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My Love Affair With Amazon Herbs

by Elisabet Sahtouris

I want to share the fact that I've been taking Amazon Herb Company botanicals for almost two years now and would not be without them. The very first effect they had on me was that I immediately preferred the delicious Shipibo Treasure Tea to coffee in the mornings, however addicted a coffee drinker I was, and that preference has stayed with me ever since. Then, as a world-traveling, lecturing evolution biologist and author, sixty-four years old, I noted that these botanicals give me more sustained energy on grueling schedules, freedom from travelers' tummy troubles and very little experience of jetlag even on trips that turn the clock upside down! Nor do I get the flu when it is rampant all around me. My immune system feels wonderfully strong and resilient. Knowing I can experience this level of health and stamina while contributing to the wellbeing of fifteen Amazon tribes and their rainforest is just wonderful!

Call the Amazon Herb Company at 800-835-0850 for information and if you order, please use my distributor number: 63799.

I love having my Triple Power Pack (Tea, Illumination for overall immune boosting, Sumaca for sustained energy and always a $5 free product coupon) arrive in the mail each month with the free extras often sent with it. I love not only the sustainable harvesting of wild-growing herbs by this company, and their economic support of rainforest tribes, but the fact that the whole plant is used, rather than extracting only what is assumed to be the "acive ingredient."