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 C R I M E S    A G A I N S T    H U M A N I T Y

The 9-11 bombings Are Not Acts of War

The 9-11 bombings Are Crimes Against Humanity

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US: The Threat From Within
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"The events of September 11 did not damage the constitutional system of checks and balances nor public accountability. But constitutional protections and democratic government are under great threat from an Administration that seeks to aggrandize power and from members of Congress who are both reluctant to exercise legitimate oversight and eager to strip the courts of their responsibility for oversight.
        "The U.S. is poised at a Rubicon and the world with it. Those in U.S. government who press to cross the river are, like Caesar, committed to being victorious. But Caesar recognized that failure to conquer would mean death, for himself and all those under his leadership. Do U.S. leaders who are so eager for U.S. military domination recognize all that is at stake?"
--Friends Committee on National Legislation,
The Threat from Within, May 2002

"[America is] adrift toward war, and it's a war that we can't win. I suppose we can blow up Baghdad. But I think, when that starts, if that happens, we can count on retaliation from 1 billion Muslims and who knows what other? We are opening up-- I don't know, a Pandora's box. It's as if we're opening a tomb and God knows what will come out of it.
        "This is dangerous country. This isn't just ordinary colonial aggression--a European power that wants to take over Panama, something like that. This isn't it at all. First of all, they're proudly talking about a cultural and religious clash between Christianity and Devil's work. That's very dangerous and very stupid. And I don't know how you win that one. . . .
        "This is something new. We've never had a period like this. It was, to somebody like me, who is really hooked into constitutional America, this is incredible. We cannot trust the Supreme Court after their mysterious decisions on the election of 2000.[14] . . . So in the absence of politics, with a media that is easy to manipulate and, in the hands of very few people with interests in wars and oil and so on, I don't see how you get the word out, but one tries because there is nothing else to be done."

--Gore Vidal, The Erosion of the American Dream,
SBS TV, Australia, 12 Mar 2003

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