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From: Wed Jul 14 18:03:44 1999
Subject: Aspartame seeping like sewage into food supply...

Aspartame seeping like sewage into food supply


Dear Melissa,

The support groups, and Mission Possible International strive to alert everyone on planet earth that aspartame kills and must be recalled! Now they'e mixing it with sugar, unlabeled, and its seeping like sewage into our food supply with equal toxic effects. It will take Congressional action to remove the poison, because the FDA sleeps with Monsanto and is their branch office in D.C. Three Congressional hearings disclosed rivers of damning evidence, but Monsanto lobbying neutralized them. Trade data from NutraSweet admitting aspartame breaks down into DKP, a brain tumor agent was presented.

The choice of protecting citizens or taking money is always a no brainer. When the bovine growth hormone issue was discussed only one congressman refused contributions. So consider that Monsanto and their buddies sleep with the FDA, own Congress, and hire the media: but they don't control US. This is a people-to-people crusade and your voice, excitement, zeal and unstoppable persistence are decisive. It's a citizen's problem and must be a citizen's project.

It either has to end in Congress or in the courts! 1,000 lawsuits should get Monsanto's attention. They're trying to sell the NutraSweet Co. as they know the lawsuits are coming. They are being hit from every angle. The United Kingdom is going after their genetic frankenfoods. The press is becoming aware and articles are being written, TV exposes are shown and more books written to warn the world. Soon it will be an unstoppable avalanche.

We do this around the clock. What hurts most is the millions affected, and aspartame has more victims than many wars. Alzheimers is now the 4th cause of adult death and nursing homes can't be built fast enough to hold the victims. Diabetes tripled. MS and lupus are rampant. Aspartame causes divorce, disease, agony, outlandish medical expense, unnecessary diagnostics, miscarriages, birth defects, infertility, tumors, mental impairment, rage and crime ..... the list is endless, but the FDA counted 92 symptoms including DEATH! Pilots lose sight, mental stability, their occupations, and some their very lives. Passengers, planes and pilots have lower priority to our government agencies than the business interests of Monsanto, greatest poisoner on the planet, and I have thousands of case histories to back up these accusations, and our government has more!

Simply put: Dollars before people! Aspartame Awareness Day is going to help. At this point, I'm asking Bryant to put the recall petition on the lists so it can be printed out and given to every health food store we come in contact with. Have them sent to me. One million signatures will get their attention. As Dr. Bowen who has Lou Gehrigs Disease from aspartame told the FDA - its mass poisoning! Congress and the Justice Department must now disregard Monsanto's power (with their checkbook) and and do its job. Their famlies can lose their life just as much as ours from their poison. There is nothing any stronger than consumer power in action. We also have to make the restaurants, grocery stores and manufacturers responsible. I know its a big job, but after years I can now see the finish line. With Dr. Roberts new medical text on the world plague, the world should target those responsible to solve the problem who have failed in their duties.

And in the end, one more book will have to be written: A Crime Against Humanity: The Aspartame Story! And then all trade organizations who made themselves prostitutes will also be exposed.

FDA, CDC, FAA, Justice Department - Are you listening?

Betty Martini, Mission Possible International

Subject: Fwd: Attempt to Crush Aspartame Expose...

PLANETNEWS broadcast...#003

Major Media is Attempting to Crush Aspartame Expose
on the Deadly Effects of Aspartame...

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 12:40:34 EDT
[Several weeks ago RMNews sent out information on Aspartame. The information came from Betty Martini's web site DORway to Discovery! Say NO to aspartame! ]

The following is a letter from Betty in response to an onslaught of negative and misleading misinformation from the major media. Thanks to Hilary for keeping the focus on the news that affects us all while every media outlet is devoting fulltime to the covereage of the JFK, Jr. tragedy.

What else is going on in the world while we are focused on another Kennedy Tragedy and reliving everything that has ever happened to the Kennedy family from the assassination of JFK to the 30 year anniversary of Chappaquidick?

