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2006: Graeme MacQueen as he began his 9/11 research

In 2022 I found myself facing an illness that threatened to end not only my research and writing but my life. With encouragement from Ted Walter—in whose debt I remain—I decided to pull together, for the first time, the articles and essays related to 9/11 that I had written since 2006. I was surprised to find that I had 23 pieces. I wondered how I might make them available.

I considered the idea of a digital volume, which might bear the weight of Internet links, video clips and the like. Jim Douglass, from whom I have received such powerful inspiration over many years, encouraged me in this direction. We agreed that if anyone could bring this project to fruition it would be David Ratcliffe.

I suggested the idea to David and he immediately offered his services. Without him this volume would not exist. Dave: I offer you my profound gratitude.

I then asked Ed Curtin if he would write the Introduction to the volume. He at once agreed to take on the job. For this and so many other gifts, Ed, I thank you.

When I think of the years of sweat and tears that went into these articles, I am surprised to see how little of myself comes through. When I have allowed a space for feelings, I have tended to put in the anger and to forget to put in the love. How strange. Without the love there would be no anger.

Such few traces of autobiography as can be found here are mainly in the brief introductions to each piece, where the reader may hear that “I thought x or y,” “I was influenced by this or that event.” I don’t think apology for this self-indulgence is necessary.

Despite the hints of autobiography, I have chosen to organize the book by theme rather than by date. My densest writings were my earliest. I do not regret having adopted this tone—at the time the movement needed academic writing—but it seemed to me an unnecessarily stiff way to start this volume. So I decided to put the more accessible articles toward the beginning and the more challenging pieces in Section 3. Anyone who wants to read the articles in the order in which they were written can easily do so. We have included dates of publication in the Table of Contents.

If I were to try to thank all the people who supported me during my decades-long opposition to war I would fill many pages. If I concentrate on the inspiration and comradeship I needed to complete these particular pieces relating to the events of the fall of 2001 I may be able to manage the list.

First, I thank my family. Some 9/11 dissidents have to contend with criticism from their families. I have been extremely fortunate to have received full support from my wife Sharon and daughter Jessica, my sisters Meg and Lorna, and my brother Ken.

Second, I thank, in alphabetical order, my 9/11-related role models and friends.

I thank Kevin Barrett, Ji Won Baxter, Josh Benninger of the White Rose Coffee House, Catte Black of the Off Guardian, Carol Brouillet and David Chandler.

Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research was a constant supporter of me and of my writings.

I thank Jon Cole, Diana Collier of Clarity Press, James Corbett, Ed Curtin, Elias Davidsson, Paul Dekar, Barry Deutsch, Kee Dewdney, Jim Douglass, Stan Eaman and Tod Fletcher.

I thank Richard Gage for his kindness to me and for his great contribution to the movement.

I thank Johan Galtung and James Gourley.

David Ray Griffin helped me find myself in this movement, and without his encouragement I certainly would not have written my book on the anthrax attacks. He was a great man. His soul goes marching on.

I thank Libby Handros, Niels Harrit, Jim Hoffman, Herbert Jenkins, Steven Jones.

I thank my friend and colleague, Michael Keefer, for the sharing of ideas and the hours of laughter.

I thank John Kirby and Barry Kissin.

Atif Kubursi has been a supremely brave and loyal friend, and he has stuck with me through hard times.

I thank Marilyn Langlois, and I thank the members of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry with whom I worked on the anthrax petition to the U.S. Congress.

I thank Kathleen MacKay, energy worker and meditation teacher extraordinaire, and I thank Kevin MacKay for his brilliance and his devotion to social justice.

Fellow Canadians Laurie Manwell, Paul McArthur, Ray McGinnis and John McMurtry helped penetrate the gloom of mainstream Canadian thinking on 9/11, and they showed their friendship to me in many ways.

I thank Allan Merrill, Mark Crispin Miller, Jane Mulkewich, Martha Nalband, Geoffrey ONeill, members of the “Propaganda in Focus” group, Gary Purdy, David Ratcliffe, Antonio Carlos Silva Rosa of Transcend Media Service, and Sean Sweeney.

Kevin Ryan, editor of Journal of 9/11 Studies and close friend, has been an inspiration for years, both for his insight and for his bravery.

I thank Vincent Salandria, my dear friends Jack and Joanna Santa Barbara, Ralph Schoenman, Heiko Schöing, Peter Dale Scott, Frances Shure, Andy Steele, Sean Sweeney, Tony Szamboti, Jarl von Arlyon, Mark Vorobej, Ted Walter, Mark Welch (my partner in the struggle for “freedom of information” in Canada), Matthew Witt and Donald Woodside.

Special gratitude I offer to fellow Canadians Elizabeth Woodworth, of the 9/11 Consensus Panel, Barrie Zwicker and Adnan Zuberi. We have shared information; we have supported each other; we have laughed hard.

Some of those named here have passed on, and the rest know that behind the blandness of this list lie humour, occasional conflict, deep connection, days of action, affection and tenderness.


I am a strong believer in comparing—and tracing the connections between—fraudulent events of the sort discussed in this volume. Some will wonder why, therefore, I do not discuss the “pandemic,” the “vaccine” and related recent exercises. Although I have read quite widely in these developing events, and developed an assessment (see the article, “The Anthrax Attacks Were a False Flag Operation”), I have made no original contribution to the understanding of these events and it seems unlikely that I will be able to do so. I will have to leave the comparative and historical work to others.

All mistakes in this volume are my own. Likewise my own, and not to be blamed on the above-listed individuals, is my view of the Covid-19 event.

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