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US Is The Engine and Designer
of The New Technology of Death
by John Judge
25 August 2003

The Case Against the Generals
Commission's Leaders Say Agencies Slow to Produce Information
by Joshua E.S. Phillips, Washington Post, 17 August 2003

The US is the great haven for the war criminals we have trained and equipped and then protected after they carry out torture, assassination and genocide on our behalf. This was true of the Nazi war criminals who came here by the thousands, and it is true in all the other wars afterwards.

We paid off the Japanese scientists with immunity in exchange for what they learned from their gruesome experiments on prisoners of war, including Americans. We covered the tracks of Hitler's henchmen because they knew how to build rockets and weapons and had intelligence on the Soviet Union we wanted to know.

These killers created the Cold War that gutted our industrial base and quality of life and led us to the permanent war economy we live in now. They formed the CIA and other repressive agencies in the post-war period. They helped us learn the techniques of death, population control and genocide that we exported to scores of countries after WWII. And then we took in those we trained to buttress the worst dictatorships of the modern world whenever they fell or we decided to end them.

We put the Taliban into power through our policy of funding the Mujehaddin reactionaires in Afghanistan and when they balked at letting us run an oil pipeline through the south we made a plan to take them out, long before 9/11. Now that they are gone Afghanistan is in chaos but once again provides 85% of the world's supply of opium.

We gave Saddam Hussein lists of the progressive factions in Iraq (as we had done for Suharto in Indonesia), and when he assassinated them he rose to power. When he attacked the feudalist sheikdom of Kuwait (itself part of Iraq until the British Empire drew a line in the sand to prevent northern oil from reaching the sea outside of their control), we launched a war against him, and eventually removed him from power with a second assault.

Deals are made, deals are broken, deals are cut. Wars are laboratories for testing new weapons and troops, and they represent massive profits for the few at the cost of the many. Peace is hell for those who benefit from the control of foreign labor, resources and investments.

Our troops wear the exact same helmet and uniform as the Nazi Wehrmacht did in the 1940's and we carry out the Blitzkrieg now with weapons the Nazis only dreamed about then and later built for us here. Star Wars technology originates with the Nazi criminal General Walter Dohrnberger, saved from prosecution at Nuremberg by his protege Werner von Braun who refused to work on rockets until he knew Walter was here and safe in the haven.

Dohrnberger took over Bell Helicopter in Texas and later trained helicopter pilots for the Shah of Iran (put in power by another CIA-Oil coup d'etat). In 1960 Dohrnberger was reportedly living in Buffalo according to Time's "Where are they now?" column, and the "famous German rocket scientist" had a plan to circle the earth with satellites armed with nuclear weapons.

The Nazi defense at Nuremberg was that they learned the genocide and sterilization techniques from our own laws and treatment of our indigenous population. When wealth concentrates to a marked decree, the value of the dollar diminishes, and technology abolishes the necessity of large portions of labor, the last stages of monopoly capital and now corporate globalization, objectively move toward genocide.

We are and have been more than a haven for the perpetrators this tendency around the world, we have been the engine and the designer of the new technology of death. There are war criminals in the highest seats of power right here in the United States, taking haven in our ignorance or indifference. They will not submit to the International Criminal Court now, any more than they would allow the Nuremberg Tribunals model to ever try an American without prior permission from us. The truth arises from the victims at the very bottom of the pyramid of privilege and power, but the stench rises to the very top.

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