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Publisher's Word

      We published The Taking Of America 1 2 3 during the winter of 1976-77. It was typed under the guns in Dallas, Texas, and offset printed in Woodstock, N.Y. A few weeks later -- five hundred copies in all, 24 of which were fired off to the two House Committees involved in the investigation of the assassinations. Our elation with this `coup-de-truth' evaporated as we saw the committee destroyed at the starting line.
      The following summer, while motoring across our sadly taken America, I experienced a tremendous synchroneity of events which lead to my discovering the Power Control Group's secret team of murderer's and their patsies. This knowledge caused me to come out in the open even further and place a sign on route 28 enroute to Woodstock. "Who Killed J.F.K., R.F.K., M.L.K., M.J.K.?" in reflecting letters on a blood-red field. The Modjeska Sign Studios estimated 1.2 million sightings per month. And we then watched the committee suppress and muddle the evidence while chanting the Katydid like cry, of the tremendous big lie -- Oswald did it, Oswald did it, Oswald did it, did it, did it.
      So we are bringing our knowledge up to date with the closing of the new
Warren Report which now, due to The Witness They Could Not Kill (the sound tape that proved conclusively that more than one gun was involved in the president's assassination), at last admits conspiracy. Where do we go from here? We reach out now for a courageous commercial publisher to spread these truths that we hold self-evident out to our duped, betrayed, and steadily lied-to Americans.

Rush Harp

Barbara Black

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