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The following was written in response to Gary North's article,
"The Perplexing Puzzle of the Published Passenger Lists" (Reality Check, Number 82, 12 Oct 2001).


Extra Pieces of the Puzzle of 911 Published Passenger Lists

Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 04:34:58 -0400
From: John Judge
Subject: Puzzle pieces


Thanks for looking for details, the devil is always hiding in them. I do not have a final solution, but let me suggest some additional and possibly helpful pieces. I also sent a copy of this to my flight attendant friend who was lucky enough to be on family leave when her usual American Airlines flight #75 from Dulles to LAX went into the Pentagon instead. I will see what she comes up with here. I do know, for instance, as anyone who has ever flown does, that flight attendants do multiple counts of passengers aboard to match against the manifest. If CNN listed incomplete manifests, that is another puzzle to be addressed of course. After all, wouldn't naming the Arabs in the flight lists help their case? But then, maybe it would reveal a "source or method". I am in full agreement when they say that the CIA and Pentagon are "lacking in human intelligence".

Extra pieces of the puzzle:

So, the bottom line is, we still do not know who hijacked the planes or how. We do not know who piloted the planes so expertly into the buildings or how that was accomplished. And we do not know how they got onto the flights, if they did. Your food service/cleaning crew speculation is a good one but as I said, flight attendants count and know which seats are assigned. Ever try to sit in the wrong one?

Who were the "guys with box knives"? Were their identities removed from the passenger lists because they were NOT among the 19 named? Were they even Arabs? And did they actually fly the planes into the buildings? I for one am very suspicious of mass suicide pacts and have, with detailed work, deconstructed many of the recently reported ones from Jonestown forward, and back as far as Massada. Almost all are actually mass murders.

If there were 19 in the plot, perhaps only one in each plane knew they were all to die. You can get a pilot to kamikaze, we know that much. But a whole crew? I know, for the "greater glory of Allah against the infidels", or for a preacher in Guyana, or for a UFO cult in California, or for a sun cult in France. Right. Just don't check the details. Which leaves two unexplored options: mind control or remote control. But those are "conspiracy theories" aren't they. Sorry, I forgot. Is bin Laden and his thugs a conspiracy theory? Does it require a modicum of proof?

The secret evidence was viewed by foreign leaders, who are more qualified than the American public, and even they called it "circumstantial" and "not enough to take into court" but they agreed it was "sufficient" to go to WAR. Probably true, the first casualty of war is always the truth, and you don't need much "evidence" to get a war going. Ask Goering. But you can't even get the secret evidence to work if you can't put the suspects on the planes now can you? It's tough. You can't put Oswald on the 6th floor of the Book Depository either, or James Earl Ray in the bathroom window, or Sirhan's bullets into RFK; not if you pay attention to details anyway.

Oh, dear, have I revealed that I am not a "coincidence theorist"? Let's just stick to the evidence, it will lead us where we need to go if we ever get to see it. For now the lack of it is enough for me. Good luck on a great puzzle. As my old pal Penn Jones used to say, "Take any one piece and research the hell out of it. It will eventually show you the whole".

Thanks for thinking - John Judge

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