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Re: Why JFK Was Shot

Date: Wed, 16 May 2001
From: d.r.
To: John Judge
Alright you assasination researchers, time to close up shop, JFK was about to blow the lid on the ALIENS. Forget the CIA, the mob, yadda yadda...

Feel free to comment, maybe I'm wrong :-)


"Citizens of this Earth, we are not alone." With those dramatic words, President John F. Kennedy intended to inform the American public and the world at large that the U.S. government had made contact with aliens from deep space.

But before he could deliver the speech on November 22, 1963, the beloved leader was cut down by an assassin's bullets.

That is the astonishing claim of JFK researcher Professor Lawrence Merrick, author of an upcoming blockbuster book Killing the Messenger: The Death of JFK. "We now know the real reason why President Kennedy was assassinated," declared Prof. Merrick of Cambridge, Mass.

"It appears that some individuals within our government were determined to maintain the secrecy surrounding captured UFOs -- and decided to silence the President before he could speak." Prof. Merrick says he began a search for the undelivered speech after learning the President's original handwritten notes had fallen into the hands of Texas Governor John Connally -- who was riding in JFK's death car that fateful day in Dallas.

"I was surprised to find that Kennedy handed Connally the speech, which was on note cards, to look at, shortly before the motorcade set off at 12:55 p.m.," said Prof. Merrick.

The governor was badly wounded in the gun attack.

"Connally was terrified for his own life," said the historian.

"He placed the bloodstained index cards in a safety deposit box with orders to a trusted aide that the contents not be revealed until after his death."

When Gov. Connally died in 1993, the aide removed the cards and held on to them.

Last year, Prof. Merrick tracked down the aide, who passed the speech on with a guarantee of anonymity.

Prof. Merrick was flabbergasted when he read the cards. He took them to five handwriting analysts, who agreed the speech was "95 percent certain" to be Kennedy's.

Research reveals that just days before his trip to Dallas, JFK met with his predecessor President Dwight D. Eisenhower, notes Prof. Merrick. "I believe he was seeking advice on whether to go public with the facts about UFOs," Prof. Merrick said. "But other government insiders apparently felt the truth about UFOs would cause widespread panic. And they were willing to kill to keep the information secret. "I hope now President Clinton will give the speech that should have been delivered 36 years ago."

Here is what the President would have said:

My fellow Americans, people of the world, today we set forth on a journey into a new era. One age, the childhood of mankind, is ending and another age is about to begin.

The journey of which I speak is full of unknowable challenges, but I believe that all our yesterdays, all the struggles of the past, have uniquely prepared our generation to prevail.

Citizens of this Earth, we are not alone. God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to populate His universe with other beings -- intelligent creatures such as ourselves. How can I state this with such authority? In the year 1947 our military forces recovered from the dry New Mexico desert the remains of an aircraft of unknown origin. Science soon determined that this vehicle came from the far reaches of outer space. Since that time our government has made contact with the creators of that spacecraft.

Though this news may sound fantastic -- and indeed, terrifying -- I ask that you not greet it with undue fear or pessimism. I assure you, as your President, that these beings mean us no harm.

Rather, they promise to help our nation overcome the common enemies of all mankind -- tyranny, poverty, disease, war. We have determined that they are not foes, but friends. Together with them we can create a better world. I cannot tell you that there will be no stumbling or missteps on the road ahead.

But I believe that we have found the true destiny of the people of this great land: To lead the world into a glorious future. In the coming days, weeks and months, you will learn more about these visitors, why they are here and why our leaders have kept their presence a secret from you for so long.

I ask you to look to the future not with timidity but with courage. Because we can achieve in our time the ancient vision of peace on Earth and prosperity for all humankind.

God bless you.

Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 02:46:28 -0400
To: d.r.

Subject: Re: Why JFK Was Shot...
Oh, now the "real reason"? Cut me a break! Pulling out of Vietnam, breaking up the Mafia, working for a detente with the USSR and end to the Cold War, broaching normalization of relations with Cuba, threatening to "scatter the CIA to the four winds" in October and put Bobby in charge of it, pushing racial integration and civil rights, threatening the oil depletion allowance tax that financed national elections for the oil companies, bucking the Pentagon during the Bay of Pigs planned fiasco and again during the Cuban Missile Crisis, firing Allen Dulles and Richard Bissel from the CIA, working to remove J. Edgar Hoover (had he been re-elected), standing up to Wall Street and big business during the US Steel strike and on other issues, and giving the people of this country its first sense of hope for an elected leader that might respond to their desire for peace, justice and change were not the reasons the Pentagon and the CIA had him killed.

