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Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:19:38 +0200
From: "Nonobel list" <>
To: Dave Ratcliffe

Appeal to revoke the
1973 Nobel Prize for Peace
assigned to H. Kissinger

Since February 2001: Sign an international petition!
We Are Looking For International Committee Members
You can be responsible for your Nation, please!


Dear friends,

With this message we'd like to inform you that our "Latina" discussion forum (mailing list about South America based on server) has organized an international campaign to revoke Mr. Kissinger's 1973 Nobel Prize for Peace.

This action doesn't want to be persecutory on Mr. Kissinger, but tries to revoke this Prize only to give back real dignity to the word "peace" itself. We think that only a World-wide mobilization would be succesful, so we are sending this message to you; after these few introductory lines, you will find the letter that subscribers of all continents (see italian and spanish versions at are sending to the Nobel Committee in Norway. Wo hope also that other sites will happily host this campaign adding a "light of protest", so we are sending our logo (let us know if you want a "jpeg" logo), too.

Please feel free to put it in your page (if you have one) or at least to make the greatest number of people know about it!! First thousands of subscriptions are coming from all over the World (Italy, Sweden, Guatemala, Australia, USA, Israel, Palestine...) as you can check easily at the URL:

We plan to be active with this campaign at least until December 2001, when the next Nobel Laureate for Peace will be announced.

To have an idea of how well the action is going, the only URL from where we ask you to subscribe our appeal is:

Every letter will be sent directly from there to Nobel Prize Committe and a copy will be also sent to our email address in order to have a complete count of subscribers.

We hope you can support our action and we'd like to thank you in advance for your attention and for your help. We are ready to satisfy every other request you should have about this campaign and we please you to make us know as soon as possible if you'll put our logo on your server.

Thank you! Ciao!!

For contact:

A Nobel Prize without Peace

NoNobel for HK In the last few years, United States of America are trying to make their past behaviour and responsibility about cruel dictatorships of South America a bit clearer, particularly for Chile's and Argentina's ones. During these military regimes thousands of people were raped, tortured and killed and in many cases their bodies are still undiscovered: we are talking about "desaparecidos", who are alive in our minds thanks to history and to all men and women who are fighting in search of truth and in preserving memory of this atrocious past. Evidence of liabilities had in the '70s and '80s of last century by Central Intelligence Agency and by some influent members of U.S. Government is nowadays sure, as shown by Archive documents declassified in recent months. Main characters of this connivance with military regimes are suspected to be President Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the latter in open search of revenge against President Allende of Chile; Kissinger's idea was that Allende and his Government (in office after democratic elections) must be overthrown by any means or crimes to permit the power to be taken by his friend General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte! Kissinger had also a great role supporting dictatorship in Argentina where ruled Jorge Videla, another of his confidence men. Notwithstanding these bloody pacts with South American regimes, in 1973 Henry Kissinger became Nobel Laureate for Peace, alongside with Viet Nam's Le Duc Tho, having negotiated a cease fire agreement in that country. But warfare in Viet Nam continued at least for a couple of years, ending only with the falling of Saigon. For this reason Le Duc Tho did not accept his part of Nobel Prize. Now that United States' position, particularly Kissinger's preminent role, in South American dictatorships is in full light, a relevant question arises about the ethic and moral value of his Nobel Prize and we cannot ignore it. It is worth associate his name with the ones of people who really fought for Peace and Justice, such as Rigoberta Menchu and Adolfo Perez Esquivel?? We think that he can't be no more a Nobel Laureate for Peace because of his part in crimes committed in Chile, Argentina and not only, and that the 1973 Prize must be revoked as Justice wants and as a repair, very small indeed, for the sufferings of thousands victims. This is what we firmly ask to you!

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