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of False Mystery are in production.
After more than a half century, the historical truth of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been finally established beyond rational dispute. The Kennedy assassination is a false mystery. It was conceived by the conspirators to be a false mystery which was designed to cause interminable debate. The purpose of the protracted debate was to obscure what was quite clearly and plainly a coup d’état. Simply stated, President Kennedy was assassinated by our U.S. national security state in order to abort his efforts to bring the Cold War to a peaceful conclusion.
—Vincent Salandria, 2016

Table of Contents

  1. The Warren Report
    Analysis of Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds:
    A Lawyer’s Dissenting View
  2. A Lawyer’s Dissenting View Addendum
  3. A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds
  4. The Warren Report?
  5. The Impossible Tasks of One Assassination Bullet
  6. The Separate Connally Shot
  7. Vincent Salandria interview by Gaeton Fonzi
  8. Life Magazine and the Warren Commission
  9. Confronting the Madness of Our Military
  10. A Model of Explanation from A Heritage of Stone
  11. The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: A Model of Explanation
  12. The Promotion of Domestic Discord
  13. The Design of the Warren Report, to Fall to Pieces
  14. Vincent Salandria Interview by David Starks
  15. The JFK Assassination: A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes
  16. The Waters of Knowledge versus the Waters of Uncertainty: Mass Denial in the Assassination of President Kennedy by E. Martin Schotz
  17. The Tale Told by Two Tapes
  18. Current Significance of Making Robert Kennedy A Fall Guy In JFK Assassination
  19. Review of Oswald and the CIA Juxtaposed with James Wilcott HSCA Testimony
  20. Notes on Lunch with Arlen Specter
  21. Reflections on Gaeton Fonzi’s “The Warren Commission, The Truth, and Arlen Specter”
  22. Reflections on Mark Lane’s “Oswald Innocent? A Lawyer’s Brief”
  23. The Role of the Paines In History
  24. Vincent Salandria Interview by Paul Kurtz
  25. Why I Never Debated the Assassination of President Kennedy
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