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march 20, 1996

spring equinox, march 20th, 12:06am PDT

it's been 6 months, in which time we've traveled half way around the only "nuclear furnace" we'll ever need, since rat haus reality, ratical branch turned on. enhancements for the organization and presentation of information are "in the pipe" for this place. this springtime will see more flowering of these branches.

in the meantime, more from Dr. John Gofman's 1990 masterful treatise, Radiation-Induced Cancer from Low-Dose Exposure: An Independent Analysis -- specifically, chapters 18 thru 22 (fancy, plain html) -- have been worked up and put in place. together, this group makes up Section 5, a meticulously detailed and documented Disproof of Any Safe Dose or Dose-Rate of Ionizing Radiation, with Respect to Induction of Cancer in Humans. The following is from the beginning of Chapter 18:

      Probably the most important issue in this field is whether or not there exists some low dose, or dose-rate, of low-LET ionizing radiation which produces no cancer at all in exposed populations. In short, is there a safe region below some threshold of danger?
      If the idea of a safe dose or dose-rate prevails -- and the idea has some very influential backing (see Chapters 24, 34, 35) -- then both voluntary and involuntary human exposures are bound to increase dramatically above their current levels. If the idea prevails and is false, it could ultimately result in a hundred million or more unnecessary, premature cancers over time, worldwide. Thus, the stakes of the threshold issue are high indeed. And this book does not even open the issue of heritable genetic injuries. . . .
      With respect to ionizing radiation, the meaning of a safe dose or dose-rate is a dose or dose-rate at which all exposed persons are safe as the exposure occurs, and all are safe afterwards. no fraction will be killed later by radiation-induced cancer. In sharp contrast, "no safe dose or dose-rate" means that no one is safe as the exposure occurs, and afterwards, some fraction of the exposed persons will die from radiation-induced cancer, and the rest will be safe from it.
      Elsewhere (Chapters 24 and 34), we have assembled statements from various members of the radiation community to the effect that (A) there is a reasonable chance that safe doses and dose-rates do exist for low-LET radiation, and (B) it is impossible to resolve the threshold issue from the existing evidence.
      By contrast, we think human evidence and logic combine to make a case which is already conclusive -- by any reasonable standard of proof -- against the existence of any safe dose or dose-rate of ionizing radiation, with respect to cancer-induction.
mosa and this ratitor are embarked upon a journey of discovery, motivated by our mutual desire to participate in and partake of the transformation and renewal of the world where the integration of technology, in a beneficial and balanced way, allows people to feel safe, experience a rich relationship with nature, have a wholesome environment in which to raise children, and directly participate in democratic processes affording liberty, equity, and justice for ALL life in, on, and around our supremely precious and irreplaceable earth mother, Gaia.

have we the ability to expand our minds and our horizons beyond our own all-too-familiar limitations? to be open to options previously never considered, is the exploration that awaits ALL of us. as Q reminded Picard, life is not about mapping stars and studying nebula, but discovering the unknown and infinite possibilities of existence. may we ALL renew our dedication to promulgating and promoting life-sustaining activities and awarenesses regarding this "home" we all share and are response-able for, not simply for the seventh generation of humankind yet unborn, but for all life germinated and nourished by Gaia.

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