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gallery of southwestern
turtle island timeless lands

The photogs herein were created during a trip to the southwest in the fall of 1990. There was a remarkable flowering of human community here 1,000 and more years ago, the descendants of which today live in the Hopi, Zuni, Acoma and other pueblo communities.

looking north-west-north, toward the heart of Monument Valley, Arizona

All gif images included on these pages link to their jpeg-counterparts: 1024 pixels wide (landscape, ranging from 99-180K), or 768 pixels high (portrait, 30-99K). At present, the following sites are included (more are "in the can" from a trip this past April to the Mojave desert, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon, but not yet scanned-in/worked-up/html-ized):

Wupakti Monument, Arizona:
Wupatki Pueblo, 10/25/90

Round Rock, Arizona, where hwy 12 meets hwy 191, 10/27/90

Mesa Verde, Colorado
Navajo Canyon
looking SSE from overlook almost above Spruce House, 10/28/90

Aztec Monument, Aztec, New Mexico, 10/29/09

Chaco Canyon, San Juan Basin, New Mexico:
Above Kin Kletso, facing Pueblos Bonito and del Arroyo, 10/30/90

Sources: Site Guides for Aztec Monument (1990), Wupatki Monument (1990), Mesa Verde (Mesa Top Ruins (1990), Far View (1990 & 95), Spruce Tree House (1995), Cliff Palace (1990 & 95)), Chaco Culture Park (1990) (Pueblo Bonito (1990 & 95), Pueblo del Arroyo (1990 & 95), Chetro Ketl (1990 & 95), Casa Rinconada (1995)); National Geographic, November, 1982; Anasazi Ruins of the Southwest in Color, Ferguson and Rohn, 1987; The Anasazi, Brody, 1990; ANASAZI, Ancient People of the Rock, Pike, 1974.


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