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Seattle Food Safety Declaration

November 28, 1999

We, 130 biotechnology activists from 20 countries[1] all over the world, met in Seattle on Sunday November 28, 1999 and agreed to the following actions:

  1. To keep biotechnology out of the WTO Ministerial Declaration and out of its future activities.

  2. To emphasize that the Biosafety Protocol is the correct forum to assess, regulate and monitor the transfer of GMO and products thereof.

  3. To support the African Proposal to ban patents of living organisms and their parts.

  4. To institute a global ban on all genetically engineered processes, foods, crops and animals.

  5. To require complete labeling of all substances and processes, including GMOs and pesticides.

  6. To criminalize biopiracy and stealing of indigenous genes and knowledge of farmers, peasants and indigenous peoples.

  7. To establish strict corporate liability for all economic loss and personal injury resulting from genetically engineered crops and food.

  8. To intensify our global campaigns for organic agriculture and other forms of ecological farming.

  1. Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, South Africa, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

I gave this resolution to the moderator at the November 29th plenary session in Seattle, "The Human Face of Trade: Health and the Environment" Peoples' Tribunal. Congresswoman Maxine Waters read it outloud and received approval and affirmation from the audience of about 600 people. She then asked the panel if they thought it was reasonable. They responded that it was not just reasonable but that it should be required.

I spoke with her afterwards and she indicated she would recommend to Congress that this Declaration be adopted.

Joan Russow                
National Leader of the
Green Party of Canada

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