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Radiation-Induced Cancer


Low-Dose Exposure :


* -- In this book, an expert who is independent of the radiation community provides the human and physical evidence proving that carcinogenesis from ionizing radiation does occur at the lowest conceivable doses and dose-rates. This finding refutes current claims by parts of the radiation community that very low doses or dose-rates may be safe.

* -- The magnitude of hazard per dose-unit is evaluated in this book step-by-step from the newest evidence, and the magnitude is shown to be considerably higher than the 1988 and 1990 estimates from the quasi-official radiation committees.

* -- Because ionizing radiation may turn out to be the most important single carcinogen to which huge numbers of humans are actually exposed (environmentally, occupationally, and medically), the practical implications of this book for cancer prevention are very great.

The following chapters have been put online
and are available here in ASCII text format:

The intention here is to provide the complete contents of Radiation-Induced Cancer from Low-Dose Exposure at this location. At the present time (March 12, 1998), the above chapters of the book have been converted into html and text formats for inclusion here. We're now to the point where we can think of truly being in the "home stretch". However, it will take a significiant amount of time to work up versions of the remaining chapters and 27-37. Your interest is greatly appreicated. Please stay tuned!


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