd. Straight ahead.

Please look into your hearts and schedules to make time to attend this necessary and significant union of community citizens and tribal peoples in the state of Pennsylvania! The decisions that will be made will effect many generations to come!

Email this to everyone you know who cares!

wanishi wanishi wanishi wanishi!


Jim Beer
Lenape Nation of PA.

Some day the earth will weep, she will beg for her life, she will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you will help her or let her die, and when she dies, you too will die.

John Hollow Horn, Oglala Lakota, 1932

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