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Black Box Voting
Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century
by Bev Harris
Copyright © 2004 Bev Harris
Rights reserved to Talion Publishing / Black Box Voting ISBN 1-890916-90-0.
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T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S

Chapter 1: I will vote
Chapter 2: Can we trust these machine?
     A compendium of errors
Chapter 3: Why we need disclosure of owners
     Senator Chuck Hagel - A poster boy for conflict of interest
Chapter 4: A brief history of vote-rigging
     Paper ballots, lever machines and punch cards
Chapter 5: Cyber-Boss Tweed
     21st Century ballot tampering techniques
Chapter 6: Who's beholden to whom?
     The election industry bureaucracy
Chapter 7: Why vote?
     Our founding fathers - and your responsibility to engage
Chapter 8: Company information
     What you won't find on company Web sites - Business Records Corp. Election
Systems & Software Sequoia Voting Systems Votehere Hart
Intercivic Wyle Labs Diebold Election Systems
Chapter 9: First public look ever into a secret voting system
     The Diebold FTP site, and what was on it
Chapter 10: Who's minding the store?
Chapter 11: "" - noun or verb?- Noun and Verb?
Chapter 12: Open source exam
     The first public examination of the Diebold computer code
Chapter 13: Security Breaches
     San Luis Obispo mystery tally Cell phones and votes Unauthorized vote
replacement in Volusia County The Diebold Memos and unauthorized software
Chapter 14: A modest proposal (solutions)
Chapter 15: Practical activism
Chapter 16: The men behind the curtain
Appendix A: More problems (continued from Chapter 2)

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