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From: "dhirpo01" <> Tue Nov 3 07:58:04 1998
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Subject: 1998 Nuclear-Free Future Award
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 16:40:20 +0100

1998 Nuclear-Free Future Award Recipients

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Greetings! On 5 November 1998 the first annual Nuclear-Free Future Award will take place in the Archbishop's Residence in Salzburg. Patron of the ceremony is Landeshauptman (State of Salzburg Governor) Schlessinger. Germany's Claus Biegert and America's Winona LaDuke will be moderating the event. The dinner speaker will be Madanjeet Singh.

The 1998 Nuclear-Free Future Award recipients are:

The 1998 Nuclear-Free Future Award Jury Members were: Ann Bancroft USA; Till Bastian Germany; Ramsey Clark USA; Angela Davis USA; Prof. John Galtung France; Monika Griefahn Germany; Peter Stephan Jungk France; Val Kilmer USA; Corinne Kumar Tunisia; Satish Kumar U.K.; Oren Lyons Onondaga Nation; Leonard Marks USA; John Mohawk USA; Kirkpatrick Sale USA; Galsan Tschinag Germany; Robert Venables USA; Joseph Weizenbaum USA; Christine von Weizsäcker Germany; Joan Wingfield Australia; Howard Zinn USA.

For more information about the Award winners and about how you can nominate some person or organization for the 1999 Nuclear-Free Future Award (to be held in Los Alamos New Mexico on 19.9.1998) please visit

Thank you

Craig Reishus

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