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(Art Strauss is a long-time food activist Mary Jo "Zi" Olsen (see Terminator Unleashed) met last year at the annual Community Services conference in Yellow Springs, OH. His email address is <>. He and his wife Cindy are also members of a very active group in Columbus, Ohio, called Simply Living. They have a web site at Zi received this e-mail from Art earlier this summer. -ratitor)

Art Strauss on Genetically Modified Foods

Updated Executive Summary: June 3, 1999

  1. Foods that we assume to be natural foods and eat every day have been genetically engineered with the DNA of bacteria, viruses, animals, and fish. The chemical/genetic engineering industry has done this secretly over the past three years.

  2. Although the chemical/genetic engineering industry claims to have good motives and good intentions for doing this, they are essentially experimenting with the human race on a mass scale.

  3. The chemical/genetic engineering industry claims that genetically engineered food is just a natural extension of time-tested crossbreeding and hybridization. Actually this is a new, experimental, very dangerous, AND radical technology. The process causes unnatural mutation and combination of the DNA in our food in a manner which excludes nature out of the process. This means we and our children are now eating lab-created, mutated and experimental "fake" food. They are experimenting, not only with us and with our children, but with the entire food chain. The European Commission has been drawing up a 5-point emergency response designed to cope when genetically engineered food results in widespread illness or destruction of wildlife. The USDA, FDA, and EPA in the U.S. support the multi-national corporations that are responsible for this genetically engineered food disaster.

  4. The chemical/genetic engineering industry claims that these "scientific advances" will help solve the problem of world hunger. Their actual main motive is to create profit windfalls by increasing sales of their pesticides and dominating the entire food supply. For example, the patent on Monsanto's pesticide/herbicide known as "Roundup" will expire soon. Monsanto has enticed farmers with their experimental crops that are genetically engineered to absorb and tolerate their chemical pesticides and their other crops which create their own pesticide internally. Monsanto, DuPont, and Novartis are also taking direct action to buy out and bring the world's largest seed companies under their control. Opponents of genetically engineered foods call them Frankenfoods, or Frankenstein foods.

  5. There have already been many serious ill effects from genetically engineered products. Genetically engineered Tryptophan caused 50 deaths and permanently injured thousands, while the genetically engineered sweetener Aspartame has caused thousands of documented disease cases worldwide. Now the chemical companies have genetically engineered soy, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, canola, cotton, papaya, radicchio and crook neck squash. These are now in your supermarket !!

  6. To avoid these foods, shop very carefully by eating only certified organic versions of soy, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, canola, cotton oil (sometimes in chips/snacks), papaya, radicchio or crook neck squash. Soy and corn derivitives are in most processed foods.

  7. We can eliminate these Frankenfoods now !! If you want to eliminate Frankenfoods from this world, please take action. Here's how: Forward this message to your on-line friends, relatives and connections. Important: Also feel free to print this complete message out and give hard copies to your off-line friends, relatives, and connections. They can then keep it going by making MORE copies and again giving hard copies to their friends, relatives, and connections. When making hard copies, please keep the entire message intact, including the Websites. Those with Internet connections then have the luxury of being able to visit the Websites.

  8. By sending this executive summary to 5-25 people on or off-line or both, you are doing a wonderful good deed. By sending it to 50 to 100 people, you are taking powerful direct action to insure that genetically engineered Frankenfoods will soon be eliminated from this world. Please get this executive summary to at least 5 people as a prerequisite for ordering the complete plan.

Relevant Websites About Genetic Engineering: (Easily accessible with Netscape mail programs)

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