Oh no! It was the secret pact with the "aliens"! And now we are to believe these aliens were about to save mankind with JFK as their ambassador to the human race. Gee, what happened? Did they kill all the aliens too?

Whoever wrote this book is not a "researcher" anyone in the field has ever heard of. He bases his whole claim on unauthenticated notes given by an anonymous source concerning a speech never delivered. A glance at the text of the speech makes clear that it's source is not any of JFK's speechwriters (who would be a logical and simple source of verification or denial -- anyone asked them yet?), or his own style. It does look like something concocted either by the true-believers of the UFO contactee cults, or else the psywar labs of the intelligence agencies who have been hyping this alien nonsense for years.

The CIA funded George Adamski to travel and lecture worldwide, the first and most (in)famous of the contactee claimants. The British top intelligence circles at the end of WWII formed a group calling itself "The Martians" and plotted how to maintain a credible post-war threat that could maintain the social hegemony the war created in the West, including projecting lights and images onto clouds, broadcasting loud messages from the skies, and all the necessary trappings to convince the gullible that there was an imminent alien invasion.

I saw the Air Force studies and much more in the Pentagon library as a wanna-believer in my teens, and I was convinced by a thorough reading of the facts that these were terrestrial flying discs developed by the military (I later found evidence that it was the German military, the same Nazi aerospace scientists who were transported here under Project Paperclip) and seen most often coming into and out of military bases.

But we were not allowed to know what these "saucers" were, so the official spokespeople gave us "swamp gas", the "planet Venus" and "little green men from Mars". Anything but what we were seeing, advanced technological spycraft surveilling us, UFO's -- Unrecognized Fascist Observatories.

I saw one over my house at age 5, before I ever heard the term flying saucer, and I saw a human pilot in the cockpit, and called to my grandmother to come see it too. The government was taken over by aliens in the 1950s. But they were fascist German nationals who came here by the hundreds to replicate fascist ideology, method and agenda here as part of the Cold War they helped to construct.

Behind every major UFO and contactee cult is military intelligence. I used to get the few independent saucer mags of the 50s, only to see them usurped by Air Force people like Maj. Donald Keyhoe, and the other loyal opposition. We have plants like this in the JFK research also, and have had for a long time.

The current press spin to discredit us has been just this, to mix all possible fringe beliefs into one. I titled my review of the film Conspiracy Theories, "All Conspiracies Are Not Created Equal". This thesis has all the earmarks of urban myth, disinformation spin, and false revelation.

The intelligence agencies want us to believe in flying saucers from outer space, alien bodies, etc. It's a convenient distraction and foil for their own operations, and often a cover. What happened to all these aliens JFK was about to reveal? What happened to disease and war and tyranny and all the ills they were about to cure? Who cared if their presence was revealed, and why? Even asking such questions begs answers that cannot exist in reality.

Martin Schotz says, "In America we are allowed to believe anything, but to know nothing, and thus we cannot act." This tall tale replaces the real political reasons why JFK was killed, which explain the subsequent history of the last four decades and who has been in charge of the permanent war economy, the national security state, and the globalization and militarization of the world's social and political order. It replaces it with a speculation and framework that obscure motive and confuse us with a fantasy.

The reason JFK was killed is the same reason that any other cognizant life form that ever crossed interstellar space to discover the reality of this planet would never have landed, they were smart enough to turn around. There are no space aliens here, but there is a long string of politcal assasinations from November 22, 1963 to the present, a demolished democracy, an uninterrupted fascism and a machinery of genocide and destruction and social control that the Nazis could only have dreamed about.

And neither aliens nor JFK can save us, only we can do that. There are more of us, and we can think. But then, it's always more fun to talk about people from outer space than about the gun that is aimed at our heads, isn't it? To rephrase The X Files motto, "The Lie is Out There, the Truth is in Front of Our Face".

John Judge

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