AP, CNN, Time, etc.
Attempt to crush Aspartame Expos

Feb 3, 1999
(NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful) The Nancy Markle Story!
Contact Betty Martini, 770 242-2599

It's an old plot. We've seen it many times. A gigantic corporation contaminates the community, spreading deadly toxins. People are sick, children die, but the greedy poisoner remains undetected. At last a persistent reporter finds the source. Now denials begin, authorities side with the polluters, against the people. A smoke screen of propaganda and ridicule is raised so business and dying can continue as usual.

Some mainstream media too often dependent on advertising from these corporations won't expose them, and would never allow a bright reporter to tell the story. Monsanto, Coke and Pepsi have fat checkbooks so will the pride of true journalism in getting the facts to the people take a backseat to exposing them in the NutraSweet issue?

Someone using the name of Nancy Markle took a report from I had written about lecturing at the World Environmental Conference, and added her name. She made some changes but the message of aspartame mimicking MS as it destroys the central nervous system was exposed as well as other problems caused by the toxin. It is escalating Alzheimer's an d Parkinson's Disease as well as precipitating diabetes. It causes blindness and even Focus( in Nov, l998 (Vol. 3, No. 3) had an article on aspartame titled: What's Blinding the World! Dr. Louis Elsas testimony before congress (pediatric professor at Emory University) was discussed in the post and quoted him saying aspartame is a neurotoxin and teratogen (triggers birth defects ). It also triggers lupus. This article was carried on 450 global networks and circulation on the Internet and beyond could have caused circulation to exceed CNN and AP.

Thousands of Aspartame Disease victims emailed and called as well as media, hospitals, clinics and medical establishments. A support list was setup on line on the Internet as victims counted the days off aspartame and watched symptoms disappear. They tell of the addiction of this drug masquerading as an additive, and shattered years of medical problems. You could weep at the stories. My computer has crashed three times because it can't take the thousands of cases coming in and we are in the process of adding the biggest hard drive and memory made to record what may be one of the largest epidemics in world history.

H.J. Roberts, M.D., said in his first press conference that if something wasn't done about aspartame then in 5 or 10 years we would have a plague on our hands. Now Dr. Roberts has declared aspartame disease to be a world epidemic and is in the process of publishing the medical text on the world plague. His other publications can be gotten at

In talking to AP, Lauran Neergaard, said she would tell the story if there was a peer reviewed study on MS and aspartame. She mentioned she was on the web site and said "but I didn't mention your name". No, she didn't and neither did she mention the web site. And there she was on a web site that showed that the story was true containing even government documents.

There is the Bressler Report, the FDA audit of the horror of the original studies that approved aspartame, the FDA's own report of 92 documented symptoms from coma to death triggered by aspartame, the damning CDC investigation and even the protest of the National Soft Drink Association, showing that Coke and Pepsi knew aspartame breaks down into a witches brew of toxins at 86 degrees before they ever put it in pop. They also knew it was not a diet product because it is a drug that makes you crave carbohydrates (last page of report) and misrepresented this to the public. If you want to get fat NutraSweet is where its at!

I have no sympathy for the MS Society because they have been sent information for years including Dr. Roberts position paper MS or Aspartame Disease? and never uttered a word to warn the victims. In Atlanta at their walk-a-thon while Mission Possible gave out medical documentation on aspartame's ability to mimic MS and destroy the central nervous system they gave out Diet Coke. They were furious that these walkers were getting this information.

So the MS Society and the FDA who over-ruled a Board of Inquiry to approve this deadly toxin were swamped with calls. I personally spoke to Dr. Rudolph Harris at the FDA who admitted all the calls. I told him to stop giving out false information that aspartame is safe, and that we had theactual government documents on to show they were lying. He answer to me: "We can't refute that!" I asked him again why the FDA refused to answer the 26 questions on sent to them by Newt Gingrich. Could it be that if they answered truthfully they would have to recall aspartame. Instead they simply sent me propaganda and federal registries and told Gingrich's office they have to talk to their attorneys. But they were quick to talk to CNN to try and squelch the outcry of the public even though they knew the truth. Those there to solve the problem ARE THE PROBLEM!

