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Global Eye -- Head Cases

by Chris Floyd,, 21 December 2001


What kind of sick and twisted men could sit around calmly, in safety and comfort, while planning the murders of thousands of innocent people, all to further their own extremist faith, which holds that no other system but their own should be allowed to exist on earth? Men with no conscience and no soul, coldly calculating the number of deaths it would take to goad their enemy into action and set the world aflame in a holy war between the righteous and the infidels -- where could you possibly find such degraded minds?

Why, on the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, of course!

America's shiniest military brass have at times been given to Osamic convulsions of terrorist fervor, drawing up plans to sink American ships, shoot down American planes and launch terror campaigns in American cities, "even in Washington" -- all to create "pretexts to provide justification for U.S. military intervention in Cuba."

This was the gist of "Operation Northwoods," devised by the United States' top military leaders and presented to President John Kennedy in 1962, reports. The existence of Communist Cuba 140 kilometers off the coast of God's country was an intolerable affront to the honchos of the military-industrial-mafiosi complex, which had formerly gorged itself on the rich corruption of the right-wing Batista regime.

Their outrage was compounded by one of the CIA's rare fiascos in nation-gutting: the failed Bay of Pigs invasion a few months before, a "humiliation" that left the hard Right -- and its many sympathizers in the military -- howling for Kennedy's head on a platter. Hoping JFK would now seek to restore the lost national manhood, the brass drew up a full-scale plan for the invasion and military occupation of Cuba.

That's where the "pretexts" came in. The boys in braid evinced a devilish imagination worthy of al-Qaida as they plotted terrorist campaigns complete with assassinations and bombs in American cities, blowing up American ships in Cuban harbors -- "Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation," they wrote -- even contemplating the explosion of America's first manned space flight -- all to be blamed on Castro, of course.

A few days after the head of the Joint Chiefs, General Lyman Lemnitzer, presented the plan to the White House, Kennedy told him he would never authorize a U.S. military invasion of Cuba. A few months later, in the midst of a Senate investigation into right-wing extremism in the military, Kennedy removed Lemnitzer from the military's top spot.

A few months after that, the president was dead -- killed by a "Cuban sympathizer" in the streets of Dallas.

Someone got that head on a platter after all.

Washed in the Blood

Naturally, we only hear of such things 40 years after the fact -- it wouldn't do for the rabble to know the terrible burdens of murder and deceit their betters must bear for the greater good. Because for every "Northwoods" plan quashed by simpering liberals, a dozen other patriotic programs have been put into practice over the years.

Take, for instance, the macabre "bodywashing" operation directed by the affable front man Ronald Reagan and his CIA control, George H.W. Bush. Throughout the 1980s, these red-hot Cold Warriors waged secret war in Central America, wherever the vested interests of the MIM complex were threatened.

In El Salvador, Reagan-Bush dispatched a small number of "advisors" to train the local military in their battle against leftist insurgents. Publicly, the advisors were forbidden to take part in combat operations; na levo however, U.S. troops were in the thick of battle -- and some began coming home in body bags, reports.

It would not do to have the Great Communicator and his spyboy-toy shown up as liars, of course. So the American soldiers killed in El Salvador were subjected to the process of "bodywashing": "We'd ship the body back home and have a jeep roll over him," a former officer said. "Or we'd arrange a chopper crash or wait until one happened and insert a body or two into the wreckage. It's not that difficult."

No indeed, not when you have the full power of the White House behind you. Any reporters who caught wind of the secret combat were subjected to intensive "discrediting" by the Reagan-Bush team and their helpful operatives in the media, particularly the Wall Street Journal. The worst offender was Raymond Bonner of The New York Times, who reported that the American-"advised" Salvadoran military had massacred 1,000 men, women and children in the town of El Mozote in 1981.

The White House dispatched Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams to Congress, where he swore under oath the massacre had never happened. The trembling Times then removed Bonner from Latin America, banishing him to the business desk. The secret war went on.

That's all ancient history now, of course. Bonner was eventually restored to favor -- after a UN forensic team confirmed the El Mozote massacre in 1991, digging up hundreds of skeletons: men, women and children hacked to death by America's proxies. As for Elliot Abrams, the old villain was finally brought to justice, convicted of lying to Congress about another big-time MIM operation, Iran-Contra.

But never let it be said the MIMers don't look after their own. Abrams was then pardoned by President Bush and now serves as a top adviser to another President Bush, a dictatorial secrecy fanatic who has committed the United States to wars covert and overt all over the world. So what does Abrams -- abettor of massacres and breaker of oaths -- advise the Dear Leader about?

International human rights, of course.

Let the bodywashing begin.

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Reprinted for Fair Use Only.

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