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911 - What Aren't We Being Told?
Analysis by John Judge
September 2002

This is an e-mail archive of John's analysis and observations on "news" specific to the crimes against humanity committed on 11 September 2001.

(See also Web Reference Links High-Lighted by John Judge for other analysis.)

NOTE: Please let me know if you find that a link to a news story is no longer valid. I will make a local copy here to keep this archive complete.

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  • Subject: Cover stories beyond stupid or truth......
    10 Sep 2002

    Here is the P-56 space reference to the restricted area.

    Subject: Pentagon - EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: Boeing 757 or military craft?
    L'Asile utopique, 19 May 2002

    Here is an outline, with photos, of the French book's thesis about the attack on the Pentagon. I do not think this is at all credible, but the most interesting quotes are from the air traffic controllers who see a plane maneuvering like a military craft at high speeds, thought improbable for a huge commercial airliner. This part fits my contention and that of pilots I have spoken to, that this was not the sort of flying you could learn from a simulator, it required a very experienced military or civilian airline pilot familiar with this plane. It also identifies P-56, the restricted air space over DC, which has been restricted since the 1950s at least.

    Even if a "missile" of some sort was also used in this attack, perhaps to break the reinforcements, none of this explains what became of American Flight 77. There have been autopsies performed on the crew, the radars tracked the plane into DC and on to the Pentagon for the better part of an hour, and the number of people involved in such a coverup would even boggle my mind. In any case, thought you'd like to see this.

    US considered 'suicide jet missions'
    BBC News, 29 August 2002

    'I thought it was the start of World War III'
    by Kevin Dennehy, Cape Code Times, 21 August 2002


  • Subject: Cheney/Rumsfeld Links To CIA Horror
    10 Sep 2002

    They all have a past, don't they?

    The Secret Sharers
    The CIA, the Bush Gang and the Killing of Frank Olson

    by Chris Floyd, Counterpunch, 28 August 2002


  • Subject: Re: Double Edged Sword
    24 Sep 2002

    You make the right assessment about whether the Nazis staged the Reichstag fire or not -- the response was wrong. Even if bin Laden and the Al Queda are ultimately responsible, the American response is totally wrong, domestically and internationally. International law and diplomacy are ignored and sabotaged, international destablization has already nearly led to nuclear war, and Bush's crew is effectively declaring world war for 60 years, along with suspending Constitutional and legal rights and breaking down Posse Comitatus Act barriers between police and military functions (which is what the Gestapo was, after all).

    I have not focused on whether they knew in advance, though they clearly could have, since we can now see that will be pegged as "intelligence failure" and solved with more funding and centralization of those functions. I have focused on the failure of response to what was known to the public and the intelligence agencies alike by 9:05 am on 9/11, that one or more suicidal attack planes were headed to Washington, DC.

    All normal procedures, even without such an emergency, by FAA and NORAD were violated, and there was not a single attempt to intercept Flight 77 or Flight 93. And I now know that some attempts by the pilots were misdirected or called back before they could intercept. This is an achilles heel. But even if it were not so, what follows after 9/11 is itself a major issue.

    Double Edged Sword
    by Paul Wolf, 11 September 2002


  • Subject: One year since September 11: an unprecedented assault on democratic rights
    24 Sep 2002

    One of a number of good analysis pieces at this site. Militarism, war, empire building, and destruction of democracy are all part of the agenda long before 9/11 and not in response to it. No matter what role the US had in 9/11, the response is totally wrong.

    One year since September 11: an unprecedented assault on democratic rights
    by the WSWS Editorial Board, World Socialist Web Site, 11 September 2002


  • Subject: Oil and "conspiracy theories": a reply to a liberal apologist for the US war in Afghanistan
    24 Sep 2002

    The provable assertion that the war was planned in advance and specifically in response to Taliban balking at the pipeline plan is not addressed head on by this anti "conspiracy" article obviously. One more example of left structuralist blindness when it comes to the obvious facts.

    No, Afghanistan itself is not a source of oil, but it does pretty well on natural gas and opium I'd say. The bases set up in Uzbekistan are part of a long-range plan to gain military leverage in the region. A war in Iraq may easily spill over into US "protection" of Saudi Arabian oil and more control there.

    Mainstream writers are admitting that the US wants another source besides Saudi, if for no other reason that in 15-20 years it will be exhausted. They also want all resources as cheaply as they can get them, and to control who else gets them. I just fought my way onto Pacifica at KPFA because of these attitudes about being a "conspiracy theorist" or seen as one. If we leave this obvious analysis and factual issues untouched the right wing will gladly pick them up for us.

