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911 Stand Down Indicators: Skewered Script / Timeline Distortion

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 02:13:35 -0400
Subject: - Officials: Government failed to react to FAA warning - September 17, 2001
From: John Judge

Officials: Government failed to react to FAA warning
CNN, 17 Sep 2001

Just revisited this piece of hype. So many lies and distortions:

  1. Federal officials did not "fail to heed a warning" to evacuate nor did they only begin evacuation "after" the plane struck the Pentagon. They were evacuated from White House, Capitol and Pentagon before it hit, reported on Channel 8 news here. I know when it hit, it shook my windows. Local news interviewed people on the White House lawn being evacuated who saw a plane flying overhead and asked if it was the hijacked plane. They were told it was the President's "Doomsday" plane. If so, who the hell was in it?

  2. "The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado was informed by the FAA at 9:25 a.m. that American Airlines flight 77 might have been hijacked and appeared headed toward Washington." This is a full hour after NORAD knew that all four planes were hijacked, and we knew here shortly after the second tower was hit that Flight 77 was aimed at DC. I knew and NORAD didn't????

  3. "Military officials at NORAD ordered fighter jets from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia to intercept the flight, but neither the FAA, NORAD, nor any other federal government organization made any effort to evacuate the buildings in Washington." If they lie twice will it make it true?

  4. "Officials at the Pentagon said that no mechanism existed within the U.S. government to notify various departments and agencies under such circumstances." If I wasn't laughing so hard I'd cry. Come on!!! So in other words, nobody gets warned but the Pentagon? Have they ever heard of a FEDEX phone? No mechanism exists. Or do they mean they turned off the phone lines between departments like they did 11/22/63?

  5. quoted verbatim timeline:
    • 8:44 a.m.: Otis Air National Guard Base in Mass. orders to fighters scrambled.
    • 8:46 a.m.: American Airlines flight 11 strikes the World Trade Center's north tower.
    • 8:52 a.m.: Two F-15 Eagles take off from Otis ANG Base in effort to intercept hijacked plane(s) after first plane has struck the World Trade Center.
    • 9:02 a.m.: United Airlines flight 175 strikes the World Trade Center's south tower (F-15 fighter jets from Otis ANG Base are still 70 miles away.)
    • 9:25 a.m.: FAA notifies NORAD that United flight 77 may have been hijacked.
    • 9:27 a.m.: (approximate time) NORAD orders jets scrambled from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia to head to intercept United Airlines flight 77.
    • 9:35 a.m.: Three F-16 Fighting Falcons take off from Langley AFB headed toward Washington area.
    • 9:37 a.m.: American Airlines flight 77 is lost from radar screens.
    • 9:38 a.m.: American Airlines flight 77 strikes the Pentagon.
    • 9:49 a.m.: F-16 fighter jets arrive over Washington, D.C. to perform Combat Air Patrol (CAP) over city. (The fighters broke the sound barrier and traveled supersonic at 720 knots to Washington, making the approximately 130 miles in 14 minutes.)

    OK, granted something fundamentally wrong here. But if some is right we can see that NORAD Otis is following procedure however belated by being ordered to scramble to intercept before first tower is hit. Scramble time is recorded at 8 and 7 minutes respectively from time of orders. Otis planes are said to be still 70 miles away after 10 minutes in the air.

    How far is Otis from NYC? Someone needs to do this math.

    What was NORAD waiting for from 8:25 when first notified of hijackings until 8:44 when it reportedly ordered planes scrambled?

    The turn around of Flight 77 happened well before 9:25. Why are they speculating that late?

    They finally tell Langley to get in the air two minutes after that. The second plane hit at 9:02 (9:05?) in New York. Flight 77 was announced headed to DC shortly after that on local news. NORAD asleep at the switch twice?

    I was also told that the Otis pilots got to NYC too late but then turned to target Flight 77, and knew its course. They were called back to base instead. This was 9:05, latest. Cheney and Bush order shootdown "moments after" this according to press reports, not 40 minutes later. Why order shoot downs when everything is finished?

  6. Note that Flight 77 is said to be lost to radar just before the crash. Lost to radar when it comes into the most heavily restricted and radar saturated area in the US??? Like the little piper cub that hit the White House was "not on the radar" in first reports, then found on the logs later? These are lies, cover story. The Pentagon was struck at 9:48, not 9:38, which means the Langley planes had ten more minutes. It took them 24 minutes to get to DC then, for 130 miles. Supersonic?

The late official notice on all these hijackings is incredible. Flight 93 noticed off course only at 9:16? This is an elaborately skewered script here, meant to cover-up the stand down I think. It fits nothing I know or saw elsewhere of the events.

John Judge

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