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From: David Briars <>
Subject: McPrison Raises Its Standards
Followup-To: alt.activism.d
Date: 16 Jan 1998 14:52:34 GMT

Subject: McPrison Raises Its Standards
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998
From: From Newspeak E-Zine on McD's & prison labor,
             via Tor Neilands <>

McPrison Raises Its Standards

The Corrections Corporation of America has quietly emerged as the McDonald's of private prisons. CCA is now worth $3.5 billion, is among the top 5 performing stocks on the New York Stock Exchange and accounts for nearly half of the 77,000 prisoners who've been purchased for housing by private corporations. Much of this success is due to the philosophy of co-founder Thomas Beasley, who says in the prison business, "You just sell it like you were selling cars or real estate or hamburgers." This refreshing candor has of course invited criticism that private prisons cut too many corners and lower their standards to increase profits. Fortunately, a spokeswoman for CCA named Susan Hart has shown that the high standards of our penal system are being upheld, at least in their hiring practices for guards. In her words: "It would be inappropriate, for certain positions, (to hire) someone who said, 'Yes, I beat a prisoner to death.' That would be a red flag for us." But just for "certain positions".... (``PRIVATE PRISONS, Over the next 5 years analysts expect the private share of the prison "market" to more than double.'' The Nation 1/5)

Special thanks this week to Dan Parry. Newspeak can be had as weekly junk mail by contacting and telling us whether you have beaten any prisoners lately.

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