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From: (Kath Dalmeny) Tue Oct 21 10:17:15 1997
To: Dave Ratcliffe
Subject: Joanna Macy at Schumacher College

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                                 THE WORLD URANIUM HEARING, SALZBURG 1992

Schumacher College, an international centre for ecological studies,
will be running a two-week residential course led by:

Joanna Macy and Fran Macy
Living Body Of Earth

May 3-15, 1998

The survival of life on Earth requires nothing less than spiritual transformation. We need to find larger dimensions of identity in which we experience the world as our own body, and realise that we are part of a living system. We have within our reach everything we need to make and sustain this spiritual revolution: we can learn from nature, from systems theory, from ancient traditions and from each other. This course brings these resources together in a strong mix of cognitive exploration, body-mind meditations, and interactive exercises.


Course fee:   800 pounds sterling, which covers tuition, residential accommodation, food and field trips. If you cannot afford the full fee, partial financial assistance may be available. Please ask for details.


Schumacher College is an international centre for ecological studies based in southwest England which welcomes course participants from all over the world, from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Schumacher College was founded in 1991 upon the twin convictions that the world view that has dominated Western civilisation has serious limitations and that a new vision is needed for human society, its values and its relationship to the earth.

Through interdisciplinary studies, the College aims to explore the foundations of a more sustainable, balanced and harmonious world view.

Residential courses at Schumacher College are between one and five weeks in length, and are led by world-renowned writers and thinkers, including: Fritjof Capra, James Hillman, David Abram, Paul Hawken, Karl-Henrik Robert, Henri Bortoft, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Vandana Shiva, Richard Douthwaite, Martin Khor, James Lovelock, Brian Goodwin, Wendy Harcourt, Stanislav Grof, Rick Tarnas, Charlene Spretnak, Terry Tempest Williams, David Orr, Thomas Moore and Robert Sardello. A full programme of courses is available on request.

Subject areas of courses centre around one of the following themes: ecological economics and development issues; the links between philosophy, psychology and ecology; the new understandings emerging from recent scientific discoveries.

At Schumacher College, people find refreshment and often new direction. They find they have touched a source of inspiration and are reminded that others share their deepest values about life and its meaning.

A list of courses coming up in 1997 and 1998 follows this message, giving brief details of the course titles and teachers. For further information or a full programme of events, please contact:


COURSE PROGRAMME, October 1997 to November 1998
Further details of all courses are available on request: <>

Further details of all courses are available on request. Please send your email and postal address to: <>

To apply for a course at Schumacher College

Schumacher College is a Department of the Dartington Hall Trust,
A Registered Educational Charity, No: 279756

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