    Oil and "conspiracy theories": a reply to a liberal apologist for the US war in Afghanistan
    by Patrick Martin, World Socialist Web Site, 20 September 2002


  • Subject: supposed intelligence foreknowledge of 9/11
    24 Sep 2002

    Focus on foreknowledge is a slippery slope and is already being turned into a reason to futher fund and consolidate intelligence operations, not into a real critique of complicity. This is why I still focus on the morning of 9/11 when they have no excuses.

    Sources: Hijackers' ex-landlord was FBI informant
    by Dana Bash, Kelli Arena and David Ensor, CNN, 11 September 2002

    Senate Report on Pre-9/11 Failures Tells of Bungling at F.B.I.
    by Philip Shenon, New York Times, 28 August 2002


  • Subject: Re: Prior Knowledge Of 911 Not Just Urban Legend
    25 Sep 2002

    To: Ed Tatro


    The reason I have not focused on prior knowledge of 9-11 and the conspirators by the intelligence agencies -- which all indicators show they could or should have had -- is that it will be impossible to show what someone knew/concluded from the indicators unless they admit it.

    Thus, the issue, I felt, would be turned into an "intelligence failure", which it now has been. And that slippery slope leads us right down the path to more funding, consolidation and powers for the very intelligence agencies who created the situation or the conditions for it.

    I have instead focused on what they did or did not DO after 9:05 am when EVERYONE knew what was happening. That is their achilles heel and nobody is touching the subject. FBI informers and Iran Contra pilots lived with the people accused of these crimes, they made themselves excessively visible, and there were many indicators that "planes into buildings" was part of their plans and scenarios. In fact, Bush's trip to the Genoa summit explicitly protected him from just that threat. . . .

    Full Text


  • Subject: Bush on 60 Minutes - 9/11 events
    26 Sep 2002

    Some critical information came out on 60 Minutes in their interview with Bush on the anniversary of 9/11. This captures some of it but it would probably be useful to get a transcript. Bush was clearly out of the loop.

    On 22 November 1963 Collins Radio was in charge of radio relay for all secure communciations from and to Air Force One (AF-1). Collins was later absorbed into Rockwell International. Bill Kelly has done extensive work on the Collins Radio personnel and connections to the events of 11/22/63. I found Collins later in the emerging scandal about the National Reconnaissance Organization financing a new headquarters building covertly without notifying Congress. The hidden money pass-through was Collins/Rockwell, and the NRO initials used to be secret.

    The National Reconnaissance Office collects and analyzes all satellite photos. It will be instructive to see if they were still the subcontractors for the radio communications on 9/11 for AF-1. It is very significant that the system failed that day, since one would assume there are redundancies. It reminds me of the failure of the secure Federal exchange lines between the Pentagon and the various cabinet-level agencies on 11/22/63 between 1:30 and 3:30 EST (i.e. 12:30 Dallas time, the moment of the assassination). . . .

    Full Text

    Bush On 9/11: Moment To Moment
    Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes II, CBS News, 11 September 2002


  • Subject: Did the GOP take down Cynthia McKinney?
    26 Sep 2002

    McKinney was targeted for defeat by many sectors. State Governor Zell Miller's office and elements of the Democratic National Committee had an "operation" in place for her defeat, after slamming attacks in the press by Miller once she raised questions about 9/11. Pro-Israel AIPAC funds were used to defeat her as well. And here we have the role of the Republicans in running one of their own in Democrat's clothing against her. She gave us invaluable help in highlighting the need for an MLK Records Act to release those files, and was courageous in what she said about 9/11, asking questions before others took them up. Her defeat is a loss to progressive politics. She indicated after the Black Caucus panel on MLK that she would like to join COPA and supports our goals.

    The Crossover Candidate
    Did the GOP take down Cynthia McKinney?
    by Eli Kintisch, The American Prospect, 23 September 2002


  • Subject: Iraq: U.S. Strikes Civilian Airport
    26 Sep 2002

    Bombings continue to escalate with our without Congressional approval for all out war. Crippling air defenses is a crucial first step to massive bombing attacks, and the no-fly zone rule allows full US access to overflight reconnaisance. As to striking civilian targets, they always have an excuse. Do you recall the flap during the Afghanistan campaign about the US bombing a Red Cross building that was clearly marked? In one meeting with Red Cross officials the military gave excuses about bad bombing coordinates and promised never to bomb Red Cross facilites now that they had all proper coordinates. They bombed the building again and at a top level meeting claimed the bomb had been aimed elswehere but had gone amiss. Later they admitted that they had intentionally done all the bombings there because the Al Quaeda were "stealing blankets". Civilian casualties and infrastructure damage are the largest effects of modern war, military troops are "collateral damage" at this point.

    Iraq: U.S. Strikes Civilian Airport
    by Sameer N. Yacoub, Associated Press, 26 September 2002

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