As to a study on aspartame and MS, there was one in l983/84 that did show that aspartame destroyed the central nervous system, triggered brain tumors and seizures and other neurological horrors. But it was never published - it showed aspartame to be a killer. Two people died under mysterious circumstances. A statement from the translator, notarized, is on There is a new study that indicates auto-antibodies contribute to destruction of nerve fibers myelin sheath, the hallmark of multiple sclerosis (University of California ). H. J. Roberts, M.D. over three decades ago explained in publications about MS that if the myelin is damaged by any cause the body may take antibodies to the myelin fragments which then can initiate a vicious cycle which can breakdown myelin. Aspartame or its byproducts can damage the nerves sheath, and the body may respond by making the antibodies to it.

References: Journal of American Geriatric Society, Volume 14, page 586, l966; Journal of American Geriatric Society, Volume 12, 9/26/64; On the Etiology, Treatment and Prevention of MS, South Medical Journal, Volume 59, page 940, l966

On this new study Dr. Roberts emphasized to me that the model of experimental EAE is not the counterpart of human MS and is not related to reality in patients who have pre clinical MS or evolutionary MS .

Also, there is a new study on Parkinson's Disease which clearly points to environmental factors and diet rather than to genetics.

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1-800/643-2665) gave me these points which support this study:

  1. Parkinson's Disease is a disorder who's cause appears from substantial evidence, to be related to excitotoxicity. These toxins destroy the cells in the brain central to this disease.

  2. Excitotoxins cause these brain cells to generate enormous amounts of free radicals. This is true of MSG and Aspartic Acid ( aspartame ).

  3. There is substantial circumstantial evidence that dietary excitotoxins , including aspartame, can aggravate these destructive changes in the Parkinson's brain .

  4. The additional toxins - DKP , aspartate, methanol, formaldehyde and formic acid - add to this injury .

  5. Recent evidence demonstrates that aspartame product, formaldehyde - accumulates within cells and damages proteins and DNA .

Michael Fox was a Diet Pepsi spokesman and wondered why he got an old man's disease at the age of 30? Be assured he now knows and has been warned that aspartame changes the dopamine level of the brain . Think of the ramifications of this. Read Senator Metzenbaum's bill that never got out of committee on the problems surfacing in the population in the 80's that he wanted to have investigated by independent studies. Notice aspartame is a drug that interacts with other drugs!

A good deal of Dr. Blaylock's material is on including a lecture where he says the reactions to aspartame are not allergic in nature but toxic like arsenic and cyanide. There is the interview on Mission Possible radio also in transcript form where he tells how studies are doctored, how aspartame triggers ADD, and why pilots are having seizures and other problems. Three American Airline pilots who were heavy users of aspartame have died, one in flight, and another has had a stroke. I can't think of anything more hazardous to aviation safety than allowing pilots to consume a deadly neurotoxin known to be a seizure triggering drug (proven in a pivotal study on 7 monkeys in which 5 had grand mal seizures and 1 died, (SC18862), that also triggers confusion, memory loss, blindness and cardiac symptoms.

Christine Gorman who wrote the Time magazine article admits in her article that she searched the web for the problems like multiple sclerosis, seizures, etc. in the Nancy Markle article and found the web site where there was almost an identical letter. So she too was on

She said she didn't believe any chemical could cause all these problems, yet there on the web site was the FDA report admitting 92 symptoms and there are many more. She had to have seen the secret trade information exposed in Congress where the original manufacturer, Searle, admitted they had to consider complete conversion to DKP ----A BRAIN TUMOR AGENT. Yet, she puts down brain tumors. How famous is the doctor who made world history in l996 over the aspartame/brain tumor link? Dr. John Olney is so famed he founded the field of neuroscience known as excitotoxicity and his update is on DORway. Christine picked up industry and flaming web sites in her article but she wouldn't give the one site that had the government documents and world expert reports on the subject.

