Chetro Ketl, part 2
Chaco Canyon, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

With the number images of Chetro Ketl, it became necessary to "divee-up"
the collection in "web-manageable" chunks. Hence this artificial division:
part I part II

12. 13.
near the site's north-east corner facing west, and looking down into the room directly below

facing west near the eastern-most end of the almost 500-foot long rear wall.

paraphrasing and quoting from the present-day site guide:

The back-side of this Pueblo supported floors at least 3 stories tall (estimates run as high as 5), with the wall tappering inwardly as it rose. Chacoan walls are commonly referred to as core-and-veneer, the core consisting of roughly-shaped stones and rubble laid flat in adobe (mud) mortar which was then faced with carefully shaped stones to make a veneer (an important structural element) on both sides of the wall. The lower story wall was very wide creating a strong and stable base on which the upper stories rested. The decrease in wall width in each additional story lightened the load of the upper stories on the massive base. Decreasing wall widths also demonstrated that the second and third stories were planned before the first story was built

moving down a quarter of the wall's length facing west, . . .

and, halfway, turning back to face eastwards
(now standing in the spot past the large tumbleweed visible in 15)

in the same location as 16, turning around to face west again

moving on to look thru the second sunlit window visible in 17
(note the stone mortar core visible in the wall's lower window portion)

19. 20.
near the wall's west-most end facing east, . . . and zooming into that frame a little more

Chetro Ketl, 1 Pueblo Bonito Pueblo del Arroyo Casa Chiquita Kin Kletso Casa Rinconada



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