News on Skis
by Peter Ganick
64 pages ISBN 0-939691-07-8 $8.00

News on Skis investigates the ways in which the shape of language curves to meet the meaning it contrives to suggest the reader will find there. These three serial poems by the publisher of Potes & Poets Press -- "you pool theatre," "untitled [Web]" and "epilogue" -- make active the space of the page upon which words interact visually (typographically) as well as phonetically, rhythmically, substantively, etc. So the sections of a poem like "untitled (Web)" present what amounts to an array of two dimentional crystals (quartz? topaz? salt?), edges as margin finds its way "to remove anywhere need/ top to bottom" in the insistence we give to the surface (and beyond) of what we read. Taking up where the motion of language least expected us to find it, News on Skis points the way to a world just ahead of where we thought we were going:
News on Skis

demand a
paltry if
demand rot
on pylon me
to blame art
that curio red
and sick foment
a place impacted
toot on hard wood
espionages those to
brie and wanderlusts
how haven formica hat
on the coven no spaces
to remove anywhere need
top to bottom a harp one
remains firm lest the odd

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