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NUCLEAR GUARDIANSHIP FORUM, On The Responsible Care of Radioactive Materials,
Issue # 3, Spring 1994, p. 16.

The Trail of Radioactive Contamination         conceived by Anthony Phillipson, designed by Wendy Oser
The Nuclear Labyrinth
The Nuclear Labyrinth

CONTAMINATION: rendering toxic through contact with radioactivity. This includes leaks, spills, explosions, tests, transportion accidents, scheduled and unscheduled releases into the atmosphere, soil and bodies of water.

ABANDONMENT: releasing or leaving radioactive gases, materials and structures without effective, ongoing containment.

SACRIFICE ZONES: areas that must be permanently abandoned due to radioactive contamination from mining, accidents, spiffs, explosions, weapons fabrication, testing and use, dumping of waste, etc.

WASTE STORAGE: What is our capacity to maintain containment enduringly?

At this time the only known protection of life from an increased burden
of radioactivity is to immediately cease the nuclear industry
and to constantly monitor the poison we have created.

The Nuclear Labyrinth may be reproduced for educational purposes with the full inclusion of address line.

©1994 Nuclear Guardianship Project, On The Responsible Care Of Radioactive Materials
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