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Editor’s Note: This is an annotated transcript of segments of an interview by Ezra Levant of Rocco Galati, Founder and Executive Director of the Constitutional Rights Centre, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Rocco Galati on CRC Lockdown Lawsuit
Ezra Levant interviews constitutional lawyer suing Trudeau, Dr. Tam, John Tory and more
Rebel News, 2 Sep 2020
video, mp3 (50:07)
Beginning at 1:28
Rocco Galati: My career has been defined by, let’s say Nietzsche, who said that to the entirely stone-deaf audience who can’t hear the music the man dancing by himself must appear to be insane. But if there’s music you can hear it. I’ve often taken unpopular cases and the problem with my cases is I win a lot of them. So what does that say? Society has a hard time facing truth sometimes, especially with the nasty issues.
[Re the “Nadon Reference” case:] Our culture didn’t like the idea that you could challenge the powers that be because we don’t really live in a republic. We fancy ourselves a constitutional democracy but that’s a lot of political correctness. At the end of the day we devolved from a monarchy and favor rather than merit, an affiliation to a political tribe or any kind of tribe, takes precedence over rationality in our society.
I always say to people, If you’re lucky enough to have a good government that’s fine. And they say, Why don’t you trust governments? I say, Why would I trust governments? I see governments as an institutional manifestation of the beast and homo sapien. Only governments have engaged in the following endeavors: war, genocide, crimes against humanity, massive persecution based on a rational basis. Other private groups don’t do that. It’s only governments.

In the face of the history that’s there for everybody to read and see how dangerous governments can be they have to be kept in check. But people have this irrational respect for whatever government does and I think—I have my own theories as to why—I think we’re basically an alpha mammal and we gravitate to this this type of political structure. The rule of law since the Romans invented it attempts to flatten that structure to save ourselves from our own debased nature. But eventually it goes back to a pyramid-type structure. And people do not want to risk personal or professional or reputational interest even if they know deep down it’s the right thing....

I’m a proud anarchist. Not a purveyor of chaos, as anarchy, as political doctrine has been maligned in North America. I believe—and if the those of you who are not familiar with Italian culture or even even Israeli culture, an anarchist is somebody basically who says, listen, I take care of myself. Government has a role but it should be limited. Leave me alone. So in English terms an anarchist is a libertarian. I’m a free thinker. I don’t let others do my thinking and nobody should let you do your thinking during this Covid crisis.

(From the Statement of Claim, page 5)

c) A Declaration that the COVID Measures taken by both Trudeau and Ford, and their respective governments, at the blind and unquestioned dictates of the World Health Organization (“WHO”) bureaucrats, constitute a constitutional violation of the abdication of the duty to govern, as enunciated in, inter alia, the Re Gray and Canada (Wheat Board) v. Hallet and Carey Ltd. decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada;

I can in two minutes summarize the entire statement of claim:

We’re seeking declaratory relief that Trudeau and Ford have dispensed with Parliament and are acting under the pretense of Royal Prerogative, something that was banned in 1688 under the English Bill of Rights. They have abdicated their duty to govern because they’re just delegees to the WHO. We seek a declaration that the COVID measures are neither scientific nor medically based, that the COVID measures are extreme, irrational and unwarranted and that the COVID measures, to a large extent, breach Sections Two, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Fifteen of the [Canadian] Charter [of Rights and Freedoms] and I can break down those sections.

People are not equipped to parse the science or the medicine or the law. I’m always asking people: You have common sense; now apply your common sense to the political and policy decisions that the government has made and ask yourself, Does this wash?

For instance, for the first four months, Theresa Tam and everybody was telling you masks don’t work. There was no social distancing or masks in the Toronto subway. We were packed like sardines. All of a sudden, Oh no everybody’s got to be masked like a chihuahua. Even outside. Now France and Germany have mandated the masks even on the sidewalk. Ask yourself: Why does a Ma and Pa hardware store, clothing store, shoe store have to close because of social distancing? Yet Walmart, because they sell food and medicine which were the exceptions, gets to sell everything under the sun. Is it easier to socially distance in a crowded Walmart in a crowded mall or the Ma and Pa shop? That makes no sense to me.

Those are political, economic, arbitrary choices that favor one group over another. The end effect of this has been that small business around the world has been decimated. It’s gone under and the mega corporations are making a killing like never before.

The other the other effect of this has been that with the social distancing we have virtualized the world economy. So you’ve got vaccines, they want mandatory vaccines. Now we have google classroom, zoom court hearings. Everything’s been virtualized. The people who own the vaccine companies are the people who own the IT companies—they’re the same group. Google now is in the pharmaceutical business.

Who benefits here? I say, listen, even if it were a legitimate epidemic, that meets the definition in the numbers and the threat, it does not justify imprisoning the world and burning the economy to the ground. We will never recover from this and it’s only those who have profited that will be in a position, along with the governments they control, to restructure the economy to their interests and needs. Prime Minister Trudeau has also already announced that post COVID we’re going to have to rebuild infrastructure but of course we’re going to have to do it in conjunction with private actors because of course we don’t have any money anymore. I understand we may be applying for a 52 billion dollar loan from the IMF. Can you imagine Canada being an applicant to the International Monetary Fund?

