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New Money for Healthy Communities

by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

The pinnacle of power in today's world is the power to issue money. If that power can be democratized and focused in a direction which gives social and ecological concerns top priority, then there may yet be hope for saving the world.

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This book:

New Money for Healthy Communities takes the reader well beyond the rutted road of orthodox thinking, describing in detail the essential features of equitable and dynamic exchange systems, and shows how they can be set up by voluntary local associations. It describes both past and present examples of local currencies and exchange systems, including their strengths, limitations, and errors. It then proposes innovative ways of transforming exchange, using mechanisms which are democratic, humane, ecologically sound, sustainable, and implementable at the grass-roots level.

New Money for Healthy Communities is based on thorough research conducted by the author, a former professor of business, over the past dozen years. It is well-illustrated, footnoted, and indexed, and provides extensive lists of contacts, resources, and references.

"New Money for Healthy Communities lifts the veil on the secret power of money creation and lucidly explains how alternative currencies can give this power back to those who create wealth. It is destined to be a classic handbook for community activists and all conscious people."

--Gordon Davidson, co-author, Spiritual Politics, Builders of the Dawn.

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About the Author

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. is a community economist, networker, writer, editor, and consultant, who, for the past 15 years has been working at the leading edge of transformational restructuring. He is Director of the Community Information Resource Center, a networking hub, which provides information access and administrative support for groups involved in community improvement, social justice, and sustainability. His articles have appeared in The Whole Earth Review, World Business Academy Perspectives, At Work, Earth Island Journal, The Catholic Worker, The Permaculture Activist, and Green Revolution. He is the author of the book, Money and Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis, and is presently working on two other books, The Economics of Sustainable Communities, and Beyond the State: Restructuring Economics, Politics, and Society.

1994. Paper, 216 pp, illustrated, index.
ISBN 0-9625208-2-9

Thomas H. Greco, Jr., Publisher
P.O. Box 42663, Tucson, Arizona 85733

Thomas Greco's main website is at:

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