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El Viento de Aztlan
Primavera   Xihuitl Nahui   Acatl Spring   2003.

Indigenous Peoples Peace Initiative
Year 4 Reed, Day Two Crocodile
Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Izkalotlan, Aztlan -- Emerging from a three day traditional gathering of Indigenous Nations and Pueblos, a legation of Indigenous Peoples initiated today a global Indigenous Peoples Peace Initiative intended to restore the principles of "yectlamatcayetoliztli" (PEACE) as a mandate of humanity from the future generations. The proclamation was made from the NAHUACALLI, Embassy of the Indigenous Peoples located in Phoenix, Arizona.

"We must disarm the global regime of nationalism of the state. The psychologies of hatred and competition under which the government states of the world would have us sacrifice our humanity and our children to senseless wars will no longer be tolerated. As Indigenous Peoples of the world, we further challenge the government states of the United Nations system to criminalize the destructive impact of warfare upon the ecosystems of the Earth itself, by defining appropriate international legal protocols regarding the conduct of warfare such as the Geneva Convention." Said Tupac Enrique Acosta, member of the Xicano Nahuatl Nation.

To implement the Indigenous Peoples Peace Initiative, representatives of the diverse and distinct Indigenous Nations attending the launch of the global campaign, moved out from the Nahaucalli embassy in the Four Directions, with assignments to convoke the traditional spiritual leadership from around the world to engage in the restoration process of Peace and Dignity. The first objective of the Indigenous Peoples Peace Initiative is to make known to the conscience of all humanity that the calls to war by the government states will not apply to the Indigenous Peoples globally, and will not be answered. Instead, the Indigenous Nations of the continent Itzachilatlan, (the Americas) propose that the indigenous nation confederations from around the world rise to reclaim the destiny of the future generations, by invoking spiritual and moral authority as the protectors of the Mother Earth. The Indigenous Peoples of this hemisphere have maintained such a spiritual, cultural, and political confederacy since time immemorial. This confederacy is known as the Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor.

In terms of communications, the IPPI has implemented a hyperspace linkup, and will be delivering a message to the United Nations representatives of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues under the Economic and Social Council on May 15 in New York. The Nahaucalli in Phoenix, Arizona will serve as clearing house for the first phase of the Indigenous Peoples Peace Initiative.

Referring to the Xiuhpohualli, the count of years of Izkalotlan, Aztlan which correlates to other counts of calendar systems among the Maya and Nahua Nations, the legation travels now to fulfill an ancestral mandate called the prophecy of the Sixth Sun given on August the 13, 1521 in Mexico. "It is the dawn of the Sun of Justice. The first rays of light from the East have been seen, they have been felt," said one youth who has made a lifelong commitment to the goals of the initiative. "Now is the time to go forward in a sacred manner. A new world is about to be born."

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