Christine Gorman even picked up the propaganda on Monsanto's web site, all this baloney about trace amounts of methanol exist naturally in many fruits and vegetables. The truth of the matter is in ASPARTAME: METHANOL AND THE PUBLIC HEALTH by Dr. Woodrow Monte, Journal of Applied Nutrition, Volume 36 , Number 1, l984 where he says: "Ethanol, the classic antidote for methanol toxicity, is found in natural food sources of methanol at concentrations 5 to 500,000 times that of the toxin. Ethanol inhibits toxins through the lungs and kidneys." You don't slur your words when you eat an orange but many do with aspartame.

In Dr. Roberts book Sweet'ner Dearest on page 168 and 169 he says "Producers and their representatives have become masters at dodging the very mention of its name, especially on talk shows . They prefer to call this chemical "aspartic acid and phenylalanine as the methyl ester." In the body, however, the "methyl ester" translates into METHYL ALCOHOL ..also known as METHANOL and WOOD ALCOHOL !!! The public is more familiar with methanol as an ingredient of fuels (such as Sterno) and antifreeze. (The methyl ester is required for aspartame's taste since aspartyl-phenylalanine is tasteless. )" Dr. Roberts goes on to say: "Just in case you didn't know, methanol is a severe metabolic poison. The dictionary defines "poison" as a substance having an inherent tendency to impair health or destroy life. ... Significant amounts of methyl alcohol in its free form are rarely found in nature. The ingestion of relatively small amounts can result in blindness , other serious illnesses and even death."

Dr. Ralph Walton on 60 Minutes explained there are only 90 valid studies on aspartame that were independent and 83 showed problems with the toxin. The 7 non-industry studies attesting to aspartame 's safety were 6 studies from the FDA and 1 literature review reflecting almost exclusively the industry sponsored research. Since the FDA has been trying to cover up this issue for years you can dismiss the 6 studies. They went so far as to refer complaints to the AIDS Hotline as discussed in Congress!

Dr. Walton himself did a study although NutraSweet refused to sell him the aspartame because they had no control over the study. After one subject started bleeding from the eyes, another had a retinal detachment and others complained of being poisoned, the institution stopped the study.

How do you do a study on MS and aspartame ? Who wants to sign up for a dose of poison? That was tried in South America with people in poor villages who wouldn't be missed they thought. The biggest study on aspartame has been done on the consumer public in 100 countries of the world, and the cases on the sick and dying continue to pour in.

This press release will travel in the path of the original article signed by Nancy Markle. Responsible journalists will tell this side of the story and publish after research of the DORway web site. Those who have sold out to industry will defend it to the end. Most people with problems from aspartame will continue to search and find us, as they have been doing. For those who believe comments in articles like Time and AP may go on using this toxin until it can be removed from the market. They can go on losing babies or bearing those with deformities, having seizures, developing Alzheimer's (Defense Against Alzheimer's Disease -- 1-800/814-9800 -- Dr.Roberts), going blind and destroying their central nervous system. These reporters will have to live with this all the days of their life because they saw the truth and didn't publish it.

Coca Cola profits tumbled 27% in the fourth quarter and 14% in l998. Monsanto who makes NutraSweet is trying to sell the NutraSweet Kelco Company! To avoid billions of dollars of law suits? The news is out and it can't be covered up. Aspartame exposers are even called toxic terrorists! Indeed, Nutrasweet has terrorized nutrition and disbeliveers embark on the Monsanto Titanic. Its iceberg proof, you know, and up for sale !

I hope that every responsible journalist publishes this side of the story, those who believe like Mission Possible that death and disability are not acceptable costs of business. Fraud in science is despicable, as despicable as failure to tell consumers the truth when the facts are known by the media. Now Monsanto wants to get approved neotame, an even more potent aspartame!

Betty Martini, Mission Possible International (a worldwide volunteer force in the US and many countries warning the world off aspartame) 770-242-2599

For a map of the 450 pages on email with nothing in message text or subject line. Also check out and

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