We’re seeking a declaration so that the court declares certain things, for a lot of reasons. We’re only seeking damages from the CBC because they as the national broadcaster publicly funded by Canadian citizens, with a public statutory mandate have, failed us miserably and intentionally. They never once have run a COVID measure critical article. They never once interviewed an expert. We cite about 42 or 43 experts in here—and there’s many more—who’ve since day one have said this is crazy—including canadian experts and they blocked them. They pulled them down.
You asked earlier why aren’t other groups doing this? First of all you have to—fortunately I have clients who’ve stood up and said, No we can’t have this. And so they have mustered up the resources to be able to have us go to court. And then, just the work, it took me eight weeks to just draft The Statement of Claim and that’s just the start.

I can tell you I spend three hours of my day every morning in my office just clearing phone calls and emails. I don’t necessarily even respond to them all. I get 300, 400 of these, of people crying on the phone telling me, This is what’s happening to me, What’s going on? This is insane. Experts calling me—medical and scientific experts calling me—and saying this makes no scientific sense whatsoever. What’s going on here?

I tell them, Go read my Statement of Claim and go do some research. Because unless you understand the geopolitical and economic forces behind these measures, the science will never make sense to you. Because Teresa Tam and the other medical officers have been vacillating like palm trees in a Hawaii tornado. Every week it’s something contradictory—as Fauci has. Have you had a straight line from these people? The goal post keeps changing. The lock step keeps increasing....

Initially it was so that our our health services don’t get overwhelmed. Over 90 percent of all the ICU units that were set up never saw one patient. Meanwhile they closed everything down. There were 40 percent more deaths from heart attacks because of the COVID cancellation of surgeries, and people not seeking medical attention, because of the fear. 40 percent—we’re talking tens of thousands of Canadians unnecessarily died from heart attacks. We’re talking five-fold suicide rates, five-fold drug overdoses.

These are all documented in the Statement of Claim and the measures, it is no debate that the measures have caused far more deaths than they purport as a result of COVID. Now the CDC, last week—I don’t know if you saw it—they corrected themselves quietly and they stated that of the hundred and fifty three thousand deaths in the states that they said were COVID they said only six percent of those were actually COVID. So only twelve thousand. I would have thought that would have said okay shut everything down, all these measures. But no they’re proceeding with mandatory vaccines.

If government employees were not paid during the pandemic you would have had a different reaction including, as you say, from the Attorney General’s department and the the Judiciary. And, excuse me, why was my kid’s clothing store—my kids are growing, they’re 10 years old—got shut down but the liquor store was an essential service? —By the way another government-controlled mega corporation. Why was booze such an essential service but kids shoes are not?
37. [__________] has been totally, mentally, devastated by the COV1D-measures, in depriving him of his routine activities and social and emotional network, without recourse. He suffers severely, from not being able to understand, nor accommodate, under the Covid-measures, why he cannot play where he has played, or anywhere else, why he cannot do the other physical and social activities he did. He will not countenance wearing a mask, does not understand and therefore cannot comply with “social distancing” or “isolation”, given his severe neurological disability and his special needs.

... That autistic gentleman you’re referring to, he must think that the world is ending.

And you know what? They could have accommodated for that even if they felt these measures were necessary. They don’t care. This government, the Trudeau Government is abusing and torturing the most vulnerable members of our society: physically disabled, neurologically disabled, and the elderly, and they don’t give a shellac.

162. The Plaintiffs state and fact is that these Defendants, while purportedly relying on “advice” from their medical officers, are not transparent as to what the advice was, nor the scientific/ medical basis was, and in fact suppressing it. In fact, to date, they refuse to disclose where they are ultimately getting this “advice”, and from whom, based on what medical evidence. The fact is that they are simply parroting the “advice” and dictates o f the WHO without any scrutiny whatsoever, and without ever addressing nor recognizing Canadian and international experts who took, and continue to take, a contrary view and criticism of those directives from the WHO.
This [Statement Of Claim] took me eight weeks [to write]. What your viewers should know—I encourage them to go read this even if it’s five or ten pages per visit to the bathroom. Because it’s not theoretical. Ninety percent of this is simply reciting the facts of what’s happened, what’s happening, why the measures are not scientific, why the measures are constitutionally flagrant, why none of this makes sense, rationally or legally. And people should know their rights and people should not readily accept panic....

I’m going to do my best to get the initial injunction for masks heard Because the masks and the report that was written by the [SickKids] hospital for sick children, June 17th, recommending no masks, no social distancing, in the schools. Later they brow beat them and Stephen Lecce ordered masking for grade 4 to 12.

People are not understanding the indelible, the long-term irreversible psychological and sociological damage that these measures are going to cause your children. That age group, in elementary school people—I was a clinical linguist before I was a lawyer. 72% of all language is facial and body language. They are masked. They are developing their skills to identify people at this stage. You’re going to interfere with that. They’re identifying their ability to understand people. You’re going to interfere with that. You’re going to have a fragmented, psychologically scarred generation of children who do not understand how to socialize, get close to each other, understand each other and that will lead to nothing but more depression and more suicides. and that damage is irreversible.

Under Charter breaches once you show a prima facie charter breach under Section one if they try to justify that breach as demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society, the onus is on the state to show that one, there’s a valid legislative objective and two, that the measures taken to affect that valid objective are rationally connected and proportional and not overreaching.

They’ll never meet that test because they’re engaging in mass hysterical censorship-insanity here. When you have, for instance, our former Chief Medical Officer for the province, Richard Schabas who said “Save your masks for robbing banks.” And people like him who are very adept, who are very qualified.

You have 640 doctors in Madrid Spain with the conference in turn representing tens of thousands of doctors around the world saying this is a scam and you don’t want to investigate that? You don’t want to address that? All you do is suppress it? You had millions of people on the streets in Europe over the weekend and hardly a mention in the mainstream North American media.

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