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Dear Fourth District Constituent:

Welcome to YOUR web page for the Fourth Congressional District of Georgia. This extremely comprehensive web site was especially designed with you in mind! The web page can provide you with a wide variety of information about the Fourth Congressional District, including how to contact both the Decatur, Georgia and Washington, D.C. offices. From the web page you can link to Congress Online to learn about current legislation pending before the Second Session of the 105th Congress.

If you decide to vacation in our nation's capitol, you can obtain information about tours and request tour tickets for the White House and other historic sites. Constituents who are in need of casework assistance for problems with a federal agency may request assistance through the web page under the "Constituent Services" button.

The web page is connected to the websites for DeKalb County , the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, Gwinnett County, universities and schools in the Fourth District, the Federal Register, the Congressional Record and the U.S. Senate. We are striving to provide, you the constituent of the Fourth District, with the most comprehensive web page on Capitol Hill. Our goals is for you have "government access at the touch of a keyboard."

It is my hope that not only will you take every opportunity to surf what is available on your website, but you will also take the time to explore the wonders of the Internet! Have fun and enjoy the ride!


Cynthia McKinney
Member